Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Outdoors” Writer Paul Smith on Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter: Nothing to See Here Move Along

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

Whenever the Wisconsin DNR starts to get negative feedback or when people start questioning their motives it is a sure bet that the “outdoor” writers for the state newspapers will undoubtedly jump to their defense and get the spin machine rolling. No one is more of a master of this propaganda and spin work than Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Outdoors” writer, Paul Smith.

In one week 104 wolves have been “reported” killed during Wisconsin’s annual “mad minute” wolf killing/torture spree. The “official” DNR kill count shows 103 wolves killed but a DNR official has admitted that one wolf was killed illegally. Of course that illegally killed wolf does not count against their kill quota. Nice message to send. Poach as many wolves as you want and you may or may not (likely not) get caught and your kills will not count against the slaughter quota. How does this not encourage more poaching?

But poaching is not the concern of Paul Smith or the DNR propaganda being put forth in his latest article. Going double over kill quotas, rampant hate, illegal behavior are not nearly important as keeping tabs on the big bad “anti” presence of the so-called “Wolf Patrol.” While I am still highly dubious of this “patrol” and their motives they seem to have the killers and their propaganda artists concerned. From Smith’s latest article:

Wolves inspire an emotional response in humans, good and bad. The last week has provided ample evidence.

A group called Great Lakes Wolf Patrol set up camp in northern Wisconsin and pledged to “monitor” activities of wolf hunters and trappers. It hopes to find evidence of violations.

The group is led by Rod Coronado, an animal rights activist who was jailed in 1995 in connection with an arson attack on research facilities at Michigan State University.

Of course, patrol members are at high risk of a ticket. State law prohibits interference or harassment of hunters and trappers.

As of Wednesday, the wolf patrol reported no violations that resulted in citations, according to DNR sources. Its members also were not involved in any violent confrontations with the public.

Two patrol members did encounter a trapper in the field and secretly videotaped the exchange. The group posted the video to its Facebook page and YouTube.

The trapper no doubt disappointed the patrol. He was polite, knowledgeable, well-spoken and, from all appearances, legal.

Of course he was. Especially when we have the boogeyman of the “antis” present. Of course Smith then tries to be a “moderate” and point out the pro-poaching comments of Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent, the musician and outdoor television celebrity, weighed in from the other side.

“Though no state has issued an adequate number of wolf tags, believe when I tell you that certain WE THE PEOPLE in touch caring Americans are killing MANY MANY more wolves than the numbnut corrupt dishonest PC government thugs allow,” Nugent wrote in an Oct. 17 Facebook post. “Kill as many as you can real conservationists. The wolf population is irresponsibly & dangerously out of control. Wolf jackets ROCK!!”

Nugent’s call to violate game laws only hurts the future of hunting.

So Smith makes sure to point out what a bad bad man the “anti” Coronado is but only talks about how “Poopy Pants” Nugent is just a simple little “musician and outdoor television celebrity.” Why not mention that Nugent is a convicted poacher, canned “hunting” pimp, one time target of a Secret Service investigation, draft dodger, and racist? Why no mention of his dark and criminal past, Mr. Smith? Or is that only reserved for the “antis.” You know those “antis” that have just as much right to be in the woods as the great white hunter? Nugent’s advocating of poaching is worthy of one sentence while Coronado’s criminal past is multi-paragraph worthy? I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Smith.

Then he hits us with this;

The threats, gimmicks and spouting off at the mouth will fade soon enough. The DNR will do its best to keep the wolf kill close to its 2014 quota.

I seem to remember Smith and other pro-killing DNR mouthpieces saying the same thing when the first wolf slaughter season occurred in 2012. The “Outdoors” writers all claimed that us “antis” would just accept the wolf slaughter and go away just as many on the pro-wildlife side did after Wisconsin instituted the yearly slaughter of the state symbol of peace, the mourning dove. Well we haven’t gone away nor will we as long as Wisconsin continues to make a mockery of wildlife “management” and condones the most brutal and barbaric methods of killing wolves and other wildlife. Of course the kill everything DNR propaganda conduits like Mr. Smith are not going anywhere either. Here Smith pretends that the DNR actually cares about “science” when talking about the DNR’s new “wolf management plan.”

And hopefully it will ignore the distractions and use the best available science to guide the next, most important aspect of Wisconsin wolf management — the 2015 wolf management plan. A preliminary draft of the plan is due in December, with public hearings likely to start in January.

I wonder why Smith doesn’t talk about the vitriol that he was present for at the Wolf Advisory Committee meetings from the extreme anti-wolf groups? Numerous wildlife advocates saw Smith at these meetings and he clearly witnessed the anti-wolf hate and extremism in display on the part of representatives from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and other extremist anti-wolf groups. Why not write an article about that Mr. Smith? Why instead focus on activists that by your own admission have done nothing illegal?

I am not holding my breath that he will say one word about the anti-wolf extremists behavior at these meeting or report on the how reckless the DNR has been with their “management” of wolves. Nothing to see here. Move along………..

USFWS Great Lakes Wolf Report 

The USFWS recently released a very interesting report about the status of wolves in the Great Lakes. Of note were some very concerning comments about Wisconsin’s wolf “management.”

“The low end of population estimates for Michigan and Wisconsin
– 594 and 660, respectively (1,254 combined) – remained well above the numbers that might cause concern at the individual state level (100) or collectively (200); we expect further declines in the numbers of wolves in Wisconsin, however, unless levels of human caused mortality are reduced.”

“If human caused mortality from other sources (depredation control, illegal take, etc.) reflects levels detected in 2013-2014 in Wisconsin, total human caused mortality may take at least 38% of wolves in the state based on the winter 2013-2014 population estimate of 660. Therefore, we expect a continued decline in the number of wolves in Wisconsin and will evaluate the status of wolves there in the next annual post-delisting monitoring report. In next year’s report we will also be able to review the effects of the 2014-2015 hunting and trapping season and changes in regulations that affect the use of dogs to trail wolves outside of hunting seasons on the numbers of wolves in Wisconsin.”

The USFWS under the Obama Administration is no friend to the gray wolf, or any wildlife for that matter but no matter what they say in public Wisconsin’s reckless slaughter season and legalized dog fighting have to be a major concern. We will be paying attention and keep you informed.

Please keep the pressure on the Wisconsin DNR and speak out against their reckless and brutal wolf slaughter. Apparently they have received so many complaints and outraged call that a special phone line was set up.

Please Call 608-712-5984
If this mailbox above is full, call the original number and let them know it is full. It is: 608-266-2121.

Email the DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, at:

20 Comments Add yours

  1. idalupine says:

    The DNR will ‘do its best’ to keep the wolf kill ‘close’ to 2014 quota? Wow, that statement sure inspires confidence. What happens “when your best just ain’t good enough?” (Isn’t that a song lyric from somewhere, and not by Ted Nugent!” 🙂

    1. rali74 says:

      The Wisconsin DNR has no freaking clue what is really going on in the wolf killing zones. They know damn well that there are violations galore and rampant poaching. Following the JS article there are people right there bragging about and advocating poaching and wolf eradication. These people don’t care because it is obvious that the DNR doesn’t either. How can they even remotely sat that going double over a kill quota is acceptable? That is why they feed this propaganda fluff to people like Paul Smith to fluff up and put it out there for mass consumption. What they fail to remember is that you just can’t polish a turd.

  2. Diane Gubrud says:

    Leave nature alone !! Why don’t Paul Smith & his sadistic trapper buddies lead a campaign against isis ?/ If your so adamant about killing? Why cause their not Real men. Just guys who like to watch beautiful animals suffer. Ted Nugent. ..the draft dodger !!!! Join the armed services and do something real for this country! !

  3. idalupine says:

    “As of Thursday morning, hunters had harvested 103 wolves, or nearly 70 percent of the quota.”–Wolf-Hunt

    1. idalupine says:

      And how do you get all the traps and snares out of there once this massacre is finally declared over?

      1. rali74 says:

        They will just claim that they are “coyote traps” or because the bobcat slaughter starts soon they will be “bobcat traps.” In Wisconsin there is some type of killing season going on 24/7/365. I really think that the rest of the country or even much of the state have no clue how bloodthirsty Wisconsin residents are. It is horrifying.

  4. Linda says:

    We only have to look as far as the cost of a wolf tag: $10. to know what the DNR thinks of wolves. The price alone announces that wolves are disposable trash and this is not the message we need from anyone let alone the state representatives.

    1. rali74 says:

      It’s actually $10 to “apply” for a kill tag and if you are selected in their blood “lottery” it is $49 for the kill tag. Walker lowered the price from $100 last year because the wolf haters complained.

  5. idalupine says:

    Then I guess there is no other alternative for decent human beings than to cheer on the trap saboteurs, wherever and whenever they find these devices.

    1. rali74 says:

      I can’t condone any “illegal” behavior. That being said I sure hope a lot of those traps magically “spring” themselves. Wisconsin is a very very dark place to live these days. Far too many people here live to kill. What kind of life do you have if living means dishing out death?

      1. idalupine says:

        It’s very strange, that’s for sure. They must have very unhappy lives, or very reptilian brains. No offense to the reptiles!

      2. rali74 says:

        This has always been an odd state but the further north you go it becomes a different universe. There are some wonderful people that live in Northern Wisconsin that are as sickened as we are over the brutality and abuse of wildlife but they seem to be ignored in favor of the sadists. Hounders are a minority within a minority but they seem to get everything they want and law enforcement NEVER investigates or cites them for any violations. Even when photographic or video evidence of violations are provided the DNR refuses to take action. No one can figure out why such a fringe element of society are protected like this. Most hunters that I come across despise hounders and what they stand for. Trappers are reviled too.

  6. idalupine says:

    Here’s another one – why does our government approve of bad behavior in the name of freedom?

    Wisconsin Third Wolf Hunt A Debauchery: Excessive Indulgence of Over-Killing

    And there’s WI’s illustrious DNR leader grinning over a dead fawn – what kind of hunter kills a fawn?????? I thought young were off limits?

    1. rali74 says:

      Most of us in the Wisconsin wildlife advocacy movement are not big fans of the author of that blog so I will reserve comment on that. In Wisconsin everything is “fail game.’ Hell, the vast majority of wolves killed each year are pups. I am not joking. People in this state kill, kill, and kill some more and with a straight face truly believe that what they are doing is “ethical” or “conservation.” I am glad that a light is finally being shined on Wisconsin though. we all know how barbaric ID, WY, and MT are with wildlife but Wisconsin is probably worse than all three combined. I hope the rest of the country finally sees this. They can use dogs against pretty much everything in this state. Who in their right mind thinks that it’s ok to use dogs against not only wolves but turkeys. Freaking turkeys are hounded in this state legally. That says it all.

      1. idalupine says:

        Turkeys? I agree, WI seems to have the Rockies beat, and that’s no small ‘achievement’. Ugh. I don’t know if this damage can ever be rectified, or WI’s reputation salvaged. What could be a beautiful, Longfellow-esque woodland for visitors and tourism has now been defiled.

      2. rali74 says:

        This state has amazing natural beauty but the toxic “culture” of death ruins it. I used to comment on The Wildlife News until the apologists kept attacking me for pointing out the obvious and when i commented that it should be no surprise that Ed Gein and Jeff Dahmer came from here one of the kill everything apologists got so offended it was ridiculous. Those that participate in these activities or are part of the DNR pretend that there isn’t this toxic underbelly in this state and that everything they do is “ethical.” It’s disgusting and only getting worse.

      3. idalupine says:

        I know how you feel, the apologists get to me sometimes, but I just cannot allow them to silence us. I think the moderators will support differing opinions. The more the apologists excuse bad behavior under the notion of compromise, science and reason, the worse it gets – and they refuse to see it. They are not dealing with reason with wolf haters, or reality. Come on back over!

      4. rali74 says:

        I got so tired of arguing with frauds like that “savebears” liar and the other know it all types. I caught that fake in so many lies about his pretend “wounded warrior” BS and supposed military service. Stuff that a legit vet, like myself, would spot as BS from a mile away. Of course when I called him out on it the other apologists jumped right in to defend him. I just got so tired of the apologists and bullies that I started my own blog. I think I can express myself far better here than I ever could in the comment section of someone else’s site that tolerates apologists and bullies. Plus I can block people like that and their propaganda.

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