Dork Dynasty: This is Your Future Wisconsin if You Don’t Vote November 4th

Used through "Fair Use."
Dork Dynasty indeed. Used through “Fair Use.”

If you haven’t lost the contents of your stomach after viewing the above picture read on. This recent picture of “reality” TV “star” and bigot, Phil Robertson, his wife, Lt. Governor Rebecca Clownfish Kleefisch, her husband and state Representative, Joel, and Governor Scott Walker along with his wife surfaced on the internet over the past couple of weeks.

Nice to see the state governor cavorting with a yuppie turned fake “redneck,” turned anti-gay and racist bigot, Robertson. Here are some quotes from this “redneck” and right wing hero:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,” 

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

On race issues and denial of racism:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field. … They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’ — not a word!

“Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues,” GQ quotes Robertson as saying.

This is who the Wisconsin governor cavorts with and who is a hero among the anti-wildlife hate sites that plague the internet. But let’s not forget about the other person in the ridiculous outfit in this picture, convicted wildlife violator and state Representative Joel Kleefisch. On January 9, 2013 Kleefisch was cited by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and convicted of: Fail/Register Deer or Bear in Unit of Kill. In other words he was convicted of what is essentially poaching but received only a slap on the wrist. No surprise but what is especially disturbing about this is that Kleefisch is the “Vice-Chair” the Assembly “Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Committee” and makes rules and regulations involving wildlife “management” in Wisconsin. He also has a history of trying to get favorable outcomes for campaign donors that violate environmental laws and even create laws that directly benefit wealthy campaign donors. He also pushed the bill that now allows wildlife killing in our cities and near schools. This is on top of his support for the wolf kill bill, hunting and trapping in state parks, and pretty much every other extreme right wing bill passed into law in Wisconsin over the last almost four years. All Wisconsin voters should ask how a CONVICTED wildlife violator is allowed to be the Vice-Chair of the Assembly committee that crafts and approves legislation related to the very things he was convicted of blatantly disregarding.

Between Roberson and Kleefisch I am not sure which one is worse. One whores himself out to the cult of “reality” TV and makes money off of killing for sport while the other whores himself out to extreme hunting interests and goes out of his way to provide for his wealthy benefactors.

Then we have Governor Walker himself. Since becoming governor he has participated in several laughable instance where he tries to convince the state that he is a real “sportsman.” In one instance he was photographed in a camouflage jacket and “fishing.” The problem is that he is holding the fishing reel upside down. Then we have this laughable video of Walker and his clueless fawn slaying DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, talking about killing deer or some other nonsense.

Now in a tough reelection fight Walker has been attending canned shooting events to kill hand raised  ducks and non-native pheasants to once again show Wisconsin what kind of a true “sportsman” he is. But even his canned “hunting” of hand raised non-native pheasants didn’t go as planned for this gorp (see definition number 3 if you are not easily offended). Walker, apparently while shooting these tame birds, injured his thumb.

According to Walker, he had pulled the trigger at the same time he unlocked the safety, which it turns out, isn’t a good idea.

“I was flipping the safety at the same time I shot,” Walker said at the West Allis campaign stop. “I got the bird, but I also got the kickback on my thumb.”

Dork Dynasty indeed.

This guy and people like Joel Kleefisch control our wildlife and environment in this state. Do you really want these people given four more years to do even further damage to our wildlife and wild lands? We can change that November 4th. Get out and VOTE these clowns out of office.

Wolf Slaughter Update

As of this morning the DNR has “reported” 108 wolves killed in a week and a half. This tally does not include those killed by poachers.

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