Horrific Photograph Shows True Nature of Wisconsin “Sportsmen”

There is a new photograph making the rounds on the internet showing a Wisconsin wolf killer posing with a dead wolf and a live one in a trap in the background. I was forwarded this today along with the caption apparently written by the wolf killer on one of the wildlife snuff sites.

The true Wisconsin
The true Wisconsin “sportsman.”

“Cought (it wouldn’t be a wolf hater without poor grammar) these two yesterday just in time
Before the wolf quota was filled. I believe it was
The mother and her pup but I’m not positive.
I missed two wolves the day before at this same location
So I re arranged where I place the lure, urine and stepping
Sticks and it paid off. “

This is your “sportsman” Wisconsin. Be proud. Remind you of anyone?

Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012.
Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012.


  1. I hope this guy has a hunting accident soon.

    1. shawnna says:

      yeah me too, like getting snuck up on by a member of that pack

      1. gigi byrne says:

        This is atrocious! I hope karma gets this guy real soon. I pray that the killing stops and that wolves will be left alone and in peace!!

  2. MSmith says:

    How can he get two wolves? And who shoots one while the other watches. What a fucking monster

  3. Retha says:

    Only a coward will shoot an animal that’s trapped and not eat that animal. Would love to put that asshole in a trap and leave him for the wolves to eat.

  4. leslie gibson says:

    These wolves are killed inhumanly!!!! With painfull traps, and these hunters are killing over the quota!!!! Some hunters don’t follow the rules and don’t respect the animals their hunting. Laws should change to stop this killing and killing in such a cruel and I humane way. These hunters don’t care about the pain the impose on this helpless to defined the selfs animals. I for one am sick of this cruelty!!!!!!!

    1. Cora Nichols says:

      They are not hunters, they are sadistic killers.

      1. bruh? says:

        Laws wouldn’t do much but make us feel better, they would just break the law… i have other things in mind i would love to do to these guys

  5. Chantelle Wiebe says:

    Your disgusting!!!!!!! Not like we have enough killing our wildlife. You should be so proud! Imbecile ;(

  6. paul says:

    What is it with these stupid hunters? Wolves are starting to get rare and you’ve got arseholes going around killing and trapping these animals. This is not on and this has got to stop. Full stop. Wolves are just wild dogs and I am a huge wolf lover and fan of these beautiful animals. Each pack contains family members and if one of yours family dies or disappears then you would morn there loss. It’s the same for these wolves. Stop the barbaric hunt and killing. Full stop..

  7. Gabriele Hupp says:

    the wrong people become “Ebola”

  8. Rosie St Lam says:

    Low life, amoeba-brained, redneck, unfortunately the US is full of them !

    1. We should be promoting contraception for humans as well as fighting the hunting and killing of animals.

  9. Jeannie Marcello says:

    this kind of behavior “sickens” me. YOu are obviously very deranged individuals. You should probably be in a prison somewhere but have managed to miss the traps.. maybe they will move them and then get you.. Hope you suffer like you made these wolves suffer. Signed by a REAL AMERICAN

  10. Lisa Schulz says:

    Hunting runs in my family. It is necessarry for wild animal control and population and not only protects humans, but prevents over populated species from starvation and disease, I find these acts inhumane and cruel. I myself love wolves. Unless they are an immenent threat they should be left alone. Wisconsin needs to revise their hunting laws on the humanity if hunting wolves. In our family, you never kill an animal for sport, but for food for us or others. These are senseless and cruel acts and give true hunters a bad name.

    1. Debi says:

      Very well said Lisa ! ! !

  11. Beth Maud says:

    Come on guys, dont let them get away with this sort of treatment of wolves, do something about it, fight it, dont let them kill your wolves.

  12. That is so cruel using traps. What is his fning problem killing a mother wolf while her offspring can watch him kill her!! I understand people hunting for food , but hunting just for the sport of it is so wrong. Why kill wolfs? why kill them until they are an endangered wildlife animal? I hate both these pictures, but the second one is horrible!The snow around the poor wolf is no longer white. It is red from all the blood lost from the horrible inhumane trap! If people are going to continue killing wolfs at least do humane and fast. There should be a law to stop it completely… POS!!!

  13. gregk9 says:

    Trapping is abhorrent!!!! Ban it NOW!!!!!

  14. shawnna says:

    sad thing is not one of the wolf killers will even see the comments here. if the pack isnt harassing livestock or people, leave them alone. next thing you know, they are going to be like the tigers. I understand hunting, done it, but dont kill what you arent going to eat or that isnt bothering you.

    1. rali74 says:

      Actually they do read it. I have been blocking and putting all kinds of comments from trolls and wolf haters into the spam folder.

  15. James Soucek says:

    I am a hunter. I do not condone the killing of the Wolfs. We have encroached on their lands. They have a place in the echo system just as all animals.

    1. Patricia Cootton says:

      Wolves are part of the natural world, they are part of our ecosystem. Nature has provided ways to keep its balance. Animals live in this natural worl as predators to others species that will over populate and affect the whole food chain.

  16. leah says:

    this is disgusting. killing innocent life and endangering the ecosystem all at once just for the sport of it. humans are gonna get what’s coming to us sooner rather than later…

  17. amy says:

    Do something about then write letters, email, and call state reps. Wolf hunting has to stop. Trapping is cruel.

  18. Alan Schroeder says:

    Wolfs kill for food, man kills for the thrill of it. If they are not going to eat what they kill then STOP the killing .

  19. margeaux ulbrich says:

    my plan- BOYCOTT Wisconsin – refuse to vacation, purchase products, anything to do with the state until they change their laws. Let the merchants know this is the reason. If we hit their commerce…they will indeed make a change. Join me in getting out the word to BOYCOTT states with inhumane trophy hunting laws. Make a Difference

  20. Abigail Tawake says:

    This is just sick! Killing these animals like their lives are meaningless and their cognitive abilities are next to nothing when in reality, they understand more about the world than we probably do because they can survive in the wild with nothing but eachother… their pack… their family. Thats all they need and they do more for the world than we ever could. All humans do is destroy nature and these sick unintellegent idiots have to kick them when their down, when they are close tp never existing again. Someone needs to stop them for good! Throw them in jail!!

  21. usc1801 says:

    This is why I’m boycotting all Wisconsin products, especially beer, dairy, cheese, and tourism. Send emails to Wisconsin companies and tell them you’re boycotting their products and attach this photo and tell them why. If enough people join in and we can get the Human Society active it could have a meaningful impact.

  22. Autumn says:

    You know the worst part about this BS is the fact that WI is in fact already over it’s limit and people like Ted Nugent are encouraging these sadistic MFers to ignore the laws and “kill as many as you can” and they aren’t doing anything to stop them! The politicians of WI do not CARE!! The people that are supposed to be protecting the wildlife don’t care either!

  23. Steve says:

    As a resident of Wisconsin, I find that these types of hunters are Absolute Disgraces to Humanity!…There should never be traps used either!….and bow & arrow hunting should have been outlawed a long time ago….With the advent of the Internet, we have the Power & Leverage to make a Positive difference!….It certainly appears the pressure will have to come from all of us, from the ground up…We Can & Will keep “Turning the Tide” for Good, Worldwide!…..

  24. bherbert19 says:

    Reblogged this on Brandon M. Herbert – Author's Den and commented:
    So, this is what people think a ‘responsible’ wildlife management plan allows… Sometimes, humans make me sick to my soul.

  25. You are not men when you kill these beautiful animals! A real man is someone who lets them be…

  26. Bridget Murphy says:

    This barbaric & needs to end

  27. terrie says:

    This is disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself hunting for sport the wolf is a spiritual animal I hope you dnt call yourselves religious as no one that kills for their enjoyment will go to heaven its not like you even hunted your prey probably anyway traps and snears and poison are for men that cant aim and shoot its cheating you will get whats coming to you as the Hunter will be become the hunted and the wolf will get its own bk !!!

  28. inger says:

    This makes me so mad!!! what is wrong with this world!!! i would like to se his face when trapped in a trap, screaming in pain!! maybe, just maybe, then he would have realized what he is doing to theese beautiful animals….

  29. Baklava09! says:

    Maybe he will trip next time and fall into his own trap :/

    1. gregk9 says:

      that’d be great!

    2. Cristina B says:

      oh, I’d love this!

      1. That would truly be Paul Watson justice. What he liked best is when hunters fell out of their deer blinds or blew themselves up. (Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who has been fighting the seal kills and dolphin and whale hunts).

  30. Cristina B says:

    The government should pay attention at all these comments and assess fairly that the majority of TAXPAYERS (yes, the ones paying their salaries) don’t want these barbaric, inhumane killings and ecosystem screw-ups. So maybe they should go with science and develop some common sense or step the hell down.

  31. Hale Irwin says:

    I am ashamed to be a member of the human race where are so many psychopathathic ass-holes like these guys.

  32. Patricia Cootton says:

    I cannot believe the cruelty, the lack of moral some of those wolf hunters are showing, they behave like sociopaths, they don’t only torture their victims, they show them in photographs to hurt other concern people and enviromentalists. It is outrageous behavior that is causing an uproar among normal people. We don’t like to see attrocities done to our wilderness, we had enough in the 1800 when all the bison dissapeared thanks to ignorance and hate. Stop killing our wolves.

  33. Niko Loren says:

    Killer Josh Bransford should be in mental care azylum…

  34. Pamela W says:

    Some people are just plain defective, and the pervert in this photo is clearly one of them. He does not have the moral acuity of a gnat and is beyond redemption. Remember his ugly face in case you encounter this monster sometime. Then treat him as the aberrant morally vacuous outcast that he is and will always be.

  35. I was just listening to Man of La Mancha when I read this. Talk about an impossible dream – one day hopefully there will be no hunters and we’ll all be Vegan. I’m wiping away my tears now.

  36. Beyond redemption, in my opinion. They trap and kill and are so beyond ethics and compassion that they pose for pictures with their victims. Beyond words . . .

  37. I hope the day comes when we advance enough to be as sickened by the pictures of hunters and their traps as we are by Jihadi John and his knife.

  38. Richie G. says:

    Can’t they be fined for inhumane treatment to animals or cruelty to animals .. Doesn’t the state have laws against this.

    1. rali74 says:

      Wisconsin exempts under all all these barbaric practices. It is illegal to allow dogs to attack or kill wildlife but it happens all the time and it is never enforced. This is a very barbaric and sadistic “culture” that exists among these people and it is condoned by the politicians and authorities.

  39. Anna Christine Niblack says:

    Is the top picture of the mother and pup in Wisconsin ? I didn’t think they could get permits to kill more than one. Also I cant believe it is legal to kill a pup. Other baby animals aren’t legal to kill. There is something seriously sick about that man in the second picture posing proudly with a suffering wolf behind him. I don’t even want to go on record saying what I think the proper course of treatment is for these people.

    1. rali74 says:

      Yes that is here in Wisconsin. The monster in the picture posted this sick picture on the “Trapperman” site last fall. In Wisconsin these sickos can kill pretty much whatever they want. In fact the vast majority of wolves killed during each year’s slaughter are pups born that spring.

  40. Wairuanor says:

    It is so sad that people like that have a right to live. In the UK, it’s currently hunting season. Every time I hear a shot in the distance, I hope it kills a person and not one of the innocent animals. I have never lost one of my birds to the foxes that live here. Not one. Hunters often use such dumb excuses for their hunting. Basically they just do it for fun – be it foxes, wolves, birds, whatever. Those hunters are just horrible people, and you cannot argue with them as they will never listen to reason. They have no hearts, and often no proper brains either.
    This morning, on a walk, I saw a pheasant family, and when I look at them, I wonder how someone could actually aim and shoot at them. They are so beautiful – as are other animals. I just do not understand it.

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