Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet.  This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday.
This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet. This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. Source unknown and used under “Fair Use.” 

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.”

The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf sites infecting the internet regarding Wisconsin’s third wolf slaughter season.

This past weekend the DNR slowly released information that 85 wolves have been “reported” killed since last Wednesday. Of the six killing zones two of them, Zones 1 and 2, reported kill numbers well over the established quota. Zone 2 was 14 (14!!!!) over the kill quota of 15 and Zone 1 (so far) went three over the kill quota of 32. After today only two of the killing zones will remain open. The first is Zone 3, where hounders killed numerous wolves last year, and Zone 6 which constitutes the bottom two-thirds of the state.

Is the DNR concerned that two zones have exceeded the established kill quotas? Apparently not. While the anti-wolf hate sites keep preaching “SSS,” “gut shooting,” and total anarchy the DNR has remained completely silent. Why might this be? Could it be because the DNR doesn’t care how many wolves get killed this year? Could it be incompetence on their part? Or could it be something else? I lean toward apathy on the part of the DNR along with pandering to the hounders and wolf haters.

Another disturbing aspect of this silence centers around how much attention the DNR is paying to the so-called “Wolf Patrol” that claims to be monitoring the activity of wolf killers in Wisconsin. Here is what a member of the “Wolf Patrol” had to say about their activities and that of the DNR wardens they observed this weekend:

“In just five short days, 60 wolves have been slaughtered statewide, and from what we have witnessed, poaching and illegal hunting and trapping is commonplace. Trap locations are not being monitored every 24 hours as required by law, and are often placed dangerously close to roads and trails where lazy unethical trappers can check on them without leaving their vehicles. After driving and hiking literally hundreds of miles of rural and forest roads filled with hunters, the only place we have seen DNR wardens has been at our base camp watching us.”

I haven’t made a decision about where I stand on the whole purpose of the “Wolf Patrol” but this type of information does not surprise me. Why should the DNR behave any differently than they have over the past two killing seasons? Blatant violations have been reported with photographic and videotaped evidence provided in 2012 and 2013 and the DNR flat out refused to take any actions on most of these violations. With the exception of a couple of extreme violations the DNR refused to take law enforcement action against most offenders. Should we be surprised that they are more concerned with the presence of a few activists rather than the myriad of illegal behavior occurring in our woods?

Another side effect of the rapid and massive kill rates are the inevitable parroting of anti-wolf talking points concerning population numbers. As the past couple of years have shown the vast majority of wolves killed are UNDER one year of age. They are mostly killing puppies born this year. While wolf pups already suffer up to a 60 percent mortality rate the inclusion of dogs, traps, and shooting makes it highly likely that most if not all of the young in these areas have been wiped out again this year. It should also come as no shock that the wolf killers have long been scouting, baiting, and “training” their dogs in areas thus allowing them to pinpoint pack locations. People on the ground have reported that known pack areas are absolutely saturated with traps leading to fears that entire packs are being wiped out as happened last year in some areas according to testimony before the Wolf Advisory Committee.

The 24/7/365 hound “training” against wolves is also very concerning and the large number of dogs allegedly killed by wolves over the past two years bears this out. This year 22 hounds have been killed. Each one of these dog deaths result in a $2500 payment from the DNR to the hounders. For most of the year their dogs are “shiteaters” and “culls” until one gets killed by a wolf and suddenly they become “family” that are now worth $10,000. The stats of killed dogs this year show some very interesting facts. Several of the incidents showed multiple dogs killed and injured and there were several older dogs killed as well. 10 of the 22 killed dogs were over 6 and 4 were over 10. Call me crazy but getting a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR sure is easier than feeding or providing veterinary care for “shiteaters” and “culls” isn’t it? It is pretty obvious that the 24/7/365 “training” of hounds against wolves allowed wolf killers to pinpoint pack locations while making money in the process. It is no coincidence that Zone 2 where the kill number was double the quota, numerous hounds were killed often in a single incident. One might think that the dogs were being used as bait to pinpoint pack locations to seed the areas with traps and bait. Hmmmmm.

All of this has been allowed to happen right under the noses of our DNR and what do we get from them? Absolute silence. The anti-wolf hate sites have long taunted wildlife advocates and have now turned their vitriol toward the DNR. The wolf haters are now taunting the DNR with threats of poaching, poisoning, encouraging wolf killers not to pay attention to quotas, and to kill as many wolves as possible before a zone closes. The silence from the DNR speaks volumes as does their complete and total inaction on the mass overkill and violations occurring all over our lands. Or was this the plan all along?

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  1. conrad says:

    Please stop this those people crave on killing. You watch this is why crime is getting so high. Animal or not this is still murder.

    1. Shirley Elliott says:

      It definitely is slaughter & murder. What humane individual would allow this evil crap to go on, much less the wicked ones doing it? These wolves were put here by the Almighty and to boot, are family oriented, unlike the individuals doing it. We call our world progressing? Hah! Not so! This NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AND NOW!!!!! Who okayed this murdering?? It will come back to them someway, someday, somehow, but not soon enough! The same respect they’ve shown to these majestic animals, hopefully will be shown back to them in the very same way. Quickly!!!

  2. Zig Pope says:

    Something stinks like rotting fish at the WI-DNR and the stench begins at the top with Ms Stepp.

    David McFarland should be ashamed this is going on under his nose and he looks the other way.

    1. rali74 says:

      Yeah something stinks very very bad. A Wisconsin wildlife advocate spoke to Mr. MacFarland this morning and he stated that his “hands are tied” and zone closure orders come right from Cathy Stepp’s office. I think Dave is afraid of getting “Stepped” on if he doesn’t toe the party line. He is actually respected by many in the Wisconsin advocacy movement so I wouldn’t place all the blame on him. He has to keep his job and the goons at the top are notoriously petty. Word is that morale is in the toilet throughout the agency and if you are not a Walker boot licker they make life miserable for you.

  3. mel says:

    Time to call off the killing machine hunters. The state met its quota. Time for rather lame Wisconsin leaders to watch this Youtube, too, which explains the essential role wolves play to your rivers, streams, habitats, etc.

    1. mel says:

      Further, the method hunters are using is inhumane.


  5. Daniel Martinez says:

    Got to give it to them, clever and relentless… I have wept and raged myself out, hardly can I feel now, the numbness has invaded me thoroughly. Hands tied to powerless petitions and activism, I feel that the wolves and us are both running out of time. Facs speak for themselves don’t they?? this silence from the DNR speaks much more than their usual bullcrap, for there is evidently unlawful behavior going on in the front lines with no action taken from the “authorities”.
    I might just begin to spout my usual get an HCAR or a kriss vector and join the “anarchy” for once so these murderers think about it twice, but what use is that, im stuck here armed with nothing but a keyboard and while that might be a perfect example of the pen is mightier than the sword, I’m afraid the wolves do not have that time to spare…

    Diplomacy, science..any and all peaceful approaches have evidently failed.. look at the murderers, violence and unlawful actions have been working out perfectly fine for them..hell, they are getting PAID..satisfying their sick twisted blood fetish and getting paid for it. .wow
    All the while we are stripped of our right to have our wolves run free and safe.

    I am just at a loss of words. while those imbeciles get all the action to fulfill their Hannibal lecter wet dreams, I, we, are here hoping that the situation will, before getting any better, not end in utter extinction..for if we see this bloody trend in form of a graph..the picture is much more terrifying. .

  6. Karyn Miller says:

    What is wrong with Wisconsin?
    What is wrong with DNR?
    Hate! !!!!!!!!!
    Have you no heart or humanity?
    I am so heart broken by your total disregard for the law and for common decency.

  7. Cathy Chatty says:

    We will not be ignored with your blatant disrespect of our wildlife. We’re watching you now.

  8. Lynda Gedge says:

    Hope the same happens to you lot one day! Going back to Italy next week to sort the hunters out walking around on my property. It’s allowed too Italian Law!

  9. Diane Plantenga says:

    Totally disgusting.

  10. Patricia Cootton says:

    Stop animal cruelty, stop the killing of wolves through trapping. No more hunting og wolves.

  11. Paula Ilona says:

    Stop this horrible barbarian wolf killing ! !

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