Wisconsin’s Shame: Fluffy Propaganda Piece Tries to Justify the Hounding of Wolves and Fails Miserably

Replace the hounder on the horse with a hounder in a pickup and this is Wisconsin.
Replace the hounder on the horse with a hounder in a pickup and this is Wisconsin.

Teddy Roosevelt did it. So did General George Armstrong Custer. Now over 100 years later, a few Wisconsin hunters can say they’ve hunted wolves using dogs too.

“Jay, Jake and their friends have a reputation of working hard and playing hard. That also includes taking their hunting and the care of their dogs seriously. They simply wouldn’t put their dogs in a situation where there’s a strong possibility they could be killed or injured. As Jay says, “there are risks when my kids play football too, but it’s a risk I accept.”

The above paragraphs are a prime example of what you are about to read and see in a disgusting fluff piece written for a propaganda laced kill everything website called “Petersen’s Hunting.” The website is half advertisement of the latest killing implements for the great white hunter, and half fluffy snuff pieces that try to glamorize the most abhorrent and unethical hunting practices used by slob hunters and sadists.

In a propaganda filled article entitled, Let Loose the Hounds: Why We Should Use Hounds for Wolf Hunting, the author tries to paint a picture of the hounders being “responsible” and not just randomly taking a “bad shot” at wolves while their harmless little fluffy dogs “bay” a docile wolf. They even make the claim that wolves and dogs don’t fight in December (??????). The wolf just quietly waits a safe distance from the docile little “family pets” and waits to be shot by the great white hunter apparently.

The brothers use trailing hounds when hunting and planned to use the same dogs they use on bears and coyotes on the wolves. Experienced hunters, they knew the December hunt wasn’t the time to worry about wolves injuring their hounds.

“Our biggest concern over having a bad encounter with a wolf isn’t during the December hunting season, it’s during the bear season (bear dog training season opens on July 1 and hunting season starts in early September), especially if we get near a wolf rendezvous site when hunting bears,” said Jay.

That is one of the most frequently used talking points among hounders since dogs were allowed to be used against wolves. If that is the case how can these “playing hard” great white hunters explain the fact that since December of last year until now there have been nine dogs killed or injured, allegedly by wolves? Funny how all of these hound “depredations” occurred after the wolf was placed back under federal protection, but that is another story for later.

“We’re not going to release our dogs on the tracks of multiple wolves, we look for one animal. Single wolves aren’t as bold as a pack of wolves will be. When we released our dogs, which are basically athletes doing what they’ve been bred to do, we expected them to bay up the wolf just like they do with a bear that doesn’t tree,” Jay continued.

Baying up is a term used by hound hunters when an animal holds its ground as the dogs circle it. “That’s exactly what’s happened this year with the wolves. None of our dogs were hurt during the chase nor was the wolf bit by the dogs before the animal was killed,” Jake added. “In fact, the dogs stayed further away from the wolf than they did when they’ve had a bear bayed up.”

The Johnson boys traditionally use Walker hounds. “These aren’t fighting dogs, they’re family-raised pets. The smaller dogs in the 40- to 50-pound range were the ones that caught and bayed up the wolves,” said Jake.

So the wolf “wasn’t bit” according to these hounders? Take a look at the picture of a hounder killed gut shot wolf that accompanies this portion of the article. In addition to the fact the wolf appears to have been shot in the gut, look at the rear legs. Did the hounders shave the legs of hair after they killed the wolf? Not likely, so that lead to only one conclusion. It appears that the “family raised pets” took a few chunks out of this poor wolf. But don’t let photographic evidence get in the way of a good propaganda snuff story.

Hounder killed wolf. Used under "Fair Use."
Hounder killed wolf. Used under “Fair Use.”

I’ve hunted this area before and knew there was a funnel of sorts up ahead of the wolf and dogs, so I headed up toward it. As I got closer, I saw the wolf coming and was surprised to see it was a big black one. There was only one dog following it now, but I could hear the others coming. They kept their distance from each other, neither wanting to engage in any fighting.

With the other dogs coming, the wolf finally bayed up and I managed to get within 40 yards of him and took the shot with my .243,” said Jay. “He went right down on the spot. I’ve spent my whole life hunting, but this was one of the most memorable hunts of my life.”

Notice how the hounder has to keep mentioning that there was no fighting going on? That “brave” shot the great white hunter took appears to be another gut shot judging from the snuff picture accompanying the article.

Gut shot hounder killed wolf. Photo used through “Fair Use.”

The next snuff story again has to mention how the wolf and dogs “didn’t fight” and how the wolf was “magnificent” and they were “respected” by his hounds.

“When he was about 50 yards away, he gave me the shot I wanted and I dropped him with my .223. He was a magnificent animal and it’s a hunt I’ll never forget,” Jake said, adding that over the course of two hunts he saw the wolf six or seven times and the dogs always kept their distance. “Respect was given by both wolf and dog.”

So what do you do when you come across a “magnificent” animal? Why you gut shoot it and then after it dies you pose with the corpse of course. Here is some of that hounder “respect” for the “magnificent animal” in action.

Yet another hounder killed and gut shot wolf. Photo used via "Fair Use."
Yet another hounder killed and gut shot wolf. Photo used via “Fair Use.”

The title of this propaganda snuff article is Let Loose the Hounds: Why We Should Use Hounds for Wolf Hunting. Through all the bluster and ammosexual blather about bullet calibers and making sure to mention that the packs of vicious dogs were really sweet and cuddly “family pets” that didn’t fight the wolves, I fail to find anything about “why we should use hounds for wolf hunting.” I read a disgusting fluff piece trying to make hounders look ethical and “respectful” of wolves but I saw nothing explaining “why” dogs should be allowed to go after wolves. Did you? I also saw plenty of pictures that show me that these hounders love gut shooting wolves and one picture that sure looked like the wolf had dog bite injuries to the rear legs. This is the kind of revolting garbage that hounders and their propaganda mouthpieces are putting out there to make everyone believe that using dogs against wolves is just this innocent activity and it helps to “manage” the wolf population in Wisconsin. Take the final paragraph from this disgusting article:

But there’s one thing the brothers want people to know. “We don’t hate wolves like some do, but we realize their population needs to be controlled like any other wild animal and we’d like the opportunity to do it with the use of our dogs.”

Yes, because running dogs against and gut shooting wolves certainly shows that you “don’t hate” wolves. This article and the myriad of others like it show exactly why wolves need to maintain federal protections. These monsters believe in their sick minds that it is perfectly acceptable to run packs of dogs against wolves for no other reason than to for sadistic pleasure. Each year Wisconsin allows thousands of dogs to be set loose on our lands and national forests. Before the court order reinstated federal protections for wolves in the Great Lakes, Wisconsin hounders had ZERO restrictions on how they could “train” their dogs to be used against those wolves. They could run an unlimited number of dogs against wolves 24 hours a day, seven says a week, and 365 days a year.

This leads us to the current crop of bills before Congress intending to strip federal protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. One bill in particular, HR 843, permanently strips all federal protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and would allow states to eradicate the species with no federal recourse or chance of relisting. That is not hyperbole or an over-exaggeration. That is what that bill would lead to, especially with hostile states like Wisconsin, the ONLY state that allows dogs to be used against wolves. Not only use dogs against wolves, but do so 24/7/365 with ZERO restrictions. Is there a better argument for maintaining federal protections? There shouldn’t need to be.

Over the past week the anti-wildlife Obama Administration, the states of Wisconsin and Michigan, and a collection of Bob Welch lobbied killing cartels all filed appeals against the December federal court ruling that reinstated protections for the the wolves in the Great Lakes. The hostility, fear mongering,and flat out lies directed at this species should horrify anyone that cares about wildlife and maintaining the Endangered Species Act. Add in disgusting fluff pieces like the one featured above and should there be any doubt as to what this species is facing?

Please contact Congress and the White House and ask them why they support legalized dog fighting? When they claim that they don’t, make sure to point out the disgusting practices that Wisconsin allows and ask how this isn’t the same as pit bulls being engaged against each other in a fight to the death? Should one of the canines being wild make this any less revolting? Ask why one species should be allowed to be harassed and attacked by dogs 24/7/365. Because if your member of Congress supports renewed “state management” of wolves in Wisconsin, they support dogs fighting. But I guess if heartless animal killer Teddy Roosevelt and the genocidal maniac George Custer did it I supposed it must be okay, right?

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Craig Hiler says:

    Hounders are the scum of the earth. Vile and evil. Hope I never meet one as the results would likely have me in jail the rest of my life.

  2. Rose Lynd says:

    The US Fish and Wildlife Service did not appeal Judge Howell’s decision from the information I got. I will try to find the article stating that they were not appealing the decision and get it to you. I just figured they were waiting for Ribble’s bill, 843 and Kline’s bill, 884 to go through so they wouldn’t have to do anything. A reporter called my home about the USFWS not appealing the ruling, knowing I was a wolf advocate and wanted to know what I thought about it. The same reporter called Dave MacFarland to ask his opinion also. At the time neither of us knew what the reporter was talking about. It took a lot of looking, but I did read the news feed the reporter sited. I don’t know why this article you sited said they were appealing the ruling.

  3. Rose Lynd says:

    I can’t find the article I was looking for, but I found one stating that the USFWS restated the wolf as protected again. At that time, on Feb.20th, I thought it said that they were not going to appeal the judge’s ruling. Now, I see you are correct, they have since appealed the ruling. I was hoping when they were not repealing it on Feb. 20th and the letter from all of the wildlife biologist came out that it was a spark of hope! I have not been keeping up with the wolf issue. Too many things to fight in WI budget and rtw. Keep up the good work!

  4. idalupine says:

    It’s a good thing intelligence isn’t the strong suit of people like this. If gut shooting is the respectful standard….

    I’d love to know how they justify that. 😦

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