The Lesson From Cecil: Let Us Not Forget the Other Victims of Trophy Killing Death Fetishists Right in Our Own Backyards


As outrage continues to mount against the Minnesota dentist and the killing cartels that enabled him to bait and kill Cecil the Lion we must not forget what is happening in our own backyards each and every day.

From last year’s wolf slaughter season in Wisconsin:


How about this “conservationist” posing with a puppy that she arrowed:

Photo used via
Photo used via “Fair Use.”

Who can forget US Forest Service Employee Josh Bransford and him striking a pose in front of a severely injured wolf that had been shot while languishing in Bransford’s trap in Idaho during their 2012 wolf slaughter?

Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012.
Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012.

How about the face and voice of the NRA, convicted poacher, pant crapping draft dodger, alleged pedophile, and all around scumbag, Ted Nugent, advocating for the poaching of wolves in Wisconsin and elsewhere:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.48.52 PM

How about these hounder killed wolves in Wisconsin and the ghouls posing with the dead bodies for a snuff article?


Yet another hounder killed and gut shot wolf. Photo used via "Fair Use."
Yet another hounder killed and gut shot wolf. Photos used via “Fair Use.”

These sadistic trophy killers are no less shameful than the pearly white toothed Minnesota dentist that murdered Cecil but the outrage seems to be lacking. Let’s change that. It’s time to start shaming each and every sick goon that post their boastful snuff pictures for the world to see. This is happening right in our backyard.


This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.
This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

This piece of garbage below let this wolf languish in a trap for over a week in Wisconsin and even though that was illegal, abhorrent, and unethical the Wisconsin DNR gave those involved a “warning” and took no further action.


These are just a few of the examples of what is being done daily to wolves and other predators right in our own backyard. While people are rightfully outraged at the death of Cecil and the scum that perpetrated it, I also think the same fury should be directed at the types of death fetishists above operating in our own backyards. These people are no less of a monster than Walter Palmer and his rich trophy killing buddies. One of the most common arguments that the killing fetishists use to “justify” their behavior, in addition to the BS “conservation” angle, is that animals “don’t have feelings” like humans do. While anyone that spends time with animals knows this to be a complete and total line of crap, I would argue that the animals in the pictures above are the ones void of feelings. I am not talking about the four legged ones.

Let’s hope that the selfish and horrific killing of Cecil starts a movement that allows us to decry and shame ALL of the trophy killing ghouls that exploit and torment our wildlife. Whether it is in Africa or in our own backyards this sick and abhorrent behavior needs to be called out for what it is and those partaking in the behavior need to be shamed by all. Let’s make sure that neither Cecil or the victims pictured above died in vain. It’s time to give the death fetishists and their apologist trolls a taste of their own medicine and expose them to the light.

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  1. erin fritsch says:

    These are senseless killings that must stop…..Now they just passed a law for Bobcat hunting…what have they ever done?…nothing…..peoples drive to shed blood is scary and unnerving….no wonder why we have people opening fire in public places or hunting dow/stalking people to kill…(people learn from example)…not a big revelation….people need to wake up!!!

  2. Justin Forte says:

    It is very frustrating that people will raise hell over a lion but not the wolves that are being killed here in our own country.

  3. Melissa says:


  4. Maureen says:

    I have no problems with hunting if you are feeding yourself but trophy hunting is above and beyond reason, it’s not a sport. I don’t care if it’s been happening for centuries. It is not a sport. Now having said that, I’m in two camps when it comes to culling. I know it’s evil but it’s a necessity of this age we live in. We have over populated this planet where every animal is on some sort of endangered list. Farmers in Africa and Asia are planting crops right up close to boundaries of parks and reserves. It’s not unheard of elephant killing people during a drought when they are in need of food or water…or big cats killing farmers in India.
    All this talk and news on Cecil the black maned lion is really shameful. Not only because he was killed for ‘sport’ but step back and think long and hard of the on going ripple effect his death will have on his pride. He was ‘alpha male’, father of 12 cubs and protector of the family group. Without him, his cubs will most likely be killed by any male lion, who sees the need to step up and take over. It will happen, Cecil’s lineage will cease to exist. After his death, the killing will carry on within his small family group…
    Reading the stories on this site in regards to the hunting of wolves. I applaud every one of you for the skills that must go into tracking and killing a wolf.
    Oh…sorry if you don’t get my sarcasm. You set a trap and waited for it catch your prey. Big bloody deal. Then…you wait whatever length of time you seem fit to pass before either killing this animal or you pose in front of it for a photo. The hunter in you scares the shit out of me. Hunt for food, not pleasure and never let any animal suffer more than is needed. And remember with the two brain cells you must surely have rolling around in your head…”WATCH YOUR STEP…YOU HAVE SET UP TRAPS. I’D HATE TO SEE YOU CAUGHT IN YOUR OWN”

  5. E.A. says:

    YouTube and its parent company Google should be shamed into deleting all the crass hunting videos they allow. Most such videos just show the moment of death, prolonged in the case of arrows. You can tell many of the animals died for someone’s camera on a slow weekend. They have no redeeming value and probably give nightmares to kids who stumble onto them. Moral adults can only shake their heads or get angry at such gratuitous carnage. Regular mass shootings of people are surely part of the same sickness.

    1. Pamela W says:

      I have mixed feelings about this. In some ways, I want EVERYONE to watch those horrific videos. I want to believe that most people would be outraged and sickened if they viewed the torture and suffering that “sportsmen/women” inflict, and I believe that might be the path to change. It is very abstract when it’s just a conversation; it is something entirely different when witnessed with one’s own eyes. I can’t remember which animal group did this, but one of them set up a laptop and paid passer-bys $1 or $2 to watch a short video of the slaughter of an animal (a farm animal, I think). People were horrified and traumatized. I doubt if it’s something they forgot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them actually changed their behavior as a result.

      There should be an internet hall of shame for perverts like those portrayed in the photos above. We have trouble changing the laws that allow this filthy disgraceful behavior, but we do have the tool of public scrutiny, outcry, and ridicule available. From what’s going on with Walter Palmer and his huntress wife, this tool is incredibly powerful. Let’s just expand the pool of “candidates,” shall we?

  6. Genevieve Mattie says:

    If you know who these people are and how to find them, please post. I am certain that people will respond. Is this Ted Nugent the rock singer?

    1. Pamela W says:

      Yes, it is the aging scumbag rocker Nugent.

      Also, since you care about this stuff, I suggest you avoid Jimmy John’s. The owner/founder is a big game hunter and poses with the corpses of his victims just like the Palmer and the perverts who persecute wolves (really, every species).

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