My Rant of the Day: Hounding and the Perversion of the Word “Conservation.”

Hounders want us to believe that this is "conservation."
Hounders want us to believe that this is “conservation.”

One of the annoying and sometimes amusing elements of being a pro-wildlife blogger is that I often get comments and emails from hounders and trappers that think they are “educating” me about why they do what they do. Sometimes they blather on about how “god” put wolves and other wildlife here to tortured by medieval torture devices or ripped to pieces by packs of vicious dogs. Others talk about how the dogs they use to fight bear, coyotes, and wolves are “cherished family members.” Then we have the usual NRA/SCI talking points about how the great white hunters are “conservationists” and “pay for” conservation activities with their blood sport fees. Somehow they believe that telling me that their “god” is okay with the torture and slaughter of wildlife or that they “pay” for “conservation” is going to change my mind and the minds of others.

Newsflash: It won’t. In fact it makes us more determined than ever to destroy your sick “sport.” Blood sport proponents think that because they currently hold all the power at state and federal levels and have many politicians bought and paid for that “the public” is behind their sick activities. They like to pretend that the great white hunter is somehow a “part of nature” that is needed to keep “balance” or some other nonsense that is not backed up by science. One hounder responded to a comment on an earlier blog post espousing the usual talking points along with somehow getting the idea that someone in the comments section was talking about “murdering” hounders or some other nonsense. Enjoy:

Wow, so you would murder a human for pursuing one of the oldest and most magnificent manners of conservation and necessary population control that exists in nature? I would have to say that makes you lower than scum, you know nothing and are ignorant to the value of life. We as hunters and proud houndsmen, love our family, we love our hounds, & we love nature & help keep the balance that you obviously know NOTHING about. Oh and Im sure I’ve never in any hunting magazine seen a quote from a hunter saying how he would MURDER an ignorant anti-hunter/peta member over their lifestyle, Instead we just love to point out your & the rest of your tree hugging, leather shoe wearing, hypocritical ignorance. Hunters do more for nature & wildlife than any terrorists, homicidal Threatening, anti-organization EVER WILL. See ya in the woods Killa. Haha… Dan Brownell. Michigan Proud Walker Hound Chasin, deer huntin Conservationist

So people that advocate for LIVING wildlife are “terrorists” while people that run packs of vicious dogs against wildlife 24/7/365 are “conservationists.” Got it. The same people that provide “balance” to nature by placing dozens 55 gallon drums of old doughnuts and cookies to lure in bears for 141 days of the year here in Wisconsin also consider themselves to be “conservationists.” Funny how that works. However the key word in the hounders comment isn’t “balance” or even his his idea of fake “conservation.” The key word is CONTROL. That is what hounding and sport killing is all about. So how is it “conservation” to be able to place unlimited 55 gallon drums of old doughnuts and cookies for 141 days all around our lands in Wisconsin? How is it “conservation” to be able to run unlimited packs of vicious dogs on our wildlife 24/7/365? It’s not. Hounders like to pretend that they are somehow superior to wildlife advocates with their bravado and their boasts of fake “balance” and “conservation.” We see them for what they really are and that just drives them crazy.

Where this superiority complex comes from I will never understand. Is it from their mastery of the English language that they present in their trolling comments? By looking above, I would have to say that is a big fat no. I believe the reason for the arrogance exhibited by hounders and their ilk comes from the fact that they are pandered to by “fish and wildlife” agencies across the country. The great white hunters and hounders like to scream that they “pay” for “conservation. They are not paying for anything except the salaries and bureaucracy of agencies like the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. They are paying for these agencies to provide “hunter opportunity” to them and to essentially look the other way or even endorse disgusting and unethical practices like hounding, baiting, and trapping. That is what they are “paying for” out of their killing licenses. The REAL conservation programs, that are becoming fewer and fewer, are paid for through programs like the Wisconsin Endangered Species Fund. That fund is paid for by tax form check off and through the purchase of the state “Endangered Resources” license plates. One plate features a badger and the other ironically features a WOLF. Prior to the 2012 wolf kill bill passed by the Wisconsin legislature event his fund was raided by the hounders on a yearly basis to pay for their dogs that were allegedly killed by wolves. The draining of that fund stopped when “depredation” funding was required to come from the money generated by the wolf kill licenses. That may have been the only “positive” thing to come out of that disgusting bill.

This was posted in a Black River Falls, Wisconsin newspaper last month.
This was posted in a Black River Falls, Wisconsin newspaper last month.

The killing cartels and their minions like the above person would have you believe that their sick and repulsive activities like hounding and baiting are somehow a benefit for wildlife. Where is the benefit in running thousands of dogs in hot summers against bears for hours often with cubs in tow? Where is the benefit of allowing packs of vicious dogs to to run rampant through sensitive ecosystems and then engage unsuspecting wildlife in fights to the death? What is the benefit of habituating wild bears and their cubs to 141 days each year of stale doughnuts, cookies, and other forms of junk food? These activities are not CONSERVATION. These activities are a perversion of that word and a blight placed upon the few remaining wild places and wildlife left in the sick dominionist controlled landscapes that we live in.

Arrogant and insulting rants against “tree huggers” and “PETA” members do nothing to get people to see the hounders point of view or agree with their sick sport. They only work to further galvanize those of us that fight FOR wildlife and not against it. But I doubt that the hounder was even trying to convince us that what he does is right. I think the hounder was trying to dictate to us in their usual arrogant and bullying way that they have the CONTROL and want to control OUR belief system as well. Unfortunately for the hounder he and his ilk are a dying breed as more and more people wake up to their pervision of the term “conservation” and the sick blood sports that they participate in. They may have the power now in government but they do not have the “hearts and minds” of the people outside their bastions of brutality. As more and more people are made aware of what hounding and hounders are all about they are more and more disgusted. It’s just a matter of time before the public backlash destroys their “sport” and the corrupt “fish and wildlife” agencies that enable them.

Tick tock…..tick tock……tick tock…….

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