“Gut Shooting Wolves,” Conflicts of Interest, and the Ties That Bind. Just Another Day in Wisconsin


At a very recent Wisconsin Conservation Congress “Wolf Committee” meeting a representative for several of the DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” member groups and a longtime anti-wolf zealot was reported to have been overheard making this comment:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

This comment was allegedly made to another anti-wolf member of the committee as the meeting concluded. While I cannot directly confirm the veracity of this comment, I have been assured by multiple wildlife advocates that the person overhearing this comment is of impeccable integrity. However, at this time I will not directly name the person. For several years the person that allegedly made the comment has been engaged in a disinformation campaign and personal crusade against Wisconsin’s wolf population and is also a rabid bear hounder that has allegedly lost a dog to a wolf “depredation” in the past. Considering this person’s history I can see this type of disgusting comment flowing from their mouth.

Even more disturbing is that this person sits on the “board of directors” for the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and is a “county chairperson” for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. The most disturbing aspect of all of this is that each of these groups are part of the Wisconsin DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” that makes “recommendations” on wolf kill quotas and total population numbers. While it may seem strange that one person can represent so many groups on one committee, it should not be a surprise. Last year this person was a “representative” on the committee for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. This year they are speaking on behalf of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. All of the anti-wolf/wildlife groups on the “Wolf Advisory Committee” and various other DNR committees are interconnected and often have the same paid lobbyist speaking on their behalf.

The ties that bind all of these groups together are blatant and shameless. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s appointment of Safari Club International “Dairyland” President and Chairman, outfitter, and founder of the Wisconsin Hunters Rights Coalition and Wisconsin Deer Hunters Coalition, Greg Kazmierski, to the Natural Resources Board. The Natural Resources Board approves wolf kill quotas and all other DNR rules and regulations. The “Hunters Rights Coalition” that Kazmierski founded includes “Wolf Advisory Committee” groups the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and SCI. Kazmierski is also a former board member and chapter president of the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, another “Wolf Advisory Committee” member. That’s not all. Before being appointed to the Natural Resources Board by Scott Walker, Kazmierski was a “campaign advisor” for Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. See the pattern here? All of these groups and government entities are connected with one another guaranteeing that wolves and other imperiled wildlife in this state will never get a fair shake.

Kazmierski and the NRB are so brazen with their “conflicts of interest” that the paid lobbyist of the Hunters Rights Coalition that Kazmierski founded, Bob Welch, testified BEFORE the NRB meeting where this year’s wolf slaughter was approved:

Bob Welch says the number would ensure a wolf density both the landscape and residents can support. Welch represents the Hunters Rights Coalition.

“The goal is 350, don’t change that goal, a lot of people are saying change that goal, the goal was set for a reason,” Welch says.”I want to say, we don’t hate wolves – we manage wildlife and we think it should be based on science.”

After several hours of listening, the Natural Resources Board issued a speedy vote.

Your own lobbyist testifying before the committee you sit on. Then you get to vote for what your lobbyist testifies for or against. Nope. No conflict of interest there. This is Wisconsin under Scott Walker and his extremist hunting group allies. All of these elements are interconnected and the real losers are our wildlife. Should it surprise anyone that a vile comment such as above would be uttered by one of these people?

Take action by using the link below to contact the head of the “Wolf Advisory Committee” and demand a committee that represents ALL Wisconsin citizens and not just those represented by the alleged “gut shooting” commenter and Greg Kazmiersk’s extremist hunting groups be established.

For information about the Wolf Advisory Committee, contact:

Dave MacFarland (David.MacFarland@wisconsin.gov)
Carnivore specialist


24 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan V Heldt says:

    I can only say your “gut shot” resident makes me sick. How can anyone be so cruel to God’s creatures. You really need help as it’s not good to hate so much!

    1. Dan Colbert says:

      because some folk just enjoy killing and causing suffering. they are sociopaths. if they thought they could do it to humans and get away with it…they would.

  2. ellieroo says:

    Bloodlust seems to have taken over the minds of Wisconsin hunters ! Why are the wolves being shot in the first place ! If you do the math. Number of wolves plus how much they eat divided into pounds of deer meat available It would take 14 1/2 yrs for the current wolf popular to eat that much. , perhaps sending people in charge back to beginner math might help them !

  3. Dan Colbert says:

    not in Wisconsin…so maybe someone can answer. is there anyway to get these hunts on the ballot there as Michigan just did.

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