As Expected Anti-Wolf Members of Congress and Fake “Democrats” Plan to Sellout Wolves Again

"Wolf by Brooks Falls" by BlackburnPhoto from Overland Park, KS, USA - Wolf by Brooks Falls.
Congress is looking to push wolves back to the edge. “Wolf by Brooks Falls” by BlackburnPhoto from Overland Park, KS, USA – Wolf by Brooks Falls.


Less than a month after a federal court ruling reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the Great Lakes, the fear mongering from big ag factions and anti-wolf extremists has reached a fever pitch. Now the anti-wolf/environment factions in Congress are jumping into the fold hoping to strip protections from these wolves and allow the states to resume their reckless second eradication (or near) of of the species.

This will not be the first time that anti-ESA factions, along with fake “Democrats” (see Manchin, Joe, Tester, Jon) in Congress, have discounted all principles of the Endangered Species Act and stripped protections from wolves. In 2011 President Obama, along with a coalition of anti-wolf Representatives and Senators, authorized the inclusion of a “rider” into a “must pass” spending bill that stripped all ESA protections from gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. From the New York Times in April, 2011:

A rider to the Congressional budget measure agreed to last weekend dictates that wolves in Montana and Idaho be taken off the endangered species list and managed instead by state wildlife agencies, which is in direct opposition to a federal judge’s recent decision forbidding the Interior Department to take such an action.

While the language on the Rocky Mountain wolves was a tiny item in budgetary terms, environmental groups said it set an unnerving precedent by letting Congress, rather than a science-based federal agency, remove endangered species protections.

The “rider’ was widely seen as a political ploy to help fake “Democrat” Senator Jon Tester (R-Big Ag) of Montana in his reelection bid for 2012. Even more disturbing than so-called “progressive” Democrats selling out wolves and the ESA was a provision in this “rider” that forbade any challenging of this ruling in the courts:

The budget rider on the wolves, backed by two Western legislators — Senator Jon Tester, Democrat of Montana, and Representative Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho — requires the Interior Department to adopt its earlier plan, removing wolves from the endangered list in those two states because it deemed that the states’ management plans, which include hunts of the animals, were acceptable.

The rider also precluded judicial review of this provision.

Not only did this “rider” destroy the underlying principles of the Endangered Species Act it also took the blatantly undemocratic approach of refusing to allow citizens their right to challenge this reckless legislation in the courts. What almost immediately followed the stripping of protections for wolves was a mass slaughter in Idaho and Montana. Both states instituted killing seasons with no quotas in the vast majority of their states with the intent being to push wolves to the brink if not another all out eradication.

Now, once again, history is repeating itself following the court relisting of wolves in the Great Lakes. Anti-wolf big ag factions, killing groups, and politicians are already pushing out legislation that would strip all ESA protections from wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wyoming.

Several members of Congress are preparing legislation to take gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming off the endangered list in an attempt to undo court decisions that have blocked the states from allowing wolf hunting and trapping for sport and predator control.

U.S. Rep. Reed Ribble, R-Wis., is leading the effort, his office confirmed Tuesday. Co-sponsors include U.S. Reps. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., Dan Benishek, R-Mich., and Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.

Ribble spokeswoman Katherine Mize said he hasn’t decided exactly when to introduce the bill, but the lawmakers are circulating a draft.

“At this point it’s already a bipartisan bill, but we’re building bipartisan support,” Mize said.

Already we have fake “Democrats” on board with this along with the usual Tea Party rabble, or shall I say “Ribble?”

Ribble’s bill uses a strategy that succeeded in taking wolves in Idaho and Montana off the endangered list after court challenges by environmentalists blocked those efforts. Congress took matters into its own hands in 2011 and lifted the federal protections for wolves in those two states, which then allowed hunting and trapping to resume.

Peterson, the most senior member of Minnesota’s congressional delegation, said he didn’t know what the prospects are for this legislation, but he said they’re probably better than they were in 2011 given that Republicans now control the Senate. He said he’s working to line up support from other lawmakers.

Another fake “Democrat” lining up to sell out the ESA, I see. I am sure many others will follow. Of course no wolf article would be complete without a big ag representative talking about how wolves are just hurting “small family farms” without ZERO evidence to back this up or mentioning that the federal USDA “Wildlife Services” goons can still slaughter wolves with impunity when there is a “threat” or “perceived threat” to livestock operations.

Doug Peterson, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, said he believes the ruling is already affecting farms and ranches, particularly smaller family farms where the loss of a cow or calf or two puts a big dent in incomes.

“At some point people are going to do what they’re going to do to protect their livestock. That ends up being a problem,” he said.

Sound familiar? This is exactly what big ag shill and Wisconsin “Wolf Advisory Committee” member, Eric Koens, said last month when essentially advocating the poaching of wolves following the court order:

Eric Koens owns a cattle ranch in Rusk County and represents the livestock industry on a state wolf advisory committee. Koens said many landowners don’t think non-lethal ways of controlling wolves work very well, and are debating what to do now.

“Well, I guess everybody is going to have to do what they feel is best for their operation,” said Koens. “I certainly believe that we as livestock producers have a right to protect our interests on our property … That’s our business. We pay taxes on our farm to raise livestock.”

The “group think” and “group speak” among these anti-wolf factions is as horrifying as it is laughable. They all use the same fear mongering rhetoric and give a “wink and nod” to poaching. That leads us to wonder why the Obama Administration and numerous fake “Democrats” in Congress are so eager to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act and protections for a species that the vast majority of American citizens support? What do they hope to gain from people that won’t vote for their party anyway?

Need a reason why states SHOULD NOT be allowed to “manage” wolves? 

No other species, with the exception of cousin species the coyote, has the vitriol and hate directed at it like the gray wolf has through history. What other species has websites devoted to promoting poaching and eradication of them? The states charged with “managing” this species are openly hostile to them and refuse to listen to the citizens and groups that have been shown time and time again to overwhelmingly support the species.

Need proof? Following the decision by the Wisconsin DNR to allow mass overkill of wolves in their “Zone 2” the DNR upper management were informed that citizens were furious and wanted action taken to stop the slaughter. The response? This is an email chain from various DNR employees to DNR Assistant Deputy Secretary Scott Gunderson (R-WBHA/HRC) about the public response to the mass overkill. These emails were obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests by state wildlife advocates.

Gunderson Email

The above email shows that Wisconsin DNR Carnivore Biologist David MacFarland made Gunderson aware that there was mass outrage at the DNR allowing 29 wolves to be killed in a “zone” that supposedly had a quota of 15. MacFarland stated:

“I am receiving a flood of emails on the Zone 2 issue, as is the general webmail address and facebook page. There is a lot of anger over this. I expect significant media and citizen attention over the next few days.”  

Gunderson’s response:

“The concern is from folks that don’t support a hunt as a management tool. That’s expected.”

In excess of 1500 emails were received by the Wisconsin DNR just THAT WEEKEND. See below:


The arrogance of Gunderson and much of the DNR is infuriating but not unexpected. Gunderson, like most of his ilk, make the assumption that those bothered by the mass overkill in their “Zones” are just “folks” that don’t support their reckless “management” plan. The “management” that allows 24/7/365 hounding, barbaric trapping, zone over kills, and rampant poaching? That plan? How could anyone be upset at “that” plan? Nice to see that citizen concerns are not being taken into account or seriously by Gunderson. Of course should we expect anything different from an agency that deliberately stacked their “Wolf Advisory Committee” with anti-wolf lobbying groups and admittedly excluded pro-wolf groups? Should we expect anything less from an agency that allows “Advisory Group” representatives to openly brag about poaching or having “bloodbaths in the woods” if they don’t get their way? These are the people that anti-wolf/ESA factions in Congress want to allow to “manage” wolf populations?

Over 1500, mostly Wisconsin residents, took the time to send an email to the DNR to express their outrage over the reckless manner in which wolves are being “managed” in this state. What did those 1500 citizens get in return? A dismissive sentence and a half from the “number two” at the Wisconsin DNR. That is all and we wouldn’t have even known about that if it wasn’t for a Freedom of Information Act request due to the complete and total silence from the DNR following the overkill. Is it any wonder that that Judge Howell stripped “management” from this and other similarly reckless states? Both Wisconsin and Minnesota allowed mass killing over their established quotas and Minnesota allows free for all wolf killing in the majority of their state. The Minnesota issue was mentioned in the court order as a major reason for relisting but the reckless nature of Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter no doubt played a major role in the how the judge ruled. For one state to allow unlimited killing in two-thirds of the state and another to allow 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves one has to wonder how they were allowed to have “management” responsibilities this long. What happens when they are called out on their reckless and brutal “management” plans? They run to Congress and ask “big gubmint” to step in and allow the resumption of their eradication plans.

For anyone that thinks Minnesota hasn’t been just as reckless as Wisconsin with their slaughter and mass overkill read this quote:

The Department of Natural Resources announced Monday it was closing the late wolf season in northwestern Minnesota as hunters and trappers approached the 82-animal target from the area. But the DNR says now that 103 kills were reported.

“The harvest varies by day, but in that northwest zone it varied between 6 and 12 most days,” said Paul Telander, chief of the department’s wildlife section.

“But in the last day, 32 animals were registered. That was surprising. But our closure work, we initiated our closure, and the season ended the following day, at the end of shooting and trap tending hours.”

Hunters killed 103 wolves in that part northwestern Minnesota, 21 more than the DNR’s goal. The kill in northeast Minnesota also exceeded the state target. Hunters and trappers took six more wolves there than the 35 animal target.

The “closure” worked? You has mass overkill and your closure “worked?” And these people wonder why the court stripped state “management” from these people? But never fear, the MN DNR mouthpiece explains that a “quota” really isn’t a “quota.”

Telander downplayed the effect of the kills above and beyond the state’s target.

“We set target harvests, which is a number that we shoot for in the harvest, but it’s not an absolute quota; it’s just a target,” he said. “So if we are either under or over, it’s not an issue biologically for the wolf population.”

Not an issue? It sure is for the wolves that were killed after languishing in traps, choked to death by snares, impaled by arrows, and “gut shot” as anti-wolf factions claim they like to do. So yeah, it is an “issue.” These are the people that are (were) in charge of “managing” this species? The utter incompetence of these people grows stronger by the day yet apparently Congress is determined to return “management” to these reckless state agencies.

ZERO Trust in the Democrats to do the right thing 

It’s time for the Democratic Party to stop pandering to the anti-wildlife special interests and selling out the ESA and Wilderness Act each chance that they get. Any Democrat that signs onto a bill stripping ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming are not worthy of our support or respect. The same goes for President Obama. Not in my wildest nightmares did I ever think that an allegedly “progressive” president would sell out the ESA and wildlife in the manner that Obama has. I am afraid that if “management” of wolves are returned to these states we will see their killing efforts ramped up to a scale not seen since the first eradication of wolves over a century ago. Despite their own surveys and voters telling them that the general populace overwhelmingly support wolves these state agencies will continue to pander to the anti-wolf killing cartels and further push wolves to the brink with Congressional backing.

I also fully expect President Obama to sign off on such a measure to further cement his legacy as “Panderer in Chief” and the president that led the way for the complete and total evisceration of the Endangered Species Act. How “progressive” of him.

Make sure to let your Congressional representatives, senators,and the White House that if they sign on to this bill they are destroying the Endangered Species Act and with it any faith that remains in government basing wildlife decisions on science and not politics. I personally WILL NOT vote for any politician that supports these reckless types of legislation. Use the links below to tell these people NOT to sell out wolves and the ESA over fear mongering or for political “gain.”

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Contact the White House

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Justin Forte says:

    The fact that Congress has and is still willing to pass legislation to remove an animal from The ESA and block anyone from being able to challenge the government in the courts on the issue also takes away people’s constitutional rights. To block the courts is a violation of the separation of the three branches of government. Also, if Congress is allowed to get away with undermining and taking away people’s constitutional rights to challenge the government on wildlife issues, they can and will do the same on any other political issue where people challenge them in the courts and they don’t like the outcome of the ruling.

  2. Michael Guest says:

    Politicians don’t focus on science.

  3. reynacrow says:

    `Doug Peterson, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, said he believes the ruling is already affecting farms and ranches, particularly smaller family farms where the loss of a cow or calf or two puts a big dent in incomes.’- That, of course, is a lie. Since the MN DNR implemented the roundtable management plan (the one they were to use upon federal de-listing, but chucked) farmers and ranchers were compensated at full market value for any wolf depredation. It’s time to confront the outrageous sense of entitlement that the animal ag industry has to be subsidized by the rest of us.

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