Political Hypocrisy, Group Hypocrisy, and an Abundance of Stupidity and Sadism

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons
Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

Democrat and “Environmentalist” Hypocrisy 

One thing that I have a hard time understanding is how supposed “environmentalists” preach about issues like climate change yet have am almost complete and total disconnect when it comes to wildlife protections. Our president is a blatant example of this. Doug Peacock of the Daily Beast also noted this in a November 2014 article about the potential for removing protections for grizzly bears in the Western United States:

“The polarity between Yellowstone grizzly advocates and the government’s position reveals the heart of the flawed relationship between American environmentalists and the Obama administration: First, the Eastern, urban-based Obama White House remains largely unresponsive when it comes to the rights and welfare of iconic animals like grizzly bears, bison, wolverines, or wolves—why the president has turned his political back on efforts to protect wilderness animals continues to baffle supporters, especially in the West. Second, the federal agency that advises on grizzlies, the FWS, has failed to confront the considerable and urgent threats presented by global warming.”

I am astounded that President Obama stands before millions and preaches the perils of climate change while his administration undermines the Endangered Species Act and the Wilderness Act each chance they get. The hipster cause of the day is climate change yet those pushing the hardest seem to care nothing about the wildlife that is most impacted by it. What is the reason for this disconnect? Wildlife advocates need to start pushing the idea of the entire ecosystem and not just feel good elements that the phony “progressives” and hipsters cling onto. While we as humans have f—ed up everything and plague this planet like a mutated disease we need to start working with nature instead of trying to control/destroy it. That is what the modern crop of Democrats seem to forget or ignore. Without a healthy environment there is no hope for us or our offspring. Is short term greed more important than the survival of our species and other species?

I think that a major goal of wildlife advocates across the country should be to make sure that our disconnected politicians realize the connection between climate change and wildlife protections. Fake “progressives” like President Obama and many Senate Democrats have this major problem where they cannot seem to grasp that wildlife are the “canary in the coal mine” for climate change and that their protections are vital because without wildlife what exactly is the point of any environmental protections? A dead planet is a dead planet. There won’t be an environment without wildlife and there won’t be human life without wildlife.

When is the last time anyone has seen President Obama make an appearance at a National Park or wild area? Maybe it’s time for true environmentalists to ask him why he and his allies like to differentiate between the cause of the “environment” and wildlife protections. They are the SAME thing. Without one you cannot have the other.

“Wildlife” Group Hypocrisy

Major “wildlife” groups like the “National Wildlife Federation” use climate change and cute fuzzy pictures of wolves and other imperiled wildlife to raise money while undermining wildlife protections in the background. One look at their website will make you think that the group is pro-living wildlife and wants to “educate” children about the wonders of nature. On the NWF website you can even symbolically “adopt” wildlife species like the gray wolf, black bear, red fox, and various other wildlife species that just happen to inhabit the state of Wisconsin. Then after “adopting” one of these species please take a look at what the National Wildlife Federation’s State Affiliate, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, likes to do with these species

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting fish and wildlife habitat, fishing, hunting, trapping, and other outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities. We develop and advance policies that protect fish and wildlife habitat, and that promote public access to lands and water for outdoor recreation.

The National Wildlife Federation proudly begs on their website homepage to “Help Wildlife Safeguard America’s Wildlife and Wild places and Donate Today.” Behind this plea is a beautiful picture of a wolf. The NWF wants you to believe that they exist to “protect” species like wolves. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Their state affiliate, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, has rabid anti-wolf people on their board and loudly proclaims their wish for allowing only a token wolf population to remain in Wisconsin. The WWF also openly supports the use of dogs against wolves and flaunts that hunters, trappers, and hounders are exempt from animal cruelty laws in Wisconsin.

Notice the hypocrisy?
Notice the hypocrisy?

Wildlife advocates that donate to the National Wildlife Federation should really reevaluate their support for this group. Do you want your money going to support a group that on the surface pretends to want to “protect” wildlife while behind the scenes supports the wholesale slaughter of wolves and defends the sadism of their state affiliates? I sure don’t. Need another example of the doublespeak from the NWF. This quote came from the group following the recent federal court decision reinstating ESA protections for wolves in the Great Lakes:

The National Wildlife Federation also was critical of the ruling.

“If you care about protecting Great Lakes wolves, you should be disappointed by this decision, which vacates years of hard work by the states and federal government in recovering Great Lakes wolves and conservation efforts within the region,” Andy Buchsbaum, vice president for conservation advocacy, said in a statement.

He said that the ruling eliminates many tools states were using to resolve conflicts between humans and wolves.

This is one of the "tools" that the National Wildlife Federation supports.
This is one of the “tools” that the National Wildlife Federation supports.

What tools are those, NWF? Rampant poaching? Hounding? Trapping (see above)? Anti-wolf hate websites? “Advisory” groups stacked with anti-wolf groups? Are those the “tools” that the NWF considers acceptable? This group makes money off of the illusion that they are for “protecting” wolves yet are in bed with George Meyer, Laurie Groskopf, and other rabid anti-wolf zealots? Really? Like the Obama Administration they want to have it both ways. They want you to think that they actually support living wildlife along with the environment and then undermine it every chance that they get. Quotes like the one above show what the NWF and similar two faced groups are all about. They use words like “protect” yet support bloodthirsty policies and have the most rabid of anti-wildlife sadists as their “state affiliates.” Please consider this before supporting or donating money to this group. Don’t be fooled by their fluffy pictures and their calls to “adopt” imperiled species.

Killing Contests and the Devolution of Humanity 

Our species has impacted the weather and now even the planet’s own geology. We are CAUSING earthquakes now and are not just random victims to the forces of nature. We are the main force in nature now and the planet is revolting. Just imagine if we took that same power and put it into protecting and restoring our planet instead of destroying it? Instead our species has to hold killing contests and use every archaic and sadistic means to torment wildlife. Christopher Ketcham of Vice magazine said it best in his recent article about a predator killing contest in Idaho:

This is not hunting for meat. It is not hunting to prevent threats to human safety. It is killing for the sake of killing. To join in the derby was an unnerving experience for me, an immersion into the ugly side of rural mountain folkways in the American West.

Unfortunately it is not just in the west where this type of archaic and toxic mindset is prevalent as shown by the anti-predator hate sites all over the internet. In the Vice article Brian Ertz, President of Wildlands Defense, summed up this noxious “culture” this way:

“These people honestly believe that sterilizing the landscape of predators will enrich their economy and preserve their culture,” says Ertz. “Events like the derby validate those who have been conditioned to believe that their way of life, or more accurately their way of death, is under assault by environmentalists. They’ve got a point. Americans in general are becoming more compassionate toward nonhuman animals, and our appreciation of ecology and the contributions of wildlife communities is growing. This awareness and compassion threatens any culture that predicates itself on wanton destruction and an appalling disregard for the suffering of sentient beings.”

Ertz could be describing Northern Wisconsin or a myriad of other rural locations across this country. In Wisconsin we see this disregard of life encouraged by the state Department of Natural Resources and among the various “snuff pieces” written in major state newspapers by “outdoors” writers. This vitriol also manifests itself in the various anti-predator hate sites that plague the internet. Not only are wolves and coyotes the target of these disgusting sites but “minorities,” “liberals,” and anyone “different” than the hate purveyors running the pages or their “fans” are as well. This isn’t so much a rural/urban divide as much as it is a toxic and sadistic mindset fomented and allowed to fester in these areas. It doesn’t help that state and federal entities constantly pander to these hate filled factions in the hopes that there will be some political gain as we saw in 2011 with the infamous “delisting rider” for the wolves in Idaho and Montana. Now we see the same process being set into motion for the wolves in the Great Lakes following the federal court ruling reestablishing ESA protections last month.

This recent “letter to the editor” of the Fond Du Lac Reporter says it all about the people who are dictating wolf/wildlife policy in Wisconsin and nationwide:

I read with great dismay that some judge at the prodding of the Humane Society is putting the wolf back on the endangered list again.

How can some person do this? How can someone with no knowledge of habitat make a ruling like this? The system is completely flawed if this can happen.

The wolf population has decimated the deer herd in Wisconsin.

Many businesses are losing money because of lack of recreational funds not being spent.

Wisconsin lost many deer hunters because of what the wolves have done to the deer herd.

Each one of us must contact our legislators immediately to stop this.

I would also recommend that no one contributes any money to the Human Society.

Loren Voss

Fond du Lac

The last sentence says it all. Thank you FDL Reporter for not editing this drivel and posting it exactly as written.

Maybe the creationist nutballs are correct when they say that humans didn’t “evolve.” Some of us sure haven’t.

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