Monsters in Training: Wisconsin Sadism Gets a National Audience in Magazine Fluff Piece


There are plenty of wildlife snuff magazines and television programs for people to get in touch with their inner sadist. Many of these violent exploitation outlets like to throw around words like “tradition” or “heritage” to justify the sadistic behaviors that they glamorize. No where is this more evident than in a recent snuff/fluff piece written about a group of “sadists in training” Wisconsin youth trappers in the kill everything “Outdoor Life” magazine:

This is the story of the No-Name Gang. It’s a tale of kids and trapping, and a program you’ve never heard of that aims to pass on the age-old skills of fur gathering to a brand-new generation.

The No-Name Gang is really more of a camp held twice a year at different locations around Wisconsin. In June, the basic camp provides an introduction to trapping. Advanced trapping topics are covered during an August session.

“Our camps aren’t about sitting around and being told how to trap,” camp director Nicke Shumaker says. “We make them very hands-on. Everyone who goes to camp is going to get pinched by traps; they’re going to get their hands dirty. And the kids absolutely love it.”

Yup. This kids just love it. Nothing like honing the killing and torture skills at a young age so that they can tackle the ’15 job market. Too bad they are preparing these monsters in the making for the 1815 job market and not the 2015 one.

During the weeklong experience, the kids will set their own traps and run their own lines. They decide which baits and lures to use and where to position their traps. If they catch something, they dispatch it themselves. They skin their catch, dress it, and prepare it as they would for a sale. Since the camps are held in the summer months, the furs aren’t prime.

Kill just to kill unless of course they “have to” release the animal that their medieval torture devices caught.

“Yeah, it’s a little different,” says Shumaker. “But we’re able to get nuisance permits or special education permission on state land. Some years we catch a lot; others not as much. But the kids do it all. They kill what they catch unless it’s something we need to release, so they learn about releasing as well. They skin it. They learn how to trap by trapping. And that’s the best way to learn.” 

That’s right. You can’t become a heartless killer without practice, now can you?

“The Shumakers weren’t going to let that camp die, and the instructors were behind them all the way,” says Travis Bartman, a trapper-education instructor whose son, Wyatt, and daughter, Belle, are camp alums. “They’ve taken it from a camp to being a community, a family. Those kids aren’t just learning to trap, they’re making lifelong friends.”

The family that tortures and kills together stays together. Right? Kind of like Game of Thrones except that these recreational sadists torture and kill when not in school during the day.

“We talk about the price of furs, but it’s not a money-making deal for most of them. What we’re trying to do is continue the trapping lifestyle, and we’re seeing that now with the season underway,” says Shumaker. “Tracking down the kids is tough, and it’s not because they have basketball practice or other school stuff. They’re out trapping.”

Money can’t buy you the love of torture and death, now can it? But trapping not only allows you to make a few bucks in blood money, it apparently also may cure autism. At least according to trapper sadists:

“We’ve had autistic kids attend, and it’s great because trapping is something that you can do alone or with a very small group,” says Shumaker. “We’ve had kids with behavioral issues, and when they go home, their parents are like, ‘What did you do to my kid? He’s different now. He’s taking responsibility.’ And that’s what’s so great about trapping and the No-Name Gang. It teaches these kids about ethics and responsibility. And with today’s technology, those kids are able to stay in touch. They’re not alone anymore.”

Because as we know kids with behavioral issues that like to torture small animals always turn out well. Don’t they?

This is the future generation in action. Not only is Wisconsin a paradise for sadistic animal killers it is getting national attention from this wildlife snuff magazine for it’s “monster in training” program. Be proud fellow Wisconsinites. Be proud……..

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  1. livewolf says:

    This is a brutal method of brainwashing young kids of pathetic behavior which will grow into yet another generation. Old-time trapping was a culture…these people lived off the land. Are these kids starving? Do they require the sale of hides/fur to provide income? Is this REALLY educational? Kill, kill and more kill…all one has to do is turn on the tube to find more of that which is also influencing the new generation. Why aren’t the camp programs revolving around ecology, healthy ecosystems and perhaps wildlife photography of various birds and animals. These children have never grown up watching mother nature care for their young. Please forward the names of the camps please. I live in Nicolet National Forest and would love to visit these camps.

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