Are You a Friend of the Wisconsin Wolf? If So Please Help


Are you a friend of the Wisconsin wolf? If so the advocacy group of the same name needs your help. As a board member and the webmaster for the non-profit, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, I would like to unveil our new website and ask for your help. We are embarking on a program to educate the public about how Wisconsin is driving our wolves toward a second extermination and we need your help with funding. If anyone is able to help we would greatly appreciate any amount that you can give. We are a non-profit so any donation is tax-deductible. Our wildlife is under more of an extreme threat now than at any time during the past century. Our state parks, national forests, and public lands have become playgrounds for bloodthirsty hounders and trappers that have no concept of ethics or being humane. We are fighting back against these people from the grassroots level. Please consider giving a donation of any amount to Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf at the site below. Thank you.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf 


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