What Exactly are “Conservatives” Conserving?

No caption needed!
No caption needed!

I never understood why the modern incarnation of fascists choose to call themselves “conservatives.” What exactly are they “conserving?” They rewrite the 1st Amendment to make corporations “people” so that unlimited amounts of big money can buy elections. They want to twist the 2nd Amendment and turn it into an intimidation tool rather than as it was intended. How is that “conserving” anything? They want to rape and pillage the lands of minerals and wildlife for greed. How is that “conserving?” They want to rewrite every law on the books that help disadvantaged people and protect workers rights that have been on the books for decades. Again, what exactly are they “conserving?” They also work to penalize those that actually make an effort to CONSERVE energy by increasing their fees and taxes. Then they turn around and want to throw hundreds of millions of dollars to road builder unions. What are they “conserving” here? It sure isn’t money.

The only thing modern “conservatives” seem interested in “conserving” is racial hatred and their own greed. The right wing in this country are masters at twisting the meaning of words from their real intent. They use words like “freedom,” “liberty,” “prosperity,” and “family” in the names of their fascist front groups when they are for nothing of the sort. They want to control everything you think, believe, and teach your kids yet pretend that is somehow “freedom” or “liberty.” They want to eliminate science and freethinking from schools and replace it with superstitious nonsense to instill fear and bigotry into kids at a young age. Then when they make claims about “prosperity” they neglect to mention that there will indeed be prosperity but not for you. You will do the dirty work for a slave wage while the oligarchs get the prosperity. Just don’t get sick in the process and “conserve” your health because you won’t get any of that good “Christian” love to make you healthy because going to the doctor is evil “big government” unless you are a right winger in state government or congress and have the taxpayers pay for your golden healthcare benefits. Then they create laws like “right to work” legislation that sounds all fluffy on the surface but in reality means right to work for less. They take away the meager protections that workers have, cut their wages and benefits and then pretend that they are doing them a “favor” by protecting them from those evil “union bosses.” Again “conserving” money for the oligarchs at the expense of the workers.

Then you have the ultimate twisting of words when it comes to the raping and pillaging of our lands and wildlife. Sport killing of wildlife is called “harvesting” and animals are not even given the dignity of being known as a life form. They are called “resources” that are “produced,” “recruited,” and then “harvested” by killers that call themselves “conservationists.” Then the ones full of “prosperity” go to continents like Africa and practice their “conservation” there while killing species already on the brink and twist it to pretend that if the “great white hunter” wasn’t there to “help” those ignorant dark people they would starve.

Amazing how humans, especially the right wing, can twist and distort words to mean the exact opposite of their true intent yet society apparently accepts it. These people are not “conservatives” or anything even close. They are the textbook definition of fascism and nothing more. How much damage are they going to be allowed to do before society finally wakes up to this grand deception?

It’s not “conservatism” or anything even close. Call it what it is:


an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice. (From Google Definitions)

Sound familiar? They only thing these modern “conservatives” are conserving is their own power, bigotry, and greed. All under the guise of being “patriots.” Remember the old adage about when fascism comes to America? We have long passed that point and it is already here wrapped in the very same cloak warned above. They just now call themselves “conservatives.” Words have power and those in power now are so arrogant that they even try to change what words mean right under our noses. If we as a country don’t wake up that “freedom” and “liberty” these fake “conservatives” are trying to foist upon us will destroy what is left of our nation. If there is anything left to save.

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