Wisconsin: A Different and Very Scary Kind of Monster

This is what is called "moral and ethical" by Wisconsin wolf killers.
This is what is called “moral and ethical” by Wisconsin wolf killers.

Believe me, I have morals. That’s why I do it in an ethical and humane way. Feel sorry for them somewhere else, not commenting on my pictures because that’s pretty rude. Like I said, don’t like it? Then don’t look at it. Living in Wisconsin you’re guaranteed to see things like this all the time. You’re going to have to learn to tolerate it.
October 18 at 9:11am

The above quote and picture was forwarded to me yesterday. Upon further research the female killer of this trapped wolf claims that it weighed “115 pounds.” 115 pounds huh?

The "115 pound" puppy
The “115 pound” puppy

I didn’t know that “115 pound” puppies exist. If that pup is “115 pounds” then that woman must be about 6 foot 6 and 300 pounds. It sure doesn’t appear that way to me. What do you think? This is what passes for “ethic and morals” among the modern Wisconsin “sportsman/sportswoman.” We have to “learn to tolerate” this kind of brutality according to this and other wolf killers. No we don’t need to “tolerate” this kind of sadism.

I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life, with the exception of time away for military service. Something that poaching advocate and draft dodger, Ted Nugent, would know nothing about of course. Those of us that have lived here for any extended period of time know that there is a very sick, dark, and twisted underbelly among many that reside in this state. While the rest of the country think that Wisconsin is a state full of fun loving, cheese eating, and beer drinking yokels the true nature of the state paints a very different picture and it isn’t pretty.

Death is a way of life for a large number of Wisconsin residents. The “outdoor”pages of local newspapers like to talk about hunting and trapping as “religion” in this state. The use of dogs against wildlife is not only condoned, but encouraged by state officials. The local media also provide “brag boards” where wildlife killers can post their snuff pics showing them or their children grinning over a freshly killed animal. Killing is a way of living for a large percentage of the populace in this state and the fluffy concepts of “fair chase” and “ethics” have been thrown to the wayside in favor of easy kills and slob hunting. Hounding, baiting, trapping, trail cameras, and electronic calls are the tools of choice for the modern Wisconsin “sportsman.” Deer are killed by the hundreds of thousands in what has essentially become “drive-thru” hunting yet the shooters still complain that there isn’t enough deer or that predators are “eatin them all.” This perverted mindset was on display in a recent article by Elias Radtke in the Badger Herald. Radke repeated the ridiculous hunter and DNR propaganda about wolf populations while making sure to insult wildlife advocates in the process. He essentially states that wildlife advocates are “misguided” and the “great white hunter” and DNR can do no wrong. Here is a taste;

Before we get into the meat of the subject, keep in mind that wolves were a dangerously low populous but now are starting to become a problem in the upper Midwest. Growing populations need food, and livestock are much easier to stalk and kill than deer. Due to the growing population and the outcries of farmers across the Midwest, there have been a limited number of wolf tags opened to hunters.

I am all for conservation and have never been a hunter myself (although I do love fishing). However, this time these protesters are going too far. Wolf hunting is all about regulating population control that will benefit the ecosystem. Sure, I cried during Bambi, who didn’t? But I don’t go out and protest deer hunters. This wolf population control is necessary since we as humans have taken out most natural predators by replacing their homes with shopping malls. Not only that, but the way in which the protesters are protesting is incredibly dangerous.

The delusional blather gets even better (or worse):

Whose idea was it to go “shadow” a group of people with loaded guns who don’t want protesters to be there? That sounds about as clever as making toast in the bathtub to ‘em. “Oh, silly kid we are there to monitor them and make sure they feel guilty and don’t do bad things!” Wrong. That is what the Department of Natural Resources is there for, and they are smart enough to not make the people with guns agitated and fidgety.

That being said, I am by no means trying to paint the hunters in question in a violent light. Hunters usually provide enough policing among themselves. I have many good friends who enjoy the sport, and they seem to be the strictest enforcers of rules.

“Police themselves,” huh? You mean like how they “policed themselves” into going double over the kill quota in Zone 2? Finally, I literally spit water all over the screen of my Mac. (What “libtard” doesn’t use a Mac?) when I read the final paragraph:

The DNR does a fantastic job of keeping on top of these things. While wolves look like cute dogs, they are actually destroying property and tipping the balance of ecosystems. So go donate money or write a scathing letter if you wish to make a difference. Then snuggle next to a fire with a hot cup of coco, with warm feelings in your heart and safety on your mind. Let the hunters do what they do best. There is a reason it never became a spectator sport.

Yes what a “fantastic” job they did this past weekend. I debated whether to address or ignore the ignorant blather and regurgitation of anti-wolf propaganda present in that article. I decided that people must see how brainwashed and deluded many in our state have become and how they use the media as a tool to present misinformation. People like Mr. Radtke really believe that hunters “police themselves” and that the DNR has the best interest of wildlife in mind. That is what is wrong with Wisconsin. Too many that live here and those outside the state believe the fluffy propaganda and nonsense that Wisconsin is just a good ole cheese and beer loving state with friendly people. It is not. Wisconsin has a dark and toxic underbelly that the oblivious citizens of the state need to see as well as those from outside. “Let the hunters do what they do best? In Wisconsin that means they can lie as evidenced by the picture above. In Wisconsin that means that they can double kill quotas with no repercussions. In Wisconsin they can recklessly use dogs and traps to kill whatever they want, be given cover by the DNR, and be called “conservationists.” In Wisconsin that means they can take to anti-wolf hate sites on social media and threaten poaching, poison, law breaking,and total anarchy. So yeah, I guess hunters in Wisconsin are indeed “doing what they do best.”

Living to kill. Is that the kind of state you want to live in? Are those the kind of people that you want as your neighbors? These are the monsters inhabiting our state. With Halloween around the corner you don’t need to look for the scary costumes of ghosts and ghouls to see monsters. Just look for the ones with camo hats and dead eyes. Those are the real monsters that walk among us. Not those “115 pound” puppies.

Kill Number Update 

As of today the DNR has “reported” that 92 wolves have been killed across the six “Zones” that divide the entire state into killing areas. Four of the “Zones” are now closed with two remaining open. Two of the zones, 1 and 2, went significantly over their allotted kill quota. Zone 1 is currently five (now magically 4?) over the quota of 32 while Zone 2 is a staggering 14 over the allotted kill quota of 15. As of this morning the Wisconsin DNR remains completely apathetic to the mass overkill and even makes clear that wolves in the bottom two third of the state are to be eradicated:

Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management director Tom Hauge said as the DNR is getting more experience with the wolf hunt, the hunters are getting experienced as well.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect that the experience that hunters and trappers gained over the first two years could contribute to an increased pace of harvest for 2014,” Hauge said.

Hauge says the DNR is working to keep wolves to the northern third of the state through to use of larger wolf quotas in Zone 6. “It is an area of the state that our management is attempting to discourage wolf population establishment in that part of the state.”

There was an overrun on the wolf harvest in zone two, but most of the other zones have maintained a close number to the desired harvest numbers.

So the DNR wants to keep wolves in small pockets in the north where they will be easier to kill apparently. What is wrong with this state? Also take note that Zone 3 has very few kills out of the allotted quota. This is the very zone that was reserved last year as a hounder killing ground. Could the same thing be in store this year? And no, we are not going to “learn to tolerate” that.

If you want to help a REAL grassroots organization that is fighting against the ongoing wolf slaughter and working to educate please consider a donation to Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Website 

**A note to readers and commentators to this site**

Please lay off the threats and endless swearing. I can swear with the best of them but this is not the format for that. If your comment contains threats, extreme swearing, or killing propaganda it will be deleted. So please do not waste your time if that is what you plan to comment on this site. We are all furious at the senseless killing and bullying that occurs against wildlife advocates but we cannot stoop to their level. Leave the threats and bullying to the anti-wolf hate pages. Please don’t bring that garbage here. Thank you. 

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Keith Hall says:

    In case you have forgotten Wolves were there before man, therefore its is their land. Killing wildlife is wrong & it appears that Wisconsin hunters are a breed apart, seemingly sadistic bloodlust being the order of the day. As a regular visitor to the USA (which I love) I would never consider a vacation in Wisconsin.

    1. Barrie Hazzard says:

      It’s not a Wolf problem it’s a people problem…and killing them is the barbaric response to human intolerance. There are alternate humane ways..Humane traps…that do not injure or kill the animal.Relocation programs to place wolves in unpopulated conservation areas off limits to humans.The federal government needs to outlaw killing Wolves and implement a Humane Conservation Program.

    2. Tina Pump says:

      I lived in Wisconsin for a fast ten years. My eyes were opened up there at what hunting means to many in Wisconsin. Sadistic and bloodlust do not even begin to describe what I saw with my own two eyes. I left as quickly as I arrived. Self loathing and barbaric seem to describe the behavior even deeper. This reality caught on camera sickens my stomach and saddens my heart. We are not all like this in the USA. But, I am sorry to say there are many. Don’t stop vacationing here because of this. Seek out the people and situations that will allow you to see progress. It does exist.

  2. Wisconsin has too much inbreeding going on. It makes people stupid, immoral, with no compassion or sense of life. They are a total embarrassment to the rest of the World.

  3. Anna Tomacari says:

    We are seeing a real decline in the human race. The days of “ethical” hunting are getting to be something of the past. Wisconsin has some real psychopaths in office and out in the woods. I guess if they cannot kill and torture humans legally, they can now do just that to the innocent wildlife. I will not be spending any more of my “vacation” money in Wisconsin. This place makes me sick!

  4. Darlene Abbott says:

    I will never get use to killing a Wolf,also they do not need to be manage or harvest these are nothing but fancy names to give you the right to kill them and you call torturing,trapping and gut shot and gassing,etc,ethical?You need your head put out of where the sun don’t shine.What about the Wolf in a trap and club to death,What about the pups in their den burn while alive,what about snares,these are all ethical,I say not.Also if Rancher have livestock it’s their responsibility to make it harder for the wolves to get to,such has fenceing them,nonlethal have you ever heard of it Wisconsin?People move onto the Wolves land just like the saying if you can not stand the heat in the kitchen get out well if you can not stand nature wild get the “F”out.

  5. judy Frazier says:

    Wisconsin is nothing but a state of psychopathic blood thirsty killers. You can’t kill humans like that so you kill poor defenseless animals. Karma is a bitch and you’ll get yours. God said thou shall not kill he did not state humans or animals. He meant humans and animals weren’t to be killed. The land and animals were here before you were. We are only temporary on the face of the earth and will have to account to God for our actiions on judgenent day how are you hunters and decimatirs of His land and animals going to account for killing His creatures. I can see you all together down in Hell stoking the fires and thst will be your just reward.

    1. rali74 says:

      While I have no use for religion a little karma would go a long way for these people.

  6. Gail says:

    Unfortunately there is no comment section. I would have liked to say that I will admit he is a very talented b.s. artist. He forgot to mention how Wisconsin, with it’s proud hunting heritage, seems to be a mecca for psychopathic swarming hunters.
    We have a helluva fight on our hands, but fight we will.



  8. Kat says:

    How on earth does Trapping helpless beautiful and rare wolves or any animals, then watching them suffer, panic and bleed while you smile and laugh appeal to any normal human? If that’s their idea of fun they must be complete psychopaths.

    I was born on Oregon but was forced to grow up in Central WI. I lived there until I could flee fro college and never to back to live there again. I hated lived in Los Angeles since.

    Hunting deer, drinking beer & riding snowmobiles is a way of life back there. As a child I cried and was so traumatized when I saw deer after innocent deer tied onto car hoods and hanging in people’s yards. Bled out. It’s disgusting. They hunt everything; beautiful raccoons, squirrels, turkeys, badgers, pheasants and more. (I have rescued several and raised raccoons as pets and kept the smarter than many human guys through old age) I have also rescued squirrels and possums to release back into the wild.

    I could never tolerate the hunting and killing there, nor did I ever fit in. I Stopped eating most meat in the 4th grade to the dismay of my mother who thought I would starve. Thank god she never forced me to eat it. I became a total Vegatarian in my 20’s and have not eaten any meat ever again or milk, in over 25 years now. I’m now trying to go totally vegan. I’m sure much of this was because of all the killing of beloved animals but I’m so happy to be a vegetarian and it’s the easiest thing on earth to do. I was even forced to witness a drunk shoot his sisters horse when I was about 10. It was the most traumatic sad thing I ever witnessed. As if humans actuall have the right to kill whatever they want? Seriously you are killing the earth and eradicating so many beautiful species we will soon all be gone because of if. I was the only vegetarian there period, never met another in Wisconsin.

    I want nothing to do with the suffering, torture and murder of innocent animals. Of course NOT all the people in Wisconsin are like this as earlier posts incorrectly claim. There are good and decent people there too but these sickos are despicable, psychotic and cruel. They should be jailed for torture and murder. Shame on you. Karma, karma, karma…she is a bitch and you can be assured that she will catch up with you one day. We will all celebrate when she does.

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