Fallacies of Balance, Barstool Biologists, and More Trolls

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most common arguments used by wildlife killers is that they are doing the rest of society a “favor” by “managing” wild animals. They claim that if they don’t kill them they will die. Yes, that is the “logic” that they use. They pretend that society owes them something for killing all these vicious wild animals and that they only do it to “help” us. The sad thing is that much of our society buys into this fallacy. Does anyone truly think that these people aren’t killing animals for sheer enjoyment or greed as in the case of trapper sadists? Or a little of both maybe? Why do these people have to be so dishonest? Why can’t they just admit that they get off on killing defenseless animals? Of course we know that those admissions will never come out because then society will see these monsters for the sick cretins that they really are. The killing factions have largely succeeded in brainwashing much of society with their propaganda and twisted justifications for the wholesale killing and torture of wildlife. But some of us are not buying it and it is up to us to expose the true sick and twisted agendas of these people.

Another fallacy used by wildlife killers and their exploiters is that they exist to keep a “balance” in nature. This is the justification that they use for the push to eradicate wolves in states like Wisconsin. Again this is another lie brought to us by the very factions that have turned Wisconsin into a giant “game farm” for “hunter opportunity” so that hundreds of thousands of deer can be killed each year. If “balance” is what the Wisconsin DNR and lying politicians like Wisconsin Congressman Reed Ribble want then it shouldn’t be wolves that they are looking to eradicate. This is the ridiculous response to an inquiry from a constituent of Ribble’s about his anti-wolf legislation:

Thank you for contacting me about delisting wolves across the United States. I appreciate you reaching out to me about this important issue.

As you know, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. recently struck down a 2012 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to remove gray wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota from the Endangered Species List.

Proponents of the court’s decision argue that gray wolves have not reached a high enough population to be removed from federal protection. Critics, however, argue that ranchers and farmers are seeing their cattle herds and other livestock being attacked by these wolves in large numbers.

While I respect both sides of this debate, I am personally opposed to efforts to return the gray wolf to the Endangered Species List. I believe, as you do, that it is critically important to ensure endangered species are carefully protected, and I recognize that the gray wolf was once in need of such protections. However, this species has made a remarkable rebound across the nation in recent years and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has had a program in place since 2012 to responsibly manage gray wolf populations. For these reasons, I do not believe it is necessary to keep the gray wolf on the Endangered Species List any longer. However, I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind in the coming weeks and months.

I am thankful you made your voice heard, and I hope that you continue to do so. Our nation and its government are stronger when citizens are willing to engage with one another on the important issues.

This guy claims that our nation and government are “stronger” when citizens engage each other on issues. Funny that he says that as he apparently thinks that “engagement” is fine except through the courts as his proposed legislation strips the rights of Americans to challenge the potential wolf delistings in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. I would also like to know where this guy is getting this nonsense about livestock being “attacked in large numbers.” That seems to be the big ag BS line of the moment. Funny how these people NEVER back up this assertion with any facts. The DNR posts their “livestock depredation” reports yet the vast majority of alleged depredations are on dogs used to torment other wildlife. Where are these “large numbers” of cattle herds being attacked?

The reality is that it’s not “balance” that these people are looking for. Wolves make a convincing scapegoat for simple yokels and the barstool biologists that fuel their hate. Wisconsin has suffered through some brutal winters over the past decade coupled with more and more unchecked deer killing encouraged by the DNR and pushed by the big ag factions and killing cartels that control them. The yokels like to claim that they “never” see deer yet see thousands of grandchildren eating wolves everywhere. But when pushed to provide evidence they only say that they have seen “wolf tracks.” Of course they see these “wolf” tracks often in areas frequented by rampaging packs of vicious dogs set loose by hounders going after every imaginable species in our state. Funny how the barstool biologists can tell the difference between wolf tracks and those of the thousands of hounds rampaging through our wolves yet even wolf trackers and the DNR aren’t always sure.

The argument that wildlife killers are doing is a “favor” is destroyed by this simple comment posted to a news article comment section:

“You sound like the fireman bragging about how wonderfully he extinguished the fire that he HIMSELF has ignited!”

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."
The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The Northern Wisconsin “Economy” 

The killing cartels and lying politicians like to pretend that the economy in Northern Wisconsin is exclusively based on money from wildlife killers. This may be true but not for the reasons that they think. From personal experience many of the people in Northern Wisconsin are openly hostile to those that they view as “tree huggers” or “liberals.” Why would any tourist want to be subjected to threats and intimidation by yokels that despise these people just for existing? I traveled through Northern Wisconsin on my way to hike in the Porcupine Mountains in 2012 prior to the Walker Recall. All I saw was “I Stand With Scott Walker” yard signs and “Ted Nugent for President” on a lighted sign outside of a tavern. Nothing says “welcome” like advocating for a draft dodger and convicted poacher for president. Yeah it seems real welcoming for any person wanting to partake in eco-tourism. Then they wonder why the only “tourism” revenue they get is from wildlife killers and destructive pursuits like ATV and snowmobile use? Non-killing wildlife tourism would be a goldmine for these areas but the openly hostile attitudes among many of the locals do not allow for this. How can any of us enjoy a hike in a state park or national forest in northern Wisconsin when packs of dogs are allowed to terrorize wildlife 24/7/365 and trapper sadists are allowed to set their torturous land mines almost year round on public lands? So I have no sympathy for the economic woes of northern Wisconsin and similar areas. If your entire economy relies on blood money and pillaging of the land then the locals may need to rethink their fiscal models and be more accepting to the “tree huggers” and “hippies” that could bring a financial windfall to these areas.

Barstool Biologist Stupidity of the Day

As I have made abundantly clear this website is a pro-wildlife place and anti-wildlife kill everything trolls will not receive a warm welcome here. The spam folder is full of all kinds of insulting, threatening, and just plain stupid comments from anti-wildlife trolls. I refuse to allow their bullying and offensive garbage to be allowed in the comment section of MY blog. As I have stated before Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing that protects individuals from government censorship but don’t use that argument here. I am not the government and I will block and delete any anti-wildlife, threatening, or comment that I deem to be offensive. Don’t even waste your time posting that garbage here as no one will see it. However, every once and awhile a comment comes along that others must see for the sheer ridiculous nature of it. This is one such comment that was left by a “Donald Beechy” following my last blog post:

“I’d love to say, shut up. These people trap to get the furs and sell to name money. Plus they use all the meat up. I don’t see anything wrong with trapping. I see kids getting education on how to stay alive if needed. How to make some money. Peta. Get your nose out of everyone’s business. K? Thanks.”

Now I have to say that coming to another person’s blog and telling them to “shut up” takes some balls. Then to claim that trappers “use all the meat” is an even more disingenuous claim. Funny with all of the online bragging and snuff pics from trapper sadists not once have I ever heard of one eating the wolf, coyote, bobcat, etc. that they killed. Not once. And using sadistic traps filled with bait will somehow keep these “kids” alive? Really? Let’s see how they are able to tote along these metal torture devices and pre-manufactured bait in the post-apocalyptic world of your fantasies. Next we have the old standby “attack” from anti-wildlife/pro-killing factions by invoking PETA against those that care about wildlife. I have been a wildlife advocate for a long time and not one legitimate wildlife advocate that I know has ever been a supporter of PETA. I personally find PETA and like minded groups to be deplorable and the very definition of hypocrisy just as I do groups like the National Wildlife Federation. PETA likes to pretend that they care about animals and how they are treated while systematically killing the vast majority of animals that go to their “shelters.” This is no different than the NWF raising money on the backs of wolves and other “imperiled” wildlife while supporting kill everything and anti-wolf “state affiliates.” PETA employees have even gone so far as to take dogs from homes without permission and proceed to kill them. So no I, nor the vast majority of legitimate wildlife advocates, support PETA. HSUS yes. PETA no. As for getting “my nose out of everyone’s business?” Uh no again. It IS my business and that of every other citizen of this state. Wildlife is part of a public trust and therefore we ALL have a stake in how they are treated. K? Something leads me to think that the person making this comment probably wouldn’t tell anti-abortion, anti-immigration, or anti-healthcare dissenters to mind their own business. Would they? I highly doubt it.

K? Thanks and enjoy your email’s new home in the SPAM folder.


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  1. livewolf says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the statements made from the blog, “Fallacies of Balance, Barstool Biologists, and More Trolls”. Research proves the reduction of deer population in the last year is primarily due to the extremely brutal winter we had in 2013-2014. For those who are clueless, here’s the link: http://www.jsonline.com/…/team-produces-detailed-look-at-de… Deer killed by automobiles ranked higher than any proven livestock related casualties from wolf predation. I have owned remote property which butts national forest for over 30-yrs. I moved to this location permanently one year ago. I live with wolves every day. Never have issues. I have about a dozen deer that roam my property every day. The few wounds I see inflicted on these deer are attacks from bobcats not wolves. I track wolves but declined from joining the DNR tracking team for the very reason the wolf could become delisted once again. Why would I share that information? I have caught poachers and even questioned a group of hunters from the north woods whether they believed poaching is unethical. Their replies were consistent in nature…”Ok to poach if their family is in need of food.” They also added, “Some guys poach because they did not get their deer this year and think they deserve one…or two”. DNR allowed only buck hunting and no antlerless in many regions due to reduced deer population. So, what is the point if they are poached anyway? I don’t believe in hunting but I will say there are some responsible hunters out there…from southern and northern WI. They are not all mindless dipshits. However, anyone claiming wolves are to blame for devious behaviors are mindless, uneducated, greedy trophy hunters. Definitely Reed Ribble and his close counterparts are guilty of trying to alter an endangered species act with no factual evidence for their actions. Recently saw a letter to an editor from a veterinarian who described first hand how cruel and devastating trapping is to an animal; especially foot hold traps. Need more experts to voice their opinion. There are how many overweight Americans? And it is a necessity for them to trap/hunt to feed their families? Get real.

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