Of Trolls, Barstool Biologists, and more Trolls: The Shakespearean Musings of Anti-Wolf Trolls


I am no stranger to blogging about wildlife advocacy issues. I started doing this in early 2012 when Wisconsin began pushing the bill that has opened the door to the current wolf slaughter and making Wisconsin the ONLY state in the country that allows the use of dogs against those wolves. Inevitably whenever any advocate for a cause writes a story on a hot button issue the know it all “barstool biologists” and trolls come out of the woodwork in an attempt to “educate” or bully those that disagree with them. My posts about the massive Wisconsin overkill have been no exception.

Almost on cue the barstool biologists began to chime in with their usual BS talking points about wolves “eating every last thing on the landscape” and if it wasn’t for the “great white hunter” to save us they would be eating your grandchildren at a bus stop while huffing and puffing and blowing your house down.

Newsflash. This blog is a place for information to be presented that is backed up by established science. In case you didn’t notice this is PRO-WILDLIFE site. Not a pro-killing site. This is NOT a debate site for trolls to bully or for barstool biologists to think that because they dress up in camo they are some kind of an expert. If you want to troll and spread that “wolves are eating everything” fear mongering nonsense there are plenty of places for that to occur. This site is NOT one of them. This site is also not a place for those supposedly on the side of wildlife to come and make stupid threats and spread other nonsense. There are other places for that too.

For the trolls, barstool biologists, and those making threats your comments will NOT appear on this site.You are wasting your time even writing your drivel. The only exception are comments so idiotic and offensive that they WILL be posted here to shame you. This is an emotional topic but please do not stoop to the level of those on the anti-wolf hate sites. Let them be the monsters and ghouls. We don’t need to be.

This is an example of the type of comment that will be deleted immediately or as in this case posted to show what we are up against. This comment from from the world renowned wildlife biologist “Gav” showing a domain out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A city obviously buried in the “deep south” y’all.

“yall need to open your eyes and relive if there wasnt a season on wolves they would kill all the deer,rabbits,squirrels, and anything and everything, you guys cant live like that thinking its bad to kill wolves, if yall think its bad to then whyd you vote to reintroduce them into this state? Wisconsin would have been a million times better if they did bring them back, they kill everything. and im speaking from first hand accounts, ive seen 3 wolves kill half a herd of deer, they have almost wiped out the herd in the flambue river state forest by ladysmith, kill all the wolves then there wouldnt be anymore problems,” 

These type of comments come in hourly along with the barstool biologists presenting the same sentiment and misinformation only with slightly better grammar. Then they get upset because I will not post their comments. There are plenty of site out there to post lies and misinformation about wolves. Facebook is full of them with one solely devoted to promoting poisoning, poaching, and other anarchy against wolves right here in Wisconsin. You don’t need to come to this blog and post your drivel.

As I am writing this more of the Shakespearean screeds of “Gav” just appeared in my email. Consider yourself enlightened that the words of such an endearing scholar can be made available to you:


whats wrong with Wisconsin? your living in it
whats wrong with the dnr? nothing at all!
i have a heart, but i also kill wolves

You may “have a heart” but you damn sure don’t have a dictionary. Welcome to the spam folder “Gav.” Enjoy your 15 milliseconds of fame.

Thus is the life of a pro-wildlife blogger. The stupid burns………….it burns……..

Wolf Kill Update

The kill number shows 98 as of this morning. The DNR still remains silent on the mass overkill that occurred in Zones 1 and 2 this past weekend. Let them know that we want answers and not propaganda:

Call Center Staff Available 7 Days a Week (7 a.m.-10 p.m.)
Call Toll Free 1-888-WDNRINFO (1-888-936-7463)

14 Comments Add yours

  1. idalupine says:

    Was the hunt this much of a badly organized free-for-all last year? I don’t remember reading about (I can’t call them hunters) going so far over quota and jumping around like gremlins all over the internet. What do you suppose is the reason for the behavior this year? Scientists have speculated that tolerance would be increased the longer it goes on – but the reality is the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

    1. rali74 says:

      The voracious killing has been going on like this both of the last two years, but this year there appears a coordinated effort among the bear hounders to wipe out as many wolves as possible in a given area regardless of quotas. Last year entire packs were wiped out in this same way. They have been running dogs against wolves 24/7/365 under the guise of “training” and have been baiting allegedly for bear for months. Wolves and bear share the same habitat and visit the same bait stations. These people knew exactly where packs locations are and made sure to saturate the areas with traps to kill as many as possible regardless of quota. The wolf haters have been threatening this more months and the DNR turned a blind eye.

      1. The agencies that are supposed to be protecting wildlife, including wolves, are complicit in this. Why, I don’t know, but it might start with the letters RANCHERS AND HUNTERS. And from what I have read, it also includes our GOVERNMENT. And that I truly don’t understand, unless wolves are a nuisance in the way of a future oil project…OH, maybe it’s related with the pipeline that is being shoved down our throats…bye bye aquifer and wolves, too?

  2. sumitra koutras says:

    LOL !!! ” Almost on cue the barstool biologists began to chime in with their usual BS talking points about wolves “eating every last thing on the landscape” and if it wasn’t for the “great white hunter” to save us they would be eating your grandchildren at a bus stop while huffing and puffing and blowing your house down.” ….I LOVE IT !!! …and “barstool biologists” …Thats better than ANY cuss word to describe these so called hunters!!! Thank you for this blog!!!

  3. Erik Chevaliere says:

    The fear before wolves has its cause in legends, lies and misunderstandings also false education and public outreach.

  4. simplycaring says:

    Thank you for the write up. I intend on sharing it with fellow advocates as it was with me.
    For those of us who care for all wildlife and are sickened by the slaughter of our wolves, this ‘season’ has shown the country the true mentality of the ‘conservationists/hunters’. They said they would Kill Them All and they have gone above and beyond once again.
    DNR will come back with the same lame excuses it always has. The numbers weren’t reported fast enough, so it wasn’t closed after X amount were killed. The lack of reporting and keeping track should have been a huge priority for DNR, again it has catered to those intent on destroying all wolves.
    It does not get any sadder then this. Can you imagine the fragmentation of packs right now? Are their even any left? How many livestock kills will be up this winter? They have out done themselves this kill season and I hope with all hope the voters have had enough.
    I am sharing and contacting DNR.

  5. Jason M says:

    …the reply i received from Kurt at the WI DNR…that addressed nothing i brought up…from the Traps, Dogs, to the Overkills…he uses no Facts, Ecology or Science to justify this slaughter…instead he uses basic Math …Pathetic. “Thank you for your comments regarding this year’s wolf season. The department is committed to sound, scientifically based wolf management and will continue to carefully consider public input moving forward.

    The wolf hunting and trapping season is administered by the department as directed by state law. We are managing a statewide population in an effort to achieve statewide management goals. To help reach these goals we use management zones to direct hunting and trapping effort, and we have the ability to close seasons when a harvest quota has been met. Our wolf team monitors harvest rates, trends and conditions, and makes a carefully considered recommendation to administration when a zone should close. The decision to close a zone officially takes effect 24 hours after the order is signed by department leadership. In 2014, the wolf harvest quota is 150.

    The hunting and trapping rate this year was much faster than experienced in prior years. We identified this trend quickly and closed zones far sooner than in the first two seasons. Currently, four of six zones are closed to hunting and trapping. We did go over the zone specific quota in two zones. It is important to note wolves over quota in zones 1 and 2 were harvested legally.

    We share your concerns on this issue. As evidence of this, we began closure procedures even earlier in zones 4 and 5. Both of these zones ended under quota by three and two wolves, respectively. We will continue to monitor hunting and trapping rates in two remaining open zones, and will consider our state-wide quota of 150 animals as we make future closure decisions.

    The management of wolves, like all species, is done adaptively. Each year, changes are made to improve our management program. We will continue to do the same for wolves. We will learn from our experience this year and strive to make improvements in the future. The department is very appreciative of the input we’ve had through these first years from interested parties on all sides of our wolf management discussions.

    Kurt Thiede
    Administrator – Land Division
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    1. rali74 says:

      Yup. The exact same canned response that every other person writing these hacks received. The old “nothing to see here, move along” routine.

      1. That’s gonna need a big shovel…

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