Appeals Court Rules That Hounders Are Able To “Train” Their Dogs Against Wolves…….The Fix Is In

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.
This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

**UPDATED 7/10/2014 4:45 PM**

According to a wildlife advocate that spoke with Wisconsin DNR Carnivore Biologist Dave McFarland, today’s court ruling means that there are ZERO rules for “training” with dogs against wolves and that hounders can now use their dogs against them 365 days a year. You read that right. Hounders as of now can pit their dogs against wolves with ZERO restrictions year round. Don’t we live in a lovely state? 

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse for wildlife in the Blood Sport Capital of the United States, Wisconsin, it does. A lawsuit filed in 2012 by a coalition of humane societies and wildlife advocates attempted to stop the barbaric use of dogs against wolves during the yearly kill season. The use of dogs was written into the disgusting 2012 Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association authored bill that authorized a wolf killing season. The bill, introduced the very day of delisting by disgraced former Wisconsin Representative Scott Suder  (R-ALEC), was rubber stamped by the Wisconsin Legislature including by many so-called “Democrats.”  The Dane County judge hearing the coalition’s lawsuit ruled that hounders could use dogs against wolves during the killing season, but could not “train” them against wolves. The coalition appealed to the State 4th District Court of Appeals and they ruled today that hounders would now be allowed to “train” their dogs on wolves. From the short article:

A Wisconsin appeals court says hunters can train their dogs to chase wolves.

State law establishing Wisconsin’s wolf hunt allows hunters to use dogs to track wolves. A group of humane societies sued in 2012 alleging the Department of Natural Resources failed to place any restrictions on dog use, setting up the bloody wolf-dog encounters.

A Dane County judge ruled hunters can run dogs on wolves during the season but can’t train them on wolves the rest of the year.

The 4th District Court of Appeals on Thursday found the training prohibition has no legal effect and hunters can train dogs on wolves.

Jodi Habush Sinykin, an attorney for the humane societies, says the decision creates more urgency to change state law to clearly ban dog use on wolves.

Sadism and extreme bloodlust win the day again in Wisconsin. The DNR will now be taking their bear hounder written “training rules” before the state Natural Resources Board at a future date. This is the same Natural Resources Board that is stacked with agriculture and hunting group lobbyists. In fact this guy:

Gregory Kazmierski, Secretary

President and Owner, Buck Rub Outfitters Ltd. Appointed May 1, 2011. Term expires May 1, 2017.

N13 W28400 Silvernail Rd.
Pewaukee WI 53072

is the founder of the hunting lobbying group the “Hunters Rights Coalition” and is or was the Chairman of the Dairyland Committee for Wisconsin’s Safari Club International. So who is part of the “Hunters Rights Coalition?”

The coalition includes the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the state chapters of Safari Club International, and Wi-Force (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators.)

Who is the paid lobbyist for all of these groups including the “Hunters Rights Coalition?” None other than former state senator Bob Welch. In fact the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the kill everything Wisconsin Chapter of Safari Club International are members of the hunter stacked DNR “Wolf Advisory Committee” that “recommend a yearly wolf kill quota. After the sham committee “recommends” the kill quota it goes to the very Natural Resources Board that seats none other than “Hunters Rights Coalition” founder Greg Kazmierski. In fact the “Coalition’s” own paid lobbyist, Welch, testified before Kazmierski’s board a few weeks back before they rubber stamped the current wolf kill quota of 156. From this article about the Board’s June 25th meeting:

Bob Welch says the number would ensure a wolf density both the landscape and residents can support. Welch represents the Hunters Rights Coalition.

“The goal is 350, don’t change that goal, a lot of people are saying change that goal, the goal was set for a reason,” Welch says.”I want to say, we don’t hate wolves – we manage wildlife and we think it should be based on science.”

After several hours of listening, the Natural Resources Board issued a speedy vote.

Of course they issued a “speedy vote.” They care nothing for what the public thinks only for what their own lobbyists and DNR shills think. Seem a little fishy? Or maybe a lot fishy? How is it not a conflict of interest to have the FOUNDER of a lobbying group sit on the very board and vote for proposals that their paid lobbyist testifies for? How is it not a conflict of interest that the FOUNDER of this “Coalition” gets to vote on proposals that members of the “Coalition” he FOUNDED put forward? 

This very conflict of interest will soon be put to the test when Kazmierski and the Natural Resources Board vote in the future on dog “training” rules against wolves. In other words the rules, likely written by “Coalition” and “Wolf Advisory Committee” members the WBHA and SCI, will be voted on by the the FOUNDER of the “Coalition” that they belong to. Nope, no conflict of interest here. None at all.

This comes on top of former real estate developer and high school graduate turned DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, admitting that pro-wolf groups were explicitly excluded from the “Wolf Advisory Committee” in favor of pro-killing and extremist hunting groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and Safari Club International. From the article:

Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp revealed at a DNR Board meeting on Wednesday that the agency removed people who were staunchly opposed to wolf hunting from the state’s Wolf Advisory Committee.

While a lot of the public discussion during the meeting was about a new wolf hunting quota, some of it was also about a change over the last two years in the makeup of the DNR’s advisory committee on wolves.

Stepp confirmed what her critics have alleged: that wolf hunting opponents were by and large kicked off the committee.

“When we’re charged to manage and to implement a hunt, coming in and telling us, ‘Don’t hunt wolves,’ is not a productive way to run a committee, frankly,” said Stepp. “That’s just the candid way to lay it out. We had to have people who were willing to work with us in partnership, and be willing to help us and advise us along the way in implementing state law.”

Yes Cathy, you are charged with implementing a hunt derived from a bill that was WRITTEN by the very lobbying groups that now control your committee. Apparently they are the only ones that deserve a say in how Wisconsin wildlife is “managed.”

Between the courts favoring the slaughter of wolves, the DNR in bed with extreme hunting groups, the state legislature pandering to anti-wolf factions, and the Natural Resources Board taking testimony from their own paid lobbyists and voting on the lobbyist’s proposals, the deck is certainly stacked against wolf/wildlife advocates in this state. That is why we need you, the general public, to educate your friends, family, and acquaintances about what is really happening to wolves and other wildlife in this state. Believe it or not most people are either indifferent or have no clue about the sheer brutality and sadism that is allowed and even encouraged by our state.

Not only will hounders be able to “train” their dogs against wolves they will also continue to receive $2500 payouts for each dog allegedly killed by wolves. While the DNR claims that hounders actively engaged in “hunting or training” dogs against wolves will not get a payout all the hounder has to do is say that they were “hunting coyotes” and a nice fat $2500 check gets put in their hands if one of their dogs just happens to be killed by a wolf. It doesn’t matter if you are a repeat claimant or even a criminal. If you are a sadistic hounder that uses dogs as a weapon and one gets killed by a wolf you get a payout. Nice gravy train for reckless hounders that pretend their dogs are “family” yet use them to fight other animals.

Are you proud of Wisconsin being the ONLY state that allows dogs to be used against wolves? Are you proud of being the Blood Sport Capital of the United States? Because we are. If you care help do something about it and educate those around you. Please.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    F*cking repulsive.

  2. Michael Guest says:

    No, certainly not. It’s a bad thing. Our wildlife needs our help. We must stop this cruelty.

    1. kath says:

      agree totally with u this is a disgrace hopefully with enough people power it can be turned around I just understand why men have a need to be so cruel is there something lacking in there life that they have to take it out on wild life

  3. thelionwaits says:

    Way to go Wisconsin. No wonder the rest of the US thinks your state is governed by idiots.

  4. Inhumane what they’re doing. This makes me sad. Live and let live.

  5. Bobbet Little says:

    Isn’t this a little similar to pitbull fighting. Training your dogs to kill but, if your dog is killed you get paid for it. Sounds like a nice little payout for an awful practice and no way to treat your pets. Then again I don’t think pitbull fighters consider their dogs as pets either.

  6. Maureen says:

    Bobbet, hunting dogs are not pets; they’re tools just like rifles, bows, and everything else “sportsmen/sportswomen” have in their arsenals and which they use to terrorize and slaughter wildlife. Hounders don’t give a damn about their dogs and many keep them locked up when they’re not in use. And if the dogs don’t measure up their owners just abandon them and leave them to fend for themselves. Hounders rank right down there with trappers as far as sadists go.

    1. kath says:

      agree ,whats going on in these mens heads who knows it makes u wonder how they treat there family

  7. Frightening but also the real

  8. rumpydog says:

    Wolves don’t stand a chance.

  9. Grace Blackbear says:

    Wisconsin’s laws regarding it’s wildlife, hunting, the use of dogs, etc repulse me. I am ashamed to be a homeowner here and as soon as the disabled old woman can pull enough funds together to move, I’m out of here! I have screamed and protested until I am sick! This state has the most corrupt governor and warped priorities … it cares NOT for the lives or the lands, only it’s deep pockets! Phftttt!!

  10. jodi says:

    Wisconsin scum lawmakers.
    Wisconsin scum lawmakers

  11. jodi says:

    Wisconsin scum lawmakers
    Scum . The same scum as Idaho and Wisconsin murdering Hunters.
    Again st America’s wishes!
    You will not BE going to Heaven

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