The Boys and Girls Who “Cry Wolf” and the Morons That Believe Them


Fear mongering has become a staple of rural mindsets and right wing politics in general. One week ISIS is going to march down your streets and impose Sharia Law on all the good “god fearin'” Christians in Murcia. The next week immigrants with cantaloupe sized calves are going to stream across the border, take our jobs, and infect us with the disease of the week as part of some socialist plot. The fear mongering tactic of the month for anti-wolf factions appears to be to make us think that our poor poor farmers struggling on the lonely landscape are in danger of having their cattle, their pets, and grandchildren eaten alive by rampaging hoards of wolves. Literally within hours of the December federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes big ag propaganda arms were putting out stories about wolves eating newborn calves and terrorizing the poor defenseless ranchers.

“The stories we’ve been hearing over and over from our farmers and ranchers are tragic,” said Amber Hanson, associate director of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation. A member this week reported a fatal attack on a calf two hours after it was born, Hanson said, adding, “When your only option is to scream at a wolf, it doesn’t do a whole lot of good.”

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They seemed to forego the tired and disproven “them wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” crap for the time being to make people believe that these poor defenseless farmers were out on the lonesome prairie trying to keep packs of vicious wolves at bay while the evil “Eco-Nazi” groups laughed at their “plight.” This tactic apparently works because the two so-called Democrat senators from Minnesota and the scandal plagued “progressive” senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin, came out in support of “state management” for wolves in the past and it appears she is onboard with the eradication program now. The fake Dems from MN even went so far as to buy into the lies and exaggerations from big ag interests in their state.

Klobuchar and Franken responded by email to a request for comment from the MDN.
“Senator Klobuchar has always supported delisting the gray wolf, and believes the science and the facts support the delisting. She successfully led the effort to delist the wolf through the Endangered Species Act and disagrees with the recent court decision relisting the wolf.

“As a result, she believes the Department of Interior should appeal the court decision and she is also considering legislation to address this,” said a spokeswoman in Klobuchar’s Washington office.

“Our farmers and ranchers are rightfully concerned about losing their livestock — their livelihood — to wolves,” said Sen. Franken. “That’s why I supported the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to delist the gray wolf in 2011.

“My office has been in regular communication with the Fish and Wildlife Service about the judge’s ruling and I understand they are likely to press for an appeal. In the meantime, we need to deploy resources to protect livestock, and we have to make sure any losses are adequately covered by the Farm Bill’s livestock indemnity program.”


For all of the years that I worked for law enforcement agencies one of the most frequent calls we would receive were citizens reporting that someone “broke into” their vehicle and stole something. 99.9999 percent of the time when they were asked if they locked their doors the answer was a sheepish “no.” The same analogy applies to ranchers. In all of their freeloading arrogance they expect to leave “their” animals unattended or unguarded and then scream when a wolf or other predator behaves like a natural predator does.I am not comparing wolves to opportunistic criminals that steal from vehicles because the thieves know exactly what they are doing. Wolves see a prey species and see lunch regardless of how it got there. The point is if you lock your car doors it is highly unlikely that your stuff will get stolen. If you provide fencing, guard animals, and various other proven non-lethal techniques you will likely not lose any livestock. Unfortunately that means work and effort and just isn’t as “fun” as shooting, trapping, and hounding a species like the wolf. That and knowing the government is going to come in with a nice fat check leaves little incentive to change practices. Unfortunately it appears Congress feels the same way. Why peacefully solve a “problem” when you can just kill it? Funny how the issue with the wolves parallel our foreign policy failures.

I understand that there is hyperbole on both sides of this issue. But when one side only cares about handing out death based on lies and propaganda and the other side wants to protect a maligned species from this witch hunt, I think it is obvious which side to fall on. The anti-wolf lies and propaganda have reached a fever pitch in local newspapers across Wisconsin. Below are two examples of actual “letters to the editor” in Wisconsin newspapers. These are the people that our DNR and Congress listen to instead of the majority of citizens and world renowned scientists. I warn you now that if you are eating or drinking anything, please stop before reading these:

Wolves present problems

They kill cows, spread diseases and can threaten people.

The letter to the editor from Cheryl Hentz questioning my credibility regarding the threat posed by wolves plays fast and loose with the facts.

Hentz claims that cow depredation by wolves in 2014 amounted to 0.001 percent of the cattle in the state. In fact, cattle killed by wolves in 2014 occurred in 11 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, primarily in the northern forested counties. If the total number of cattle are proportioned equally among the 72 counties, there would be 48,600 per county; thus, the cattle kills represent 0.07 percent in the 11 counties.

There’s also the matter of diseases carried by wolves that are transmitted to ungulates. Neosopra caninum and hydatosis are the most prevalent. The former causes abortions in ungulates and the latter causes large body cysts. Consequently, the impact of wolves cannot be measured only by the number of cattle killed and maimed.

The study cited by Hentz found that “when social structure (of wolves) is disrupted, multiple litters per social group become more common, in part because dominant individuals can no longer prevent subordinates from breeding.” It appears that hunting and trapping help wolf numbers to increase at a faster rate.

It may surprise Hentz to know that wolves cause me no angst. I’ve reserved my angst and sympathy for the families of the 2-year-old boy killed by a wolf in 1981 in Michigan, the 3-year-old girl killed by a wolf in 1989 in Minnesota, the 22-year-old man killed by wolves in 2005 in Saskatchewan, the young woman killed by wolves in 2009 in Nova Scotia, and the 32-year-old female teacher killed by wolves in 2010 in Alaska.

Earl Stahl,



What Stahl presents here goes from flat out lies to dubious claims of what really killed the man in 2005 and the woman in 2010. The other two instances are either flat out fabrications or wolves in captivity killing these people. These are the kind of lies and distortions that people like this guy push and the newspaper apparently makes no effort to correct. The “fuzzy math” is also laughable. But this isn’t even the most absurd one that came out in a local paper recently.

Remove wolves from Baraboo woods

My neighbor went ice fishing, and, after cleaning his catch, put the remains on my property near a game camera that he had mounted there with my permission. The next day, he had a picture of a wolf eating the fish remains.

I’ve lived five miles north of Baraboo for the past 38 years. I’ve seen and heard coyotes on my property many times, but this was the first wolf I know for sure was on the land.

This past summer, I saw very few squirrels and rabbits in the woods, ducks on the little pond, or turkeys, cranes and deer on the 40-acre grain field.

Our grandparents had the common sense to remove the wolves from the woods. Any resident of northern Wisconsin will tell you the wolves ruined the deer hunting opportunities there.

The Department of Natural Resources needs to remove the wolves from the Baraboo area so our woods will once again be filled with wildlife.

Shame on the people who placed the wolves in the Baraboo woods.

Brian Krusko, Baraboo


Other than an occasional disperser there are no documented wolf packs this far south in Wisconsin. So wolves are going out onto ponds and killing ducks now? Cranes? I thought there were so many of them that the DNR and Joel Kleefisch wants to start wholesale killing? This letter would be laughable for it’s sheer absurdity but this is truly the mindset of a vast number of yokels in this state. EVERYTHING is the fault of wolves in their eyes.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after reading these fear mongering and ignorant propaganda pieces. Frankly I am not sure why these papers felt it acceptable to post such obvious drivel, but that is their choice. It does show what we are up against. Our country really hasn’t evolved much past the glamorized “Wild West” period that saw the genocide of Native Americans and the eradication of species like the bison and gray wolf from the lower 48. Those sick mindsets remain and the killing is now labeled as “conservation” and “management.”

While you digest all of the absurd musings of anti-wolf politicians, lobbyists, and ignorant yokels, please make sure to continue to keep the pressure on Congress and the White House to listen to the world renowned scientists that recently wrote a letter against the asinine and arrogant proposals before them. Do not let up. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your favorite social media forum is. We have to call these frauds out on their lies and propaganda. This is especially the case for the fake “Democrats” that are really only Tea Party-Lite. Shame them all and call them out for their misguided and spiteful positions.

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  1. Justin Forte says:

    These politicians in their anti-wolf legislation both in 2011 and now not only is bad for wolves, but for our constitutional rights as citizens because they block any court challenges. This strips us of our rights and if they are allowed to get away with it they won’t stop here. This is just another step closer to a totalitarian dictatorship in this country and it must be stopped!

  2. People will say anything and believe anything if it gets them what they want. The hatred of wolves, which verges on the pathological, seems largely based on the fear of loss–mostly the loss of animals the hunters want for themselves, the loss of cattle that ranchers leave on public land. Maybe if the numbers of hunters were growing the numbers of deer and elk wouldn’t be diminishing, and maybe if the ranchers didn’t leave their cattle unattended through blizzards and without help for sickness, births, and accidents fewer cattle would lose their lives. But by their nearly apocalyptic descriptions of the damage and destruction wolves will apparently wreak, they can get people scared enough to go along with the mass killing. Finally, of course, if the wolves could threaten “the children,” (“the children” having become the all-purpose means of persuasion for everything) then they must by all means be exterminated.

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