Our Wildlife and Democracy in Peril: Why I am Bitter and You Should be Too

The 52 percent
The 52 percent. Where have we seen this kind of “cult (or lack) of personalty before? 

In what is sure to be another kick in the face for our environment and our wildlife 52 percent of Wisconsin voters decided Tuesday that they prefer bullying, cronyism, and flat out corruption instead of ethics and responsible governing. Instead of being in prison, with his six close associates, Scott Walker was reelected despite a bottom of the barrel economy, a looming budget crisis, criminal investigations, and all around incompetence. I guess the old saying is true for Wisconsin: You get the government that you deserve. While the Walker supporters gloat and push for more “reforms” their air, land, and water are being sold from underneath them and they are apparently perfectly fine with that. After all they get to slaughter and run dogs on wolves 24/7/365, force already traumatized women to undergo vaginal ultrasounds to access a LEGAL procedure, step on those big, bad, and evil public employees, shoot unarmed black people on your porch, all while paying for religious indoctrination in schools with YOUR tax money.

52 percent of Wisconsin voters also don’t care that Walker and their DNR tell them to “drink shit and die.” Literally as this recent story points out.

A state administrative law judge who put conditions on a closely watched expansion of a large dairy farm in Kewaunee County has found that numerous contaminated wells in the area “represented a massive regulatory failure to protect groundwater.”

The Oct. 29 ruling by Judge Jeffrey Boldt will allow Kinnard Farms to expand in a region with a history of polluted groundwater. But Boldt also directed the Department of Natural Resources to use its authority to prevent more problems by requiring the farm to install monitoring wells.

We get to drink cow crap. Yay! Go Scott Walker!!!! This is the kind of “small government” that you voted for. You can’t drink your water but you can kill and run dogs on wolves. We Stand With Scott Walker!!!! Just don’t don’t drink the water.

When it comes to the environment and wildlife the lack of regulation and enforcement of law violations has even caused former DNR Secretary and head of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, to come out with a scathing critique of the DNR and their lack of enforcement on wildlife violations. Of course this is quite hypocritical considering that his group apparently has no problem with advocating poaching when it comes to wolves with their Wolf Advisory Committee representative.

A report released earlier this week by an environmental group headed by a former secretary of the state Department of Natural Resources finds conservation wardens are issuing fewer citations under Gov. Scott Walker than his Democratic predecessor.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation analyzed citation data from 2003 to 2013. Since Walker’s administration was put in place and Cathy Stepp named head of the DNR, enforcement of all types of conservation-related violations fell 28 percent between 2011 and 2013, compared to the number of citations issued between 2003 and 2010 when Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle was in office.

According to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, citations peaked at 19,474 in 2007 and fell to a low of 12,393 in 2013.

Of course calling the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation an “environmental group” is like calling NAMBLA a child welfare organization but in a rare instance of agreement I am glad that Meyer pointed out the lackadaisical enforcement of wildlife violations among the current incarnation for the DNR. I have also brought this topic up recently as well showing that the DNR basically ignored blatant wolf torture and illegal killing. On course the lack of enforcement should come as no surprise considering that the vice-chair of the state Assembly Natural Resources Committee, Joel Kleefisch, is a convicted wildlife violator. If the ones that make the rules don’t comply why should anyone else?

The Wisconsin wolf slaughter is up to 138 with a little less than a month before hounder season starts. What really disgusts me is that the Walker regime and DNR are not content destroying our wildlife and wild lands for “job growth” or some other right wing nonsense but they also have to kill and destroy for “recreation.” This state, and country for that matter, is full of some very toxic, greedy, and spiteful people that are out to destroy anything and everything that can be considered a “progressive” value. This includes wildlife and especially wolves. We have seen this poisonous attitude before in Western civilization and it did not end pretty. The toxic underbelly of Wisconsin is now out of the shadows and is mainstream. Bullying your opponents in now “good politics.” Much like the rise of European Fascism in the late 20’s and early 30’s the EXACT same playbook is being used in our state. The European Fascists despised progressives, intellectuals, the poor, and especially their main scapegoat, the Jews, while using propaganda and legislative trickery to get them complete and total domination over all facets of government.

While the Walker minions haven’t called for a “final solution” for liberals and progressives (yet) they are out for blood figuratively and literally. Where in most areas 52 percent of the vote would be considered a narrow win forcing the winner to govern with a little humility and try to work with the opposition, that is FAR from the case here in Wisconsin. Two days after the election the bought and paid for “leaders” (puppets) in the state legislature are already getting those ALEC penned bills ready to foist upon our state. More funding of religious schools to the detriment of public schools, making those receiving public assistance, including unemployment, be drug tested, eliminating the ONLY legitimate watchdog of election corruption in this state, and making sure it is a priority to change the law that Walker and his puppet masters got caught breaking. I thought it was about “jobs” and “prosperity?”

Actually it is. A snow job for us and more prosperity for David and Charles Koch and Chris Cline. The only jobs and prosperity here are for the lobbyists and the crooked politicians that now will be able to take in unlimited amounts of money and be bribed right in front of the camera with no repercussions. The only “prosperity” will be for the people that directly benefit from the raping of our environment and the selling of our public lands and buildings.

Underneath the fake “beer and cheese loving bumpkin” persona that Wisconsin tries to portray to the rest of the country there is a very poisonous and pathological hatred that has now become mainstream and celebrated. All this talk about “coming together” and that we are “all Wisconsinites” is code for join us or we are going to destroy you. THAT is the REAL lesson of this election. The thugs and bullies are looking at every single way possible to consolidate control and remove any and all checks and balances that get in the way of that power. Sound familiar? Some get upset when terms like fascism are used in American politics. Why? They like to use terms like “Communism” and “Socialism” to describe what progressives do in this country. Why are those words acceptable and calling a spade a spade is not?  That is the problem. We are so afraid of “offending” anyone that many can never see the truth when it is right before their eyes. The extreme right wing that control our state have no problem “offending” us so why should be be worried about calling them what the dictionary says they are?

We are headed down a very dangerous path here in Wisconsin and in other right wing strongholds where opposing voices have been shut out, bullied into submission, and legislatively punished to shut them down. Sound familiar?

an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

Need I say more? For our wildlife and for our republic please keep a very watchful eye on those in power in this state. Only in Wisconsin can winning with 52 percent of the vote give you grounds to govern like you won 92 percent. We must stay vigilant and not abandon our principles. The pendulum will swing back one way or another…….

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  1. cowkisser5 says:

    Reblogged this on Journey Through Veganism.

  2. Keith Hall says:

    I live in the UK. Do the people of Wisconsin realise what a terrible reputation their state has. Murdering wildlife,electing monsters etc. Tourism must be at an all time low. I love the USA having visited many times, but Wisconsin will never get one red cent from me

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