Thrown to the Wolves: Finally a Small Victory But the Threat Remains

Photo via Cindi Micheau


“Your an idiot.”– Comment left by anti-wolf poster following news article about wolves yesterday. The irony burns here.

In a stunning and forceful repudiation of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the state wildlife agencies of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, a federal court in Washington DC returned Endangered Species Act protections to gray wolves in the Great Lakes. The court found that the USFWS had major flaws in their 2011 rule that stripped ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes. That delisting led to an all out war against wolf populations in Wisconsin and Minnesota and later Michigan. Through lies and fear mongering these states over a three year span allowed in excess of 1500 wolves to be slaughtered “legally” with untold more killed illegally. All along these states claimed that they were following their antiquated “management” plans while ramping up their war against these animals to push them back to the brink.

Drew Charpentier 

Every wolf, coyote , bobcat etc. should be exterminated!!!Predators are decimating our deer herd, and they will be hunted!! The wolf/coyote population is out of control, and it needs to be managed.- Comment left on this blog last week. Current location? Spam folder. 

The states claimed that their “managed hunts” would allow for increased “tolerance” of wolves among the wolf hating elements that inhabit the rural areas of these states. This did not happen. In fact calls for poaching and increased killing reached a fever pitch on the various anti-wolf hate sites that sprung up across the Internet. The most vile of all these sites, the Facebook hosted “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page, became a bastion for the hate of not just wolves but ethnic minorities and everything perceived to be “liberal.” One of the more vile posters to this and other anti-wolf pages even sent private messages taunting wildlife advocates by threatening to rape them and calling them “timber niggers.” Other posters continued with the death threats against wildlife advocates and “liberals” with apparently no oversight from Facebook. The people running that page continue to post gruesome photographs of killed wolves along with “memes” urging their readers to “smoke a pack a day” along with calls from posters to continue poaching wolves with no regard for the law. If this is the “tolerance” that the DNR felt their slaughter would bring I would hate to see what their idea of “intolerance” would be. If the courts or USFWS need any evidence as to why permanent federal protections of wolves are needed they should spend five minutes perusing the comments posted to that site brazenly and openly threatening poaching. Even more disturbing is that these threats and boasts come directly from residents of Northern Wisconsin and can easily be traced yet the DNR and law enforcement do nothing to follow up on them. Along with the tried and true “they done be eatin’ all the deer” nonsense some comments about how wolves are “eating grandchildren” at bus stops and huffing and puffing and blowing houses down are showing up following mainstream media articles. Here are a couple of examples of the fear mongering, lies, and false equivalencies that wolf haters posted following this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

It’s interesting that the vast majority of those here on the forum that are in support of wolves – which are animals that cause much pain and suffering as they rip apart the bodies of their prey – are the same people that are in support of the abortion process in which developing human being’s bodies are ripped apart as a form of birth control.

Compassion for the pain and suffering that the victims go through as they’re being killed doesn’t seem to be the wolf/abortion supporter’s strong suit, does it?

Wow. I would bet that this guy doesn’t have a problem with packs of vicious dogs ripping apart a wolf,coyote, bobcat, or bear though. Then we have this one that apparently thinks Little Red Riding Hood is non-fiction:

First of all I don’t hate wolves. I want the govt. to live up to its word that there would be only 350 wolves. That’s not hate, that’s holding the govt. accountable.

Second, wolves don’t just prey on the weak and old. A pack of wolves can run down, overpower the best and strongest deer, etc. in deep snow. The pack operates in gang fashion.

And my comment about the judge was to illustrate that you city folk, including judges don’t know jack about reality in rural WI, and know even less about wildlife management. You’re thinking with emotions instead of real knowledge. There’s plenty of other habitat for wolves in the wilds of Canada and Alaska where they do not conflict with humans and agriculture. Eventually, there will be a tragedy where some young child gets killed by a wolf pack if we don’t continue reducing their numbers.

“Gang fashion?” “City folk?” Am I the only one getting some “bell whistle” vibes from this guy?

Earlier this week their hero, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, threatened to call out the National Guard in the event of protests following the eventual decision on indicting a police officer for killing an unarmed man in Milwaukee. Any sane person taking look at the toxic vitriol coming out of the anti-wolf hate sites would probably assume that the guard would be better suited patrolling the woods in Northern Wisconsin to protect against these anti-wolf/government radicals threatening everything short of war against those different from them.

While yesterday’s ruling was a victory, no matter how short lived it may be, we need to remain on the offensive and pay attention to how the Obama Administration and his anti-wolf allies in Congress may try to undermine the court ruling. They did it once with the infamous 2011 budget “rider” that delisted wolves in Idaho and Montana and I fully expect then to try the same here. Ones to keep an eye on are the two fake “Democrats” next door in Minnesota. They are no fan of wolves and are essentially owned by big ag and mining interests. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try some underhanded tactic to further erode the Endangered Species Act in favor of big money interests. I to this day do not understand why supposed “Democrats’ pander to rural yokels that wouldn’t vote for them anyway. Maybe they should realize that pandering sunk them in November and it will further erode their standing with their “base.”

I leave you with these phenomenal words from yesterday’s court ruling:

“The D.C. Circuit has noted that, at times, a court “must lean forward from the bench to let an agency know, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough.” Pub. Citizen Health Res. Grp. v. Brock, 823 F.2d 626, 627 (D.C. Cir. 1987). This case is one of those times.”

I would say that is as close to a judicial “bitch slap” as one could legally get. I guess the USFWS was “thrown to the wolves” here. See the complete ruling below:

12/19/2014 Great Lakes Wolf Ruling

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  1. idalupine says:

    🙂 A judicial bitch slap. well said.

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