The Real “Emotions” Dictating Wolf Policy in Wisconsin

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons
Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most important and misleading talking points among anti-wolf/wildlife factions is that advocates base their decisions and advocacy on “emotion” rather than “science.” The truth is that if any emotion is playing a dominant role in the wolf debate it is the emotion of hate and not the caring exhibited by wildlife advocates. The other emotion that is controlling the narrative is the emotion of irrational fear exhibited by anti-wolf factions. If you can stand reading a few passages and posts from the anti-wolf hate sites hosted by Facebook you will see that wolves are eating all the deer, snatching pets from front porches, and eating grandchildren at bus stops.

The wolf haters world

Fortunately thanks to the “science” presented by these sites and through the courage of the great white hunters there haven’t been any recent reports of wolves huffing and puffing and blowing houses down. Yet. But following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes there are reports of wolf packs amassing and working on lung exercises to immediately commence blowing down houses again along with tricking and eating grandchildren in the woods. I don’t know what the grandchildren of the world would do if we didn’t have people like Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC), internet comment trolls, and world renowned biology sites like Wisconsin Wolf Hunting (Smoke a pack a day!) to keep us vigilant. The grandchildren of the world owe these patriotic and scientific experts a debt of gratitude for not letting “emotion” cloud their judgement. Remember hate and fear are not emotions. Hate and fear are patriotism and for protecting grandchildren from the liberal canine hordes descending upon us.

Like the evil giant Canadian wolves foisted upon the citizens of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming the evil liberal wolves of the Great Lakes only have a taste for the grandchildren, dogs, and livestock of the patriotic anti-wolf people. That is what make these wolves particularly dangerous. These cunning liberal wolves are so adept at what they do that they only make themselves visible to the poor great white hunter sitting in a tree stand over a bait pile only trying to “bag” that 20 point buck to “put food on the table.” Even more disturbing is how those evil liberal wolves target the poor docile dogs that are trained to only “trail” bear, coyotes, bobcats, and liberal wolves. These dogs, affectionately known as “culls” and “shiteaters,” are family members that are only trained to trail and tickle those animals and thus are being killed and persecuted by the evil liberal wolves. These poor culls and shiteaters are worth in excess of $20,000, yet the liberal wolf loving DNR only pays a mere $2500 for these cherished family members killed by the liberal terrorist wolves. How can a pittance of $2500 replace the love and companionship of the shiteaters and culls chained up in the yards of these great “sportsmen”only trying to harvest wolves, bears, coyotes, and bobcats to feed their family and protect their vulnerable grandchildren? Why do the liberal eco-terrorists hate these great Americans so much?


Sound ridiculous? Sound crazy? Sound “emotional?” Well this is what you get when you put all the fear and hate mongering from across the internet against the wolf together. With the exception of the “huffing and puffing” part all of the above are the kind of posts and comments from news stories, anti-wolf hate sites, and “press releases” from politicians that we see on a daily basis. These “boy that cried wolf” fear mongering types have the nerve to call wildlife advocates “emotional” and not “scientific” while they base their whole world outlook on religious dominionism dogma, European fairy tales, and modern right wing hate. The hypocrisy is astounding yet politicians and even supposedly “progressive” ones buy right into it.

No matter how often the hypocrisy and fear mongering is pointed out the anti-wolf zealots will continue to spread it. The old adage of “if a lie is told enough it becomes truth” has become part of mainstream hate media and among the extremists in our society. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the anti-wolf world. We are at a very dangerous point for wildlife, the Endangered Species Act, and for the Wilderness Act. We have a congress full of fake “Democrats” willing to sell out their base to attract the extremist yokel vote and a fake “progressive” president that has little to no regard for wildlife or wild lands and also will sell them out at any chance he gets. Never before has a president so brazenly sold out his supposed “base” and been allowed to get away with it. I find it astounding that people who profess to be “environmentalists” go out of their way to defend the most anti-wildlife and environmentally destructive president that we may have ever seen in modern times. It’s a sad day in America when a criminal like “Tricky Dick” Nixon is viewed as leaps and bounds more of an environmentalist than an allegedly “progressive” president is. We didn’t even see these kind of environmental sellout behavior under Reagan or Bush believe it or not. Now I fear Obama and his congressional allies will sell out the remaining meager protections afforded to the gray wolf nationwide. Fake Democrats like the two from Minnesota and the one from North Dakota will likely not hesitate to open the door for a second eradication of the wolf nationwide. Amy reckless Congressional action will embolden states like Wisconsin that already have reckless eradication “management” plans in place. We CANNOT let that happen. We cannot let the irrational fear of backwoods wildlife exploiters and bought and paid for politicians rule the day.

The anti-wolf zealots and barstool biologists would like us to believe that having positive emotions for wolves and other species is a bad thing. They would like us to be as full of fear and hate as they are. Having feelings and emotions for our fellow humans and other species is supposed to be what makes humans unique and worth emulating. If the hate factories spewing out anti-wolf lies and propaganda have their way we are to be demonized for that as well. Being “human” to them apparently means that we are supposed to be heartless killing machines that revel in death, fear, and misery. Those are the only emotions that they seem to think that humans should be able to have for another species or it isn’t “scientific.” Wars and genocide have sprouted from narcissistic belief systems like that. If being “emotional” when it comes to wolves and wildlife make me “weak” or “unscientific” then so be it. For me it is far better than the alternative.

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."
The true Wisconsin “sportsmen.”

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