Taconite Tommy: A Special kind of A-Hole and How We Can Start to Fight Back

Would you trust THIS guy to make laws about our environment and wildlife?
Would you trust THIS guy to make laws about our environment and wildlife?

We live in a very very dark time for humanity, our wildlife, and for our entire democracy. I hope that some day in the future, if any of humanity is left, they will look back on these last few years in states like Wisconsin and be appalled that we allowed such vapid and vile “leaders” to ascend to power.

Wisconsin has always produced some unique characters that became politicians for both good and bad. For every Russ Feingold  or Bob LaFollette we also produced a Joe McCarthy or “Lyin” Paul Ryan. Today, instead of the best and brightest, Wisconsin seems to be producing the worst and vilest. Scott Walker, Glenn Grothman, Joel Kleefisch, (G)Ried Ribble, former “reality show star” Sean Duffy, and “SunSpot” Ron Johnson are just a few of the anti-woman, anti-environment, anti-wildlife, anti-education, anti-healthcare types that our Wisconsin has foisted upon both the state and national levels. Not to be outdone the “opposition” party in Wisconsin has pandering fakes that are not much better as evidenced by Tammy Baldwin and the anti-wolf Ron Kind.

Among all of these examples of vile anti-everything and pandering politicians there is one other that brings special meaning to the term A$$HOLE. That would be none other than Senator Taconite Tom Tiffany of northern Wisconsin. I wrote about Taconite Tommy having a hissy fit a couple of months ago because in his view not “enough” bobcats were allowed to be killed to satisfy the bloodlust of some of his constituents. That coupled with his mining company benefactors pulling out of Taconite Tommy’s pet mining project due to environmental concerns, Tiffany decided to push for the gutting of the science division of the DNR in retaliation. He got his way when Scott Walker signed the 2015-17 state budget gutting the science division. 

While most people would hang their head in shame getting called out for being such an obvious shill for mining companies and killing cartels, Taconite Tommy is proud of having this distinction. From this article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

His track record in the 2013-’14 legislative session earned Tiffany and two other legislators membership on the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ “dishonor roll.”

Tiffany’s record this year isn’t any better — maybe worse, asserted Kerry Schumann, executive director of the league.

“He certainly seems to be fighting to get on it again,” she said.

During a lengthy interview in his district, Tiffany’s eyes gleamed when he was read Schumann’s comments. Usually diplomatic in public forums, the lawmaker also does not mince words.

“That’s a badge of honor,” Tiffany said.

He dismissed the League as “out of the mainstream.” The award hangs on the wall of his Capitol office.

Wow. It takes a special kind of A$$HOLE to be proud of destroying the environment and being a shill for destructive mining and anti-environmental practices. Be proud Wisconsin. This is the type of person that you entrusted with making laws that are supposed protect and enhance our environment. Instead people like Taconite Tommy take pride in the destruction that they are causing on behalf of extractive industries and killing cartels.

How can you help change the direction that people like Taconite Tommy are “leading” us?

Wisconsin Finally Has a League of Humane Voters Chapter

For a long time in Wisconsin those of us that care for our domestic and wild animals have felt like our voice has been silenced, ridiculed, and overruled by the extremist killing groups that have the ear of most state politicians. This can start to change with the establishment of the new and only Wisconsin Chapter of the League of Human Voters.

About the League of Human Voters-Wisconsin Chapter:

League of Humane Voters®-WI Chapter is a non-profit organization (PAC) that advocates for animal protection across the state of WI. LOHV-WI works to build voting blocs by tabling at events across the state. These voting blocs can be engaged at the town and county level as well as legislative districts across the state. We endorse candidates at the local and state level who ENACT animal protection ordinances and legislation.

Do we want people like Taconite Tom Tiffany or convicted wildlife violator, Joel Kleefisch, making the decisions that impact our wildlife and treatment of domestic animals? If you do not the LOHV-WI is where your voice can begin to be heard.

For more information and to sign up please visit:

The League of Human Voters- Wisconsin Chapter website and “Like them on Facebook

This is the type of organization that Wisconsin sorely needs and if you care about our animals, both wild and domestic, please consider getting involved with them.

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