Wisconsin DNR allows Almost Double Over Wolf Kill Quota in Zone 2 and at least 60 Killed Statewide Over Three and a Half Days


During Wolf Advisory Committee meetings this year the anti-wolf factions made it clear over and over again that they were out to kill as many wolves as possible. In fact this was state in the May 19, 2014 meeting notes:

Hound hunters should organize and target packs killing hounds; to do so they need enough tags in their possession to target harvests

Well it looks like they got their wish because as of today at 1:00 PM CST 60 wolves have been “reported” to the DNR as killed. In one of the Wisconsin DNR’s wolf killing zones, Zone 2, 29 wolves were “reported” to have been killed. The quota in that zone was 15. You read that right. The DNR has allowed one shy of DOUBLE the quota to be killed before the zone was closed today at 12:00 PM CST.

What is most disturbing about the rapid and massive slaughter of wolves in this “zone” is that much of the area is covered by the Nicolet National Forest and tribal reservations. The tribal lands are closed to wolf killing but the national forest is wide open for mass slaughter. In fact hounders have been whining for the past few months about their dogs being killed by wolves in this national forest. Coincidence that so many have been killed here in such a short time? The hounders openly screamed for “revenge’ on their webpages and openly advocated poaching and poisoning.

The Wisconsin DNR once again showed that they refuse to do their jobs and follow their own regulations. Each killing season they have allowed wolf killers to exceed the stated quotas and pretend that they have no choice because they have to give “24 hour notice” before closing a zone. This basically shows that the “quota” means nothing to the DNR as they continue right along with the “wink and nod” method of “management” for wolves that has been the norm for the past three years. The ONLY “depredations” that have occurred in this “zone” were hounds killed by wolves while running rampant through our lands. That is it. ZERO livestock or pet “depredations” occurred in this “zone” but the DNR apparently has no problem allowing the mass overkill that we have seen since Wednesday.

Of course even with this reckless “management” by the DNR the anti-wolf United States Fish and Wildlife Service pretends that there are no issues with how Wisconsin is “managing” wolves here. Six prominent scientists and biologists beg to differ.

Response to FWS Ignoring of Wolf Population Concerns

Shame on the DNR for allowing this kind of massive overkill and shame on the USFWS for not following the law as pointed out by the above scientists. As “Zone 1” gets close to the kill quota I wonder how much the DNR will allow this one to go over? We will keep you updated.

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  1. Dancing Wolf says:

    Sad part is that the Hounding hasn’t even started yet and it is frightening to think what will happen in the wilderness up there when it does in December. The biologists warned that this hunt was not substantiated by the numbers they were showing and tried to stop it. No one listened, and now there are more dead wolves than were even allowed in these Zones. They knew about the overkill yesterday and did nothing to stop it until today. Someone needs to held accountable for the total disregard of the laws and management in Wisconsin. I start with DNR and irresponsible people they have at the heads of the organization.

  2. Geri says:

    Nice that you brag about poaching on the internet-thanks for the evidence that WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU-AND TED. May KARMA pay you back ten-fold, and be powerful enough to drop you to your knees. You are a disgrace to what America stands for.

  3. Brenda Janidlo says:

    This IS NOT hunting – it is senseless slaughter by cowardly thrill-killers and IT MUST STOP!!!!!

  4. idalupine says:

    Will the Federal Government step in now and relist wolves due to this abuse? Will the state DNR close the season due to overharvest? Probably not. What will it take? These people cannot seem to control themselves. Maybe once Scott Walker is (finally) given walking papers the climate of Wisconsin will change, and maybe a deserving candidate to head up the DNR will be appointed.

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