Wisconsin DNR’s Conundrum: How to Eradicate Wolves and Pretend That We Aren’t

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."
The true Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The wolf hating and bear hounder pandering Wisconsin DNR now finds themselves in a conundrum of their own making. The task at hand is to pretend they don’t wish to eradicate Wisconsin’s wolf population while continuing to pander to the bear hounders and the other anti-wildlife extremists that control their agency. The first mistake they made was to stack their “Wolf Advisory Committee” with rabid anti-wolf groups that continue to make more and more extreme demands to push our wolf population back to the brink. 

Their second “mistake” was the commissioning of their own study that showed overwhelming support for maintaining Wisconsin’s gray wolf population at the current level before the recent mass overkill. So now this blatantly anti-wolf agency and the extremist kill everything groups that control it must find a way to continue their eradication agenda while pretending that they care about public opinion. Here is what DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave MacFarland said before the special interest stacked Natural Resources Board yesterday:

MacFarland also told the board the agency plans to release draft revisions to its wolf management plan next month. That plan calls for a wolf population of 350 animals. The new plan presents four options — holding the population at its current level of around 650 wolves; maintaining the 350-wolf goal; holding the population between 300 and 650 animals; or setting a minimum of 350 wolves.

Gee I wonder which one they will choose? I put my bets on pretending that they are going to “hold” the population between 300 and 650. This means that they can continue their eradication program by wiping out the new born pups each year as they are doing now and still be able to provide targets for the sadistic trappers and hounders. This view was espoused by Natural Resources Board Member, extremist hunting lobbying group founder, Scott Walker campaign advisor, former SCI president, hunting “outfitter,” and former head of various anti-wolf hunting groups, Greg Kazmierski, at yesterday’s NRB hearing:

Board member Greg Kazmierski asked MacFarland how the agency could ensure the season lasts longer and whether the DNR’s quotas are too conservative. MacFarland said the DNR is considering assigning hunters to management zones next year rather than letting them roam the state and flood more productive zones. He also said the agency may limit permits per zone.

Considering that Kazmierski is the founder of the anti-wolf “Hunters Rights Coalition” that also employs Bob Welch, the lobbyist for the the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, wildlife advocates should be very concerned as to what this guy and his affiliated groups have planned for our wolves. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association is also part of the “Hunters Rights Coalition” that Kazmierski founded and pays Welch to lobby for. Welch then gives testimony before Kazmierski and the Natural Resources Board. Nope no conflict of interest there. Wolves certainly will get a fair shake from old “Kaz” and his boys……..

It is also concerning that only one member of this board showed any concern or interest in the fact that Wisconsin remains the ONLY state in the country that allows dogs to be pitted against wolves:

Board member Jane Burns asked MacFarland how many days hound hunters had this year and whether Wisconsin remains the only state that allows using dogs on wolves, but no other member offered any comment on dogs.

What I take from this is that the NRB has apparently decided to do nothing to set “training” rules or rules concerning the use of dogs against wolves. This is HIGHLY concerning considering that currently hounders can run their dogs against wolves 24/7/365 under the guise of “training.”

Apparently none of this matters to the citizens of Wisconsin because things like football games garner front page coverage while legalized dog fighting is ignored. The Wisconsin DNR also does nothing to counter the rampant poaching in our woods or the advocacy of poaching that occurs all over the anti-wolf hate sites on the internet. In fact the vitriol that used to be reserved for the anti-wolf hate sites are now featured prominently in the comment sections of major newspapers. Like this one from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

Wolves are indiscriminate killers and need to be totally eradicated from the state of Wisconsin. Wolves kill game animals, live stock, pets, and if given the opportunity they will kill children. This is why the settlers of our state got rid of them in the first place. The people of Wisconsin will need to take it upon themselves to do the same.

So where is the DNR to counter this kind of toxic vitriol and threats of poaching? Nowhere. Nothing. Absolute radio silence. They allow their kill zones to double the kill quotas and do NOTHING to address or stop it. Then they even went as far as to hint that they knew the kill number would go over the statewide quota which indeed it did. In fact the Wisconsin DNR’s own Facebook page allows these type of comments to be published:

Curt Anderson All I want for christmas, is less wolves and more deer
Like · Reply · 3 · November 28 at 6:52am

Troy Cunningham The complete incompetence of the WI DNR is astounding. The whitetail deer population is on the verge of complete collapse and they are only allowing 165 wolves to be killed statewide. S.S.S.
Like · Reply · November 29 at 6:19pm

The DNR allows threats and encouragement of poaching (S.S.S. = Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up) on their own page. Really? What does this tell you and how for one second can we trust anything this agency says or does? The anti-wolf extremists and advocates of poaching take right to the DNR’s own page and push for illegal activity and the DNR allows it. Be proud Wisconsin. This is the government that the majority of you voted for.

Public hearing are expected soon after the DNR unveils their eradication “management” plan. I will keep you updated here when this will occur. We need to be loud and we need to make sure that our voices are heard. So much so that they have to take the MAJORITY view into account and not just pander to the anti-wolf extremists.

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