Bear Baiting and Hounding: Wisconsin’s Culture of Cruelty in Action


Wisconsin’s Culture of Cruelty 

Wisconsin is a state that likes to pride itself on the availability of it’s “natural resources.” For normal people this means our land, water, and living and breathing creatures. The reality is that for much of Wisconsin “natural resources” are nothing more than living targets for some of the most disgusting, unethical, brutal, and sadistic acts of “hunting” that exist. I like to refer to my state as the home base for the slob “hunter.” Wisconsin allows for and even encourages the most horrific and unethical forms of “hunting” that are allowed anywhere.

  • Dogs are used as weapons.
  • Traps are spread across the landscape like land mines in a war zone.
  • Bears are allowed to be baited with an unlimited number of 55 gallon drums filled with stale doughnuts, cookies, and numerous other forms of junk food for at least six months of the year.
  • Deer “hunters” are allowed to sit over piles of corn and other bait just waiting for a hungry deer to walk into their sites to be arrowed or shot. Those same deer “hunters” are also allowed to grow “food plots” to get around baiting restrictions in some areas to habituate deer to a food source and grooming them to be shot or arrowed at some point during the year.
  • Wisconsin allows the use of “penning” to “train” vicious hounds to attack all forms if species in the state. These “pens” allow for coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife to be tormented and eventually ripped apart by hounds being “trained” to attack them in the wild.
  • Wisconsin also allows the hounding of one species or another 24/7/365 either as “training” or as a form of “hunting.”
  • Coyotes can be shot, arrowed, trapped, hounded throughout the year with no limits
  • Trappers can kill and sell the skins of as many animals as they want for the price of a meager “license fee.”
  • Trappers are essentially encouraged to kill protected animals with ZERO repercussions as long as they “report” it to the DNR so the DNR can sell the skins to fund “trapper education programs.”

This is just a small example of the most egregious elements of Wisconsin’s sick killing culture that is endorsed, encouraged, and even celebrated by those responsible for wildlife “management.” Dogs are weapons and it is perfectly acceptable to feed wildlife thousands of tons of junk food each and every year. What does that say about the sick culture of this state? Should anyone be shocked that our state is responsible for hosting some of the most notorious serial killers and narcissistic politicians in our country’s history? No they shouldn’t be surprised, if they even care at all. Considering that the very day the Wisconsin Assembly “debated” and voted on the two year special interest/Koch Brothers giveaway known as the state budget many came to the voting floor visibly inebriated following a two hour drinking binge during an alleged “bomb threat.”

Apparently no one cares. No one cares that our lawmakers are visibly drunk on the job when they vote to gut the foundations of our state and give foreign private companies the right to take YOUR land from under your feet. What does it say about a state when dog fighting is legal and you are allowed to artificially feed wildlife junk food for six months of the year to ensure that you have a nice fat animal to have your dogs rip apart later in the year? Where is the outrage?

The Scourge of Bear Baiting and Hounding in our National Forests 

As stated above Wisconsin is a bastion for the most horrific, unethical, and disgusting methods of “hunting.” Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Northern Wisconsin where bear baiting and hounding are allowed to be carried out with no oversight or repercussions for “violations.” Hounders and baiters from all over the country know that there is no oversight and flock to Wisconsin to “train” their packs of vicious dogs throughout the year and to place literally TONS of bear “bait” all over our public lands and national forests in the northern part of the state. No permit is required to “train” their unlimited number of dogs nor is any permit required to place thousands of pounds of “bait” all over our national forests and public lands.

In the twisted world of Wisconsin it is perfectly acceptable to transport giant drums of stale doughnuts, cookies, and a myriad of other junk foods and dump them in hollowed out logs all over our public lands in the north, especially in the national forests. Baiters post all kinds of pictures on social media showing trailers full of 55 gallon drums of bait being transported to our public lands to be dumped for SIX MONTHS of the year. The Wisconsin DNR and Legislature finds it perfectly acceptable and legal to habituate thousands of bears and other wildlife to human junk food for half of the year. Then when a bear happens to make their way into a human area to seek out more of that junk food the calls wail from the bear killers that we need to kill more, more, and more bears for “population control.” Bears in Wisconsin are basically farmed to provide targets for slob “hunters” from all over the country to hound, arrow, or shoot. No one can tell me that dumping thousands of pounds of junk food in bear habitat doesn’t help to artificially increase the bear population and make them more dependent on humans for their food sources. No one can also tell me that this isn’t a deliberate way to keep bear populations artificially high so that the slob “hunters” have an over abundance of targets for torment and trophy. This doesn’t even take into account the potential for disease transmission by drawing more and more animals to congregate in these bait areas.

The Wisconsin DNR apparently sees nothing wrong with this. It is perfectly acceptable with them for thousands of pounds of stale doughnuts, cookies, and other junk food to be deposited all over our public lands yet a SWAT team was needed to use againt an animal shelter for taking in an orphan fawn. You all remember Giggles the Fawn, right? That evil creature that the Wisconsin DNR and local authorities had to send a SWAT team into an animal shelter to kill because of the threat of “disease?” This is YOUR Wisconsin, folks. Where SWAT teams are used against kindhearted people trying to save an orphan baby deer and vicious hounds are allowed to run rampant 24/7/365 and wild bears can be fed literally TONS of junk food six months of the year on your public lands.

This was posted in a Black River Falls, Wisconsin newspaper last month.
This was posted in a Black River Falls, Wisconsin newspaper last month.

What I find especially concerning is that the vast majority of bear baiting activity seems to be occurring on U.S. Forest Service land in the National Forests occupying northern Wisconsin. The Forest Service is also apparently perfectly fine with thousands of pounds of stale junk food being trucked in and dumped onto the lands that they manage. They are also apparently okay with thousands of dogs being set loose to torment and attack the wildlife occupying these lands for much of the year. Imagine what would happen if you or I took a large trailer full of junk food and other assorted trash and drove it onto Forest Service lands and dumped it in various locations. We would be cited, fined, and possible arrested. Baiters can do this at will with no limitations or licensing required. The same goes for hounding and how they “train” their four legged weapons. What would happen if you took a pack of dogs and set them loose with no licenses or form of control in most jurisdictions in the state? If the dogs were not shot by the authorities or land owners you would also be cited, fined, and possible arrested. Hounders? Perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the law. They do not need any sort of license and can allow unlimited numbers of dogs to be set loose on our public lands whenever they want. See the problem and double standard here? What makes acceptable for slob “hunters” that use bait and packs of vicious dogs to do what they wish with impunity while the rest of us have rules and regulations regarding our behavior on US Forest Service lands?

“Your national forests and grasslands are 193 million acres of vast, scenic beauty waiting for you to discover. Visitors who choose to recreate on these public lands find more than 150,000 miles of trails, 10,000 developed recreation sites, 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 338,000 heritage sites, and specially designated sites that include 9,100 miles of byways, 22 recreation areas, 11 scenic areas, 439 wilderness areas, 122 wild and scenic rivers, nine monuments, and one preserve. And remember, “It’s All Yours.

Reading that statement would anyone think that the National Forest in Wisconsin are used as giant hound “training” areas and feed stations to bait bears for SIX MONTHS of the year? Come on Wisconsin, how is any of this acceptable on our public lands? Or any land for that matter? Is this acceptable to you? Is this acceptable to our populace?

Shame on you Wisconsin for condoning and encouraging this behavior.

Shame on the US Forest Service for allowing this on OUR lands.

Where is the outrage?

Contact the US Forest Service and ask them why it is acceptable for unlimited bear bating for SIX MONTHS of the year and for unlimited numbers of vicious dogs to be set loose on our lands.

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