Welcome to the Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife blog. For the past two years I have been blogging for the Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic site. 
Since 2011 our state government, along with national and Wisconsin based killing cartels, have been waging open war on our wildlife. This state has always been more brutal and extreme when it comes to blood sports but the beginning of the Scott Walker administration took that to a whole new level and openly encouraged the most sadistic and cruel acts toward our wildlife. The first shots in this new war on wildlife came when Walker signed a bill that allowed bear hounders to let their dogs run rampant in Wisconsin starting July 1st of each year under the guise of “training.” This “training” led to more and more alleged wolf “depredations” of bear hunting dogs and nice fat $2500 checks being issued to the hounders for each instance. Things only got worse from there with the now infamous wolf kill bill that was passed in early 2012. That bill allowed Wisconsin to essentially wage war on our small wolf population through just about every conceivable method short of artillery strikes. This bill allowed Wisconsin to be the ONLY state, in a country full of wolf hating states, that allows dogs to be pitted against wolves. We saw the horrific results of that this past fall. Other bills passed right under our noses include the mandatory stacking of the Natural Resources Board with majority hunting and big agriculture interests including the founder of a hunting lobbying group, and the bill that allows the bow killing of wildlife right inside city limits. Finally there are the deplorable bills that MANDATED high schools to teach hunting and trapping for credit and the bill that allowed hunting and trapping in our state parks. 
There is a serious problem in Wisconsin and we are well on our way to being the blood sport capital of the United States. Somehow a small minority of extremists have hijacked the DNR, NRB, and so-called “wildlife management” from the majority of Wisconsin citizens. While the majority of these horrid bills emanated from Republicans most were wholeheartedly voted for by the supposed “Democrats” that serve in our legislature. This shows that our enemy is not only the killing cartels and those they control in the DNR, NRB, and legislature. Our other major enemy is apathy. Last year I wrote a column for Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic that touched upon the subject of apathy and “willful ignorance.”
We have long crossed the decency tipping point in Wisconsin and the entire country is beginning to see the brutality and pure blood sport sadism being not only tolerated, but openly encouraged by our state Department of Natural Resources. Somehow animal torture and gleeful killing is considered “heritage” and “tradition” among many in the state of Wisconsin. Hate filled web pages have sprung up on Facebook that advocate for the eradication of the gray wolf from our state through poisoning, poaching, and downright torture of the species. Is this what has become acceptable in our society? Those very same pages sprinkle in blood soaked pictures and videos showing wolf haters taking pleasure in their sadistic acts or leering over the shredded and bloody bodies of their victims. Those images are often followed by comments advocating wolf haters to “kill ‘em all” and “gut shoot” the remaining wolves in our state because of ridiculous notions that the wolves are “eating all the deer” or “eating children” at bus stops. Finally the wolf haters on these pages are not content just advocating the torture and eradication of wolves, they cross the line into death threats and even boasts of wanting rape wildlife advocates. Is this what our Wisconsin has become?
This begs the question of how we begin to fight the sadistic madness that has gripped our state. Turning a blind eye will not solve anything. We need YOUR help to expose the shameful behavior of the sadists and the officials that either ignore or encourage their behavior. We cannot fight this battle alone.

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