Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter Goes Over Quota Again and Why I am a Wildlife Advocate

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Since Scott Walker became governor in Wisconsin in 2011 there are some things that are pretty much guaranteed each year. These include legislative paybacks for campaign contributors, job appointments of unqualified cronies and supporters of our esteemed Governor, and that the yearly sport kill/revenge season on wolves will exceed the the statewide quota. The “legal” killing season for Wisconsin wolves will come to an end today at noon after hunters, hounders, and trappers “reported” killing at least 152 wolves since October 15th. Not included in these kill numbers are the numerous illegally killed wolves resulting from the rampant poaching encouraged by members of the sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” and the numerous anti-wolf hate sites plaguing the internet.

News story comment sections are not immune to poaching encouragement and the spreading of anti-wolf hysteria and misinformation either. This comment appeared this morning after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the ending wolf slaughter:

Kill them, kill them all and NEVER reintroduce them to WI again. Those that support the wolves seem to have this romantic vision of these predators. They think they are majestic creatures that “only kill the sick and weak” animals. The truth is they kill EVERYTHING. Deer, rabbits, grouse, bear cubs, etc., etc. On top of those wild animals they love to attack dogs. I was there when a friend lost two dogs to a wolf attack. When the warden came to investigate he said this was his 22nd dog kill investigation THAT WEEK. These are the one’s that were reported. How many people believe they’re dog ran away and for that reason did not report it to the DNR? Fact is wolves hate dogs so forget about walks in the woods with fluffy and spot because not only are they a target but so is the human with them. There have been several wolf attacks on humans, some resulting in death. Don’t believe me? Do a simple web search and the newspaper stories pop right up. Not uncommon at all.

For those that want to see a wolf in the wild, go to Yellowstone; they are alive and well there. Why we have to soil our woods with this predator is pure foolishness. BTW, did you see the article that said the deer kill was at a 30 year low? There are multiple reasons for this but one big reason is the wolves are eating them. They kill the fawns to train their young on how to kill and theye attack the mature deer for food for the pack. WI worked very hard to eradicate this killing machine. Now that they have been reintroduced we ought to kill them all again before they destroy our natural wildlife and Northern tourism with it.

Is this is an example of that “tolerance” the DNR and other wildlife “experts” claimed would follow the opening of a wolf slaughter season? I guess if you repeat a lie enough it becomes “true” especially in the world of wolf haters and right wing extremists. Unfortunately by stacking their sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” with people that share similar views to the nonsense posted above, the Wisconsin DNR seems to be endorsing it as well. The DNR has also done NOTHING to address the encouragement of poaching that appear all over the anti-wolf hate sites. What does that tell us? It tells me that at best they don’t care and at worst they are encouraging the behavior through their silence.

In the Shakespearean musings of the troll above they claim that 22 dogs were killed in one week? Really? Not according to the DNR stats. I guess anti-wolf smear artists like to take something and twist it to their own agenda as usual. There have been 22 dogs owned by hounders killed since January 1, 2014. These dogs were allegedly being “trained” to go after bears and each hounder receives a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR for the “sacrifice” of their “loved ones.”  We can’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of lies and propaganda can we? The only thing missing from the blather above is the tried and true line about wolves “stalking grandkids at bus stops.” That may be missing but every other cliched fear mongering tactic is included along with the usual poor grammar and misspellings. Remember that these are the type of people the DNR listens to and allows to sit on their sham committees.

So how do we fight this? Being a wildlife advocate is not the most rewarding cause that a person can undertake. You deal with someone of the most vile, violent, and hate filled cretins that walk this planet. You have to constantly screen for internet trolls and even take extra precautions for your own physical safety at times. If that isn’t enough we have to contend with many less than sane people supposedly on our own side. Okay, I mean we have to deal with raging nutballs that try to undermine any progress that we make to fluff their own egos.

So why do I and others do it? We do it because we know right from wrong. We do it because we share this planet with other species that deserve to live and prosper as much as humanity has. We do it because no species deserves to be exploited and killed for entertainment. We do it because no living species deserves to be tortured in archaic torture devices and brutally killed for their skin or for some sick sense of pleasure or revenge. We do it because dogs are our friends and NOT four legged weapons to be used against other animals for sick and brutal entertainment. We do it because we are the only voice that these animals have in a sick and sadistic world controlled by a twisted sense of dominionism that ignores the pain, suffering, and exploitation of our fellow inhabitants on this planet.

There is little if any reward for being a wildlife advocate. In fact there is mostly heartache and a constant feeling of doom and failure. While that is certainly the case it has also been 100 percent worth all the time, tears, and abuse that I have endured. If I can save ONE animal or change ONE mind it has all been worth it. Our opposition are some of the most repugnant and vile people that inhabit this planet. Unfortunately they are also inexplicably politically connected and have the voice that we have been denied. We will not change anything by appealing to our various government institutions, especially in the case of wolves. The state of Wisconsin hates wolves and most other wildlife and the same goes for the Obama Administration. We have to fight this on the ground and through the court of public opinion. The opposition tries to bully us into submission through trolling, threats, and intimidation. While discouraging for many I and many others like me will not back down. We also need to demand that the mainstream media stop glorifying the killing of wildlife and pay attention to how that animal gets “harvested,” “bagged,” or whatever fluffy or condescending term hack “outdoors” writers today are using. We need to demand that they tell the truth about hounding, trapping, and baiting and stop acting like these activities are something worth glorifying.

No one ever gained anything by giving up. I know that I will not rest until everyone sees what these diseased Wisconsin “traditions” are all about and how there is nothing “humane” or “sporting” in them. Just as killing is not a form of “conservation” sadism should not be celebrated as “heritage” or “tradition.”

The fight is just just beginning. Will you join me?

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  1. Cathleen Griffin says:

    Damn right.

  2. freedubay says:

    you made it a political issue when you started off with Scott Walker. I live in Minnesota we have a Democrat Governor, Mark Dayton. Its not a Republican or Democrat issue.

    1. rali74 says:

      Yeah actully it is. I call out thr fake Dems all the time in my writing. They are phonies and it starts at the top with Obama. But if you can point out ONE republican that voted agaisnt a wolf slaughter bill on a state or federal level then I will admit that I am wrong.

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