Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Releases Film “Political Predator”


Today, the grassroots wildlife advocacy group that I am proud to be a board member of, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a provocative documentary about what led up to Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter and the politics behind it. The film, “Political Predator,” can be viewed on YouTube and at the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf website. The press release is below:

For more information:
Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf
117 Ardmore Drive
Madison, WI 53713


(Madison, WI) Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a full feature documentary film today, live on YouTube, about the Wolf in Wisconsin which is like no other film to date. The film’s subject is how the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt came to be, and has been carried out until relisting in December of 2014. The wolf is currently in jeopardy again with two congressional bills. The film goes into great depth regarding the politicization of the species, including the attack on the Wisconsin Idea, the UW system and science. Wildlife biologists, educators, sociologists, native tribal leaders, politicians and farmers are included in this documentary.

Even if you aren’t partial to wolves, it’s a must see, especially in light of the current budget proposal. The film is produced by Melissa Smith and directed, edited and filmed by Trevor Triggs at Duckworks Media.

The film has been released on YouTube, February 17th, 2015 and also there will be several theater showings across Wisconsin and beyond. Please visit our website at to watch the documentary directly and there will be a private VIP Film release party for selected members, friends, media and politicians on Feb 26th.
Contact: Melissa Smith, Executive Director, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf,, 608-234-8860,

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  1. sue hodges says:

    As to two main points in the wolf haters mantra:

    1. Depredation on large numbers of livestock. The DNR data kept under Adrian Wed even through 2011. Clearly showed the type of livestock and the numbers. They were paltry…Mostly hunting hours. the rest I believe in 2010 included one goat one horse, about 46 calves and several cows, rabbits and chickens. These numbers must be trotted out again rather continuing with hunter hearsay.

    2. A friend owned a ranch out west. She made two points. *first,, that pregnant cows get penned and guarded. Second, that most ethical ranchers Expect a certain amount of depredation and accept it. Not so with our Wisconsin rednecks..the SSS crowd who say just about anything to promote their mendacious propaganda.

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