Anti-Wolf Hysteria Reaches New Low in Northern Wisconsin Following Death

Photo by Cindi Micheau of a big bad wolf looking to eat some grandchildren.
Photo by Cindi Micheau of a big bad wolf looking to eat some grandchildren.

I have been part of the Law Enforcement world for a significant chunk of my life. I have been involved in everything from a plane crash response, bank robberies, home invasions with shots fired, to homicide and death investigation calls. Not once has any investigator that I have worked with had even the slightest inclination that wolves or any wild animal were ever responsible for a death in my jurisdiction or anywhere else in the state. That is not to say that wild animals like a bear occasionally kill a hiker or camper in remote wilderness areas but how often does a wild animal venture into an inhabited area, strip the clothing off of a victim, kill them, and leave them dead in the snow? In my world? Never. In the real world? Never. In the wolf haters world? Apparently all the time at least according to the anti-wolf hate sites.

The story that has been making the rounds in the hysteria and hate filled anti-wolf world is that wolves must be responsible for the death of a 61 year old Oshkosh woman found stripped naked and dead outside of a store in Presque Isle, Wisconsin.

The Vilas County Sheriff’s Department says investigators do not suspect foul play in the death of a woman found in Vilas County.

61-year-old Corrine Gerster’s body was found outside the Towne House store in Presque Isle Friday morning. The Sheriff says based on the Department of Natural Resource’s findings, tracks found near her body were made by a domestic dog-not wolves.

Wolves? Oh of course. The fear mongering starts right away and of course wolves must be the culprit. Not the extreme cold temperatures. Not the possibility of alcohol being involved, and certainly not the possibility of a natural death, but of course wolves.

While it has been a few days since Friday’s events took place, residents in Presque Isle are still feeling unnerved. They’ll tell you that normally, the little town is pretty safe. But lately, they feel anything but.

“People are scared to death here in this community,” Pi Pub Owner Karen Swenson said. “We had a couple families here last Friday night. When they heard about the commotion and seen it up the street, they packed up and went back home because they were afraid for their safety.”

Since Gerster’s body was found, people have been asking a lot of questions.

“Was it a wolf attack? Did she pass away first and then a wolf attacked her, was it murder?” Swenson explained.

Regardless of the cause of this woman’s death the presence of canine tracks around her body must of course mean that wolves had to be involved. It certainly couldn’t be loose domestic dogs or one of the thousands of hounds trained to kill by the hounders that inhabit this area, it has to be the “big bad wolf.” Even the rabidly anti-wolf Wisconsin DNR made sure to dispel this ridiculous conspiracy that the evil wolves stripped and killed this woman.

(DNR propaganda minister Spokesman) Cosh told NewsChannel 7 the animal tracks near the body were from domestic canines. In an emailed statement Cosh said, “Upon request by the Sheriff’s Office Dept. staff responded to determine if wolves were involved with this death. Based on Dept. investigation they determined the tracks near the body were that off domestic canines which were tracked back to two different homes.”

A deputy with the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department said their press release about the case mentioned there was no wolf activity in an area to dispel a rumor she was attacked by wolves.

Instead of being able to focus on determining the real cause of death for this woman the DNR and local authorities have to jump through hoops to calm the usual anti-wolf hysteria that comes out of the woodwork no matter the incident. I often wonder how people that claim to be such “rugged” and “independent” types come across as afraid of their own shadow whenever something out of the ordinary occurs? The reports state that the woman was found unclothed. I didn’t know that in addition to stalking grandchildren wolves were also adept at undressing their victims before eating them. Anyone with experience in this line of work knows that the “big bad wolf” isn’t responsible for this woman’s death. This is not the first unclothed person to be found dead outside in brutally could weather and it certainly will not be the last. The vast majority of the time there is one factor that often leads to these type of tragic events especially here in Wisconsin and it sure isn’t wolves. I will let the reader determine what that factor usually is.

The anti-wolf hate sites wasted no time in posting this story and their twisted conspiracy theories. All the while they continue to rave about how wildlife advocates are “emotional” and not “scientific” and then spread their insane conspiracy theories online. I am guessing that now wolves have been shown to have no involvement in the death of this woman the hate mongers will be screaming “cover-up” and that black DNR helicopters dropped off elite packs of liberal Canadian wolves specifically to assassinate this woman and then magically disappear into the night while making their tracks appear to be from domestic dogs? I have read crazier theories from these people.

Doesn’t this crap get old for these people? I guess it is good to let them put their nonsensical hate and fear mongering out there so that the rest of the world can see what kind of scared imps the anti-wolf factions truly are. Any death can put people on edge but to have such an ingrained fear that wolves become an instant culprit is not only irrational but downright insane. The hysterical reaction from some residents in this area are exactly what the anti-wolf hate groups hope to foster with their constant barrage of lies and propaganda. The fear and anti-wolf hate is so ingrained among many people in Northern Wisconsin that these type of responses are no longer shocking. Embarrassing yes, but shocking no.

Remember how I used satire to explain the anti-wolf hysteria and fear mongering about wolves eating grandchildren a couple of days ago? Surely I was just exaggerating right? Nope I was certainly not. Here is the wording in a big ag “press” report from The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association last week:

“The ruling that reclassified wolves as threatened places Minnesota farm and ranch families in a concerning situation of committing a federal felony under the Endangered Species Act, should they injure or kill a wolf while attempting to protect a family pet or their domestic livestock. The ruling leaves the citizens of Minnesota without any immediate option to deal with wolves that are in the act of stalking or killing their livestock, family pets or frequenting their front yards and creating a serious danger to their children and grandchildren.” 

The fear mongering never ends with these people does it? Between eating grandchildren and stripping and killing women in the Northwoods how do these wolves find the time to just be wolves and eat all the deer?


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  1. Roxana Cazares says:

    Wolves haters are the most irrational, violent and ignorant people in this country. They’re not normal human beings, these are psychopaths!

  2. idalupine says:

    LOL at the ‘Minister of Propaganda’. Could it be that someone left her there for some kind of animal to encounter? I suspect foul play in everything humans do – whether dead sheep and cattle deliberately left for wolves to be blamed, or even that case of the woman supposedly killed by wolves in Alaska or Canada – we are the only animal capable of such deception.

    1. rali74 says:

      It’s all typical right wing fear mongering. If the antis didn’t have the wolves to scapegoat it would be coyotes, bears, bobcats, moles, mice, ants, flies, etc. They ALWAYS need something to blame for the failures in their lives. It gets really old.

  3. BobMc says:

    (^^^) <–sharkasm
    Had the author of this anti-wolf-hater tirade done even a sliver of research, s/he would have discovered, for example, the documentary photo-journalist Dore's picture, showing Red in bed with a wolf dressed in grandmother's night-clothes. We know from the contemporaneous writings that the wolf killed and undressed Red's grandmother, a woman of about 60–during the Winter season–and then donned grandmother's night-clothes by itself. If a wolf can figure out buttons and bonnet strings, there is no doubt that zippers and Velcro fasteners are, well, wolf's play. Are these similarities to the Wisconsin killing by wolves significant, or merely a one-in-a-million coincidence? Let's see: we have a dead woman; missing clothes; and no one accounts for the granddaughter or the wolf tracks." Coincidence? I think not!

    1. rali74 says:

      Very well played. Thank you 😄

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