Dork Dynasty: This is Your Future Wisconsin if You Don’t Vote November 4th

If you haven’t lost the contents of your stomach after viewing the above picture read on. This recent picture of “reality” TV “star” and bigot, Phil Robertson, his wife, Lt. Governor Rebecca Clownfish Kleefisch, her husband and state Representative, Joel, and Governor Scott Walker along with his wife surfaced on the internet over the past couple…

Wisconsin: A Different and Very Scary Kind of Monster

Believe me, I have morals. That’s why I do it in an ethical and humane way. Feel sorry for them somewhere else, not commenting on my pictures because that’s pretty rude. Like I said, don’t like it? Then don’t look at it. Living in Wisconsin you’re guaranteed to see things like this all the time….

Horrific Photograph Shows True Nature of Wisconsin “Sportsmen”

There is a new photograph making the rounds on the internet showing a Wisconsin wolf killer posing with a dead wolf and a live one in a trap in the background. I was forwarded this today along with the caption apparently written by the wolf killer on one of the wildlife snuff sites. “Cought (it…

Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.” The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf…

Wisconsin: The New “Volunteer” State if you are a Sadist

For decades the brutality and extremes of Wisconsin’s wildlife “management” practices managed to stay mostly hidden from or ignored by the public at large. That all changed in 2012 following the passage of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association penned bill that allowed everything short of artillery to be used against the state’s fragile wolf population….