Why is the Wisconsin DNR Secretary Holding Meetings With a “Nullification” Supporting “Patriot” Group?

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We have known for a long time that the administration of Scott Walker and his puppets in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources pander to the most extreme elements in our society, but a scheduled meeting between a local “patriot” group and DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp takes this to a new level. The high school graduate and former real estate developer turned DNR Secretary, Stepp, recently admitted to excluding pro-wildlife factions from their “Wolf Advisory Committee” in favor of extremist hunting lobbying groups. On top of that news Stepp had scheduled a “meeting” with a so-called “patriot” group known as the “Prairie Patriots.” This is how the “Prairie Patriots” describe themselves:

“Prairie Patriots is a grassroots group in Dane County, WI interested in increasing liberty, limiting government, and promoting Constitutional principles.”

Now where have we heard that before? Like most “patriot” groups the Prairie Patriots seem to view “liberty” as being against any gun restrictions, supporting “nullification” of any federal laws that they don’t agree with, are against “Common Core” educational standards, fluoride in water, a minimum wage hike, “liberals,” and of course the black guy in the White House. But we are just getting started. Their Facebook posts touch on a wide range of big bad “gubmint” conspiracy topics as well. Here is an example of what one of their recent meetings was titled as:

Mindfulness Training in the Public Schools: Mind Control and Indoctrination for the 21st Century

Thursday, June 5 at 7:00pm

McGovern’s Club and Restaurant in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

3 people went

Political Parties, Thought Police, and Secession

Thursday, May 1 at 7:00pm

McGovern’s Club and Restaurant in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

2 people went

Apparently they also think that domestic abusers should not have their firearms taken away either. Look at the quotations around the word abuser.

Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker passed three new laws, addressing domestic violence. The laws include a mandate that police track the incidents where no arrests are made when dealing with a domestic-disturbance call.

The laws also make it very clear that there will be a process for seizing an “abuser’s” guns.

While much of their obsession appears to be on the “Common Core” educational standards that have many on the right up in arms, they certainly do not shy away from inflammatory rhetoric. This post makes sure to say that “liberals” are exactly the same as the “ISIS” terrorists in Syria and Iraq:

Prairie Patriots shared a link.

June 18 · Edited

ISIS has declared that all guns in Iraq all illegal, except of course those used by ISIS themselves. It’s kind of like the progressive liberal Democrat wet dream on gun control. ISIS shows yet again how similar they are to the American progressive.

Of course they fail to mention that ISIS is a group of religious extremists which most American progressives are not. But which American group is? Hmmmmmm………..

These are just a small sampling of the extremist rhetoric all over that page. What is strange is that I really do not see too much if anything about “natural resources” so why would the DNR Secretary be meeting with such a fringe extremist group? I somehow doubt that this group would be pro-environment or pro-wildlife so I am making the “great” assumption that this has more to do with raping the environment even further than we have already seen the Walker administration do. Of course that is just speculation on my part but have you ever seen a “patriot” group do anything pro-environment or pro-wildlife? Neither have I. Further down the page I think I found my answer:

Prairie Patriots

May 6, 2013

It appears that Senator Gudex is currently sitting on SB71 — the bill that would put control back into the hands of local governments concerning wind turbines. It would be an important step in limiting BIG WIND to get this bill passed. Please call/write Senator Gudex. Please help swamp his inbox and phone lines by acting personally and by sharing this information. Thanks!

“Big Wind.” Really? I didn’t know that there was such a thing as “Big Wind.” Big Oil? Yes, but “Big Wind?” No. Apparently they are also against the use of renewable energy because that just isn’t “liberty” enough for these “patriots?” The list of attacks on education, gun restrictions, liberals, etc. goes on, on, and on but I think you get the picture.

Cathy Stepp excludes pro-wildlife groups from the DNR “Advisory Committees” yet finds it perfectly acceptable to sit down and talk with a fringe “patriot” group about whatever their “freedom” loving selves want. Nice. Remember this the next time your comments to the DNR are ignored. You just aren’t “freedom” loving enough for Stepp and her agency.

Update August 7, 2014 6:30 PM CST:

As I was writing this post I noticed this on the “patriot’s” page:

Prairie Patriots

5 hours ago


The meeting we had planned for tonight with DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp has been cancelled as Secretary Stepp has been called away today to deal with a family matter. We will be rescheduling Secretary Stepp for an upcoming meeting. We’ll post an event as soon as we can work out the details with the DNR. Sorry for the late notice.

I guess “freedom” and “liberty” will have to wait for another week or two.



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