Scott Walker Welcomes the “Fox” Into the Hen House With Open Arms and We Pay For It


“Sportsmen for Walker.” This slogan has adorned yard signs and bumperstickers since 2010. The trophy obsessed “sportsmen” of Wisconsin believed that if NRA and Koch shill Scott Walker (R-Koch Industries) was elected as governor they would get whatever they wanted and for the first four years they essentially did. Walker appointed kill everything extreme hunting group shills to DNR positions and the Natural Resources Board. He also gave extremist killing groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their lobbyist, Bob Welch, whatever they wanted. Reckless hounder “training” bill that extended and expanded the “training” of packs of vicious dogs against bears? Check. Bill that opened up wolves to a four and a half months slaughter season? Check. The same bill that allows 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves? Check. Continued bribes to hounders that allegedly have their dogs killed by wolves. Check. Allowing expanded hunting and trapping in state parks? Check. Allowing killing in cities and blocking those cities from preventing it? Check.

With all of these giveaways it’s only natural that the Walker would want something in return from the extremist killing cartels. Right? He got that when the Bob Welch lobbied groups, the Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association and Safari Club International, lobbied in support of the reckless and destructive mining bill designed to eviscerate the Penokee Hills in northern Wisconsin. Then we had disgraced former Assembly Majority Leader and bear hounder shill, Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) given an appointment by Walker to the public services commission. That appointment quickly crashed and burned when it was discovered that Suder worked with a Koch Bothers front group known as “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin” that was led by a convicted poacher and former official in the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Somehow Suder escaped any charges and went immediately to become a lobbyist for a Koch front paper industry group.

Fast forward to this week where Walker’s administration announced the appointments of a former executive of a large power company and a MINING COMPANY LOBBYIST to the Department of Administration and Public Service Commission respectively.

Gov. Scott Walker announced a number of changes in the ranks of his top administrators Monday, including the replacement of state Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch with former Madison Gas & Electric executive Scott Neitzel.

Neitzel, who abruptly stepped down as senior vice president of the utility company late last week, will lead the powerful agency, which is responsible for the state’s two-year budget plan, introduced by Walker in early February.

Huebsch is moving to the Public Service Commission, where he’ll serve as one of three commissioners appointed by the governor. Ellen Nowak, who is currently a commissioner, will replace Phil Montgomery as chairperson, starting March 1.

Bob Seitz, previously a spokesman for Gogebic Taconite, has been named executive assistant for the Public Service Commission. Neither Seitz nor Bill Williams, the mining company’s president, could be reached for comment Monday.

If this isn’t enough in the daily dose of cronyism, pay to play, and overall destruction of Wisconsin, Walker has now made it clear that the state parks are now on his list of what is next to be pillaged, sold off, or weakened to the point of manufacturing another “crisis” that will “force” them to be privatized.

Gov. Scott Walker wants to remove state tax money from the operation of Wisconsin’s state parks and make them self-sustaining, a move one national expert said is unlikely to work without major changes in operations.

As part of his 2015-17 state budget, Walker is proposing to remove all general-purpose revenue to operate Wisconsin state parks, trails and recreation areas — a cut of $4.6 million, or nearly 28 percent, of their current $16.7 million operational budget, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

To help make up for the loss of tax revenue, the Walker administration is projecting higher revenues from a proposed hike in campsite and entrance fees next year.

But the overall operational budget would decline under Walker’s proposal to $15.6 million for next fiscal year, or $1.1 million less than the current year, the fiscal bureau said. The cut would take effect beginning in July.

Since his coronation as state governor Walker has manufactured crisis after crisis and then claims to “fix” them after implementing draconian cuts along with taking more and more from public employees and social safety nets. All this while continuing to weaken consumer, equal rights, and environmental protections at all levels of state government.

His DNR has essentially stopped enforcing poaching violations and environmental disasters. It got so bad that even the anti-wolf kill everything shill and head of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, George Meyer even publicly pointed this out in the media.

This means nothing to Walker who has defined his tenure as governor by destroying public sector unions, decimating all aspects of environmental regulation, appointing his cronies and donors to positions of power, eliminating social safety nets, and paying back his supporters through big handouts. This is what 52 percent of Wisconsin wants and apparently the state Democrats are too busy licking their wounds to fight back or get off of their asses and vote once every two years.

We can blame Walker and the Koch Brothers all day but in the end we let this happen. Those on the left apparently were too “busy” to vote in midterms and when we do turn out we put fake Democrats into power instead of the real progressives that we need to take this country back. Walker knows this so he played his “divide and conquer” strategy perfectly. All we Americans have left is our vote and apparently the majority of us refuse to even use that. That is how the Scott Walkers of the world attain power. Getting the office isn’t enough for zealots like Walker who thinks that the little voice in his ear is from “god” when the voice is really one of the Daddy Kochs. But by all means this is what you deserve Wisconsin for your apathy. Enjoy drinking toxic water filled with factory farm poop, breathing frac sand polluted air, dodging bullets, traps, and arrows in state parks, and paying more for the privilege.

“Sportsmen for Walker” my ass. This is the kind of “sportsman” that Walker made mainstream.

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."
The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

Is this what you want?

Enjoy it Wisconsin it’s our monster now. The “fox” is not only in the hen house but it wants you to pay for their chicken dinner and thank them for it. Of course using a fox as an analogy is probably a bad idea because they probably killed the fox, after trapping it in a
state park, so that they could sell it’s fur to China, so they can sell it back to you as trim on your coat.

Are we ready for another recall or massive march on the Capitol yet? We better be soon or there will be nothing left to fight for.

For more background on one aspect of the crooked and disgusting nature of Walker’s Wisconsin please watch Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf’s film “Political Predator” at the link below:

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