In Wisconsin the Term “Family Tradition” Means Torturing and Killing Wildlife

Killing thousands of these docile birds for sport is considered a
Killing thousands of these docile birds for sport is considered a “family tradition” in Wisconsin.

Today on the Capital Times website a letter to the editor was posted about something that I have long questioned and been disgusted by. Why is killing animals considered a “family tradition” in this ass backward state? Wisconsin allows some of the most brutal and barbaric methods of “hunting” of anywhere in the country or even world, yet those methods are celebrated as “tradition” and even encouraged by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The letter states;

Dear Editor: Since buying a house in the north woods, I have become active in supporting wildlife and our wild places by writing emails, making phone calls to politicians, going to meetings — even writing to tourism committees.

Sadly, my husband and I have been very, very disappointed in the way things have been going in Wisconsin. Being from the suburbs of Chicago, I had no idea hunters could put out food for bears to attract them, hounds could be released in the woods to chase wild animals, and I would have to worry about walking my dogs on public lands for fear of traps.

I am tired of hearing about “family traditions” of killing animals. I can’t imagine teaching a child to kill animals.

We are nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and photographers. Translated: We want to see wildlife alive! For now,we are hanging on to our house in Illinois until we decide if we can actually live in Wisconsin.

Tim and Terri Minnick

Lac Du Flambeau

As one who was born and raised in this state I have never for one second been able to understand the sick and pathological obsession with killing animals. How does one derive pleasure from taking the live of something and then have a grinning photograph taken over the body of a once living and vibrant being? Along with the “tradition” of killing wildlife in Wisconsin is the sick methods of “training” dogs to be used against wildlife for what amounts to nothing more than state sanctioned harassment and fighting between animals. How and why is this behavior something that is allowed to become a “tradition” and passed down through generations? Should Wisconsin be proud that we are the premier destination for slob “hunters” from all over the world? Should we be proud that our population of bears can be habituated to tons of junk food over the span of six months each year and then be tormented with packs of vicious dogs for four of those months through the heat of summer? Should it be a “family tradition” that those same dogs can be used throughout the year against coyotes, wolves, bobcats, raccoons, and turkeys (yes, TURKEYS!!!) along with bears? Those “traditions” don’t even take into account how our lands have thousands of the medieval torture devices, known as traps, scattered like land mines waiting to crush unsuspecting wildlife or your pets. How about the proud “tradition” of blowing those vicious mourning doves out of the sky each and every year by the thousands? The same thing goes for the thousands of crows blown out of the sky each year while their young starve in nests. What about the trapping and killing of turtles? Is that another “family tradition” that Wisconsin should be proud of?

I often hear the question: “What is wrong with Wisconsin?” I wish I knew why a large number of our citizens derive pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on other living beings. Contrary to the oft repeated killing cartel propaganda, Wisconsin’s slob hunting “tradition” and “culture” has very little to do with “putting food on the table” or the even more ridiculous claims of promoting “conservation.” This “tradition” has more to so with killing for the sake of killing and deriving pleasure from having control of another life form than it does anything else. How do I know this? The mere fact that those who partake in killing animals just cannot wait to post pictures of them leering over their bloody kills for all to see is one way to show this. For me the biggest way to disprove the tired argument that they kill to “put food on the table” is to show how deer and other killed wildlife are described. They are “scored” in terms of rack size and “trophy” measurements to go along with the lurid photographs. This “scoring” obsession is so bad that local media outlets provide forums for state “hunters” to post pictures of themselves, often their kids, and their kills. Never do they say “look at this deer that I killed to put food on my table.” Quite the contrary. They usually brag about the “points” and “rack size.” If the killing really is about “putting food on the table” why doesn’t the media or great white hunters post pictures on forums showing them “hunting” for food at the grocery store or “harvesting” hamburger from the meat sections of said store?

I can only imagine the horror and revulsion that the Minnick’s feel when getting a taste of Wisconsin’s culture of cruelty up close and personal. Our state has been taken over by faceless killing cartels and associated front groups that feed off of the fears and ignorance of the populace. Their tentacles reach into every facet of state and local government and give preference to those wishing to torture, kill, and exploit wildlife. All this is done under the guise of “tradition” and fake “conservation” while shutting out the voice of the average citizen that finds sick practices likes hounding, baiting, and trapping to not only be unethical but abhorrent. Unfortunately the voices of people such as the Minnicks and other living wildlife advocates are ignored in Wisconsin and throughout most of the country. We get branded with slurs calling us “tree huggers,” “bunny huggers,” “PETA freaks,” “anti’s” and on and on and on as if showing compassion and kindness to other species is somehow the equivalent of pedophilia or some other sick behavior. The new slur among killing apologists seems to be calling us “wolf worshipers,” “predator worshipers,” etc. The killing cartels and their apologists in the media such as Patrick Durkin like to throw this slur at us while ignoring their same “worship” of guns, bows, and other killing implements. Apparently our passions are to be ridiculed and take a backseat to theirs.

I am glad that people such as the Minnicks are speaking out against the sick culture of cruelty that our state is becoming more and more know for with each passing day. I am also glad that people originating from outside the state are seeing the sick and barbaric “traditions” and “culture” that many of us Wisconsin natives have been screaming about for years only to be shut out, ridiculed, and ignored. Killing is not a “family tradition” unless your part of the Manson family or some other cultish enclave. Unfortunately that is what Wisconsin is destined to be seen as unless more of us speak out. It’s time to stop letting the purveyors of the culture of cruelty in Wisconsin dictate the conversation. Wisconsin is a hellhole for wildlife and for those of us that care for them. We need to be a voice for those that cannot speak and show what these “family traditions” and fake “conservation” really entails. Please follow the Minnick’s example and write your local newspapers to express your disgust with these “family traditions” and Wisconsin’s culture of cruelty.

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  1. Penny Bunnell says:

    I live in Land O’Lakes WI. I can’t agree more…..tradition or putting food on the table is the excuse for this animal torture! Glad to know though there are others here with my same feelings. Tradition is used all over the world to do terrible things to living beings. We have get these morons to evolve past this sick culture they have created toward animals.

  2. Pat Swanson says:

    I grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and have never agreed with the way people in these two States treat their Wildlife. It used to sicken me to listen at work to the “Hunting Stories” at break from groups of guys who were out hunting over the weekend. I can tell you a good percentage were poachers, because they would shoot at everything that moved, to include bald eagles, ravens, geese(out of season), raccoons, owls, the list goes on…. Not only was this common talk at one workplace, but many! Looking back now, I wish I would have turned in every one of those guys. I have since moved away and grateful that I don`t have to hear about this abusive sport, they call “Hunting”

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