For Memorial Day A Species I Wish Were Endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk

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Today, this post isn’t going to be about wildlife or the scum trying to defile it. Today’s post is a rant that I feel I need to share as someone that served in the military and observes the phony and fraudulent charlatans that call themselves “patriots.” This is my screed for Memorial Day and an expression of utter disdain for a species that I wish were endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk.

So comes the weekend of the Great American Chickenhawk. Where the great “patriots” of this country pull out their grills and coolers in honor of our veterans. The airwaves will be full of patriotic songs and movies illustrating the great sacrifices of our veterans and the Great American Chickenhawks will stop slurping their beer or gorging on grilled animal flesh to “remember” those that gave their lives for “freedom” or whatever the manufactured talking point of the day is. Then they will get in their giant gas guzzling vehicles made of foreign parts and drive by the countless homeless veterans and other less fortunate folks who don’t care that it is “Memorial Day.” They are just wondering where their next meal or place to sleep will come from. The “patriots” will call them “takers” and “bums” while the American flag stickers on their giant vehicles glisten in the sunlight next to the “support the troops” yellow ribbon sticker.

Our country is a hollow shell filled with fake “patriots” that care nothing about the people behind the yellow ribbons and what “Memorial Day” was supposed to be about. Do the majority of “patriots” think about the physically and mentally scarred remnants of the modern wars? Do they think about the children and countless innocents that became “collateral damage” of the wars that Faux News and our media championed and still champion to no end? Of course not. The Chickenhawk’s idea of “patriotism” consists of flying a flag, slurping beer at a campsite, gorging on grilled animal flesh, and watching Saving Private Ryan once as year. Then the rest of the year they whine about “big government” and pine to send others to far flung wars for “freedom” or whatever the war machine talking point of the day is. Then they ignore the suffering of those that had the nerve to return from these wars with mental or physical problems. Then they question the “patriotism” of those that dare question the motives of the ones sending them to these wars. All from the comfort of their warm homes and full refrigerators. Then they continue to bitch about “big government” while pounding the drums for the biggest element of that “big government” the war machine.

So excuse my bitterness and skepticism of our fake “patriot” society and read the article below to see how our veterans are repaid for their service.
Former VA official: Burn pits could be the new Agent Orange

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No caption needed!

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