Wisconsin Hounder Uses His Hounds to Torment Trapped Cats… Wisconsin Law Enforcement Refuses to Take Any Action

***Apparently people are not taking the time to read the entire post. This WAS REPORTED almost a year ago and the named “authorities” REFUSED to take any action. We are only asking people to contact these agencies and ask them WHY no charges should have been filed NOT to report the violation. The suspect is not being named here because these agencies ALREADY KNOW who the person is.***

Very little that wildlife advocates see on a daily basis is ever positive or warms the heart. Those deeply involved in exposing the cruelty that is allowed and even encouraged in Wisconsin see horrific videos and images each and every day. While I like to pretend that “nothing” shocks or horrifies me anymore, I would be lying. Each and every sick snuff video or picture that I see pierces me right to my core. I don’t share every video or picture that I see because it would just be overwhelming for those of us that care about wildlife, but every once an a while a video or picture is so shocking that it needs to be exposed.

For the past year concerned wildlife advocates have been sitting on videos made by an individual residing in Portage County, Wisconsin in the hopes that the Portage County Sheriff’s Department or the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would take some type of action against the perpetrator. To this date they have refused to take any action.

What follows below are screen shots of these videos along with links to the videos themselves.

Wisconsin bear hounder allowing his dogs to torment trapped cat.
Wisconsin hounder allowing his dogs to torment trapped cat. Photo and video shared under Fair Use.

The full video can be seen on our YouTube page here:


If you think the above video is bad the same perpetrator is not done tormenting cats and other wildlife. Here is a second screen shot followed by the link to the full video showing the dogs tormenting a second cat.

Different trapped cat being tormented by bear hounds.
Different trapped cat being tormented by hounds. Screenshot and video shared under Fair Use.

The full video can be seen below:


What we are seeing in these videos is the total disregard for the law and animal welfare in general. Bear hounders like to pretend that they are “ethical” and follow all of the laws. Frankly from the evidence I have seen that couldn’t be further from the truth and as these videos show their “community” is full of people that derive pleasure from tormenting other animals. Here are the Wisconsin statutes being violated by this individual that the Portage County Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin DNR refuse to enforce:

Chapter 951: Crimes Against Animals

951.02  Mistreating animals. No person may treat any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner. This section does not prohibit normal and accepted veterinary practices.

(2) ”Cruel” means causing unnecessary and excessive pain or SUFFERING or unjustifiable injury or death.

(2) Hound dog training license.
169.20(2)(a)(a) The department shall issue a hound dog training license to any individual who is at least 10 years of age who files a proper application and pays the applicable fee. If the department issues a hound dog training license to an individual who is under 12 years of age, the individual is subject to the restrictions specified under s. 29.592.
169.20(2)(b) (b) A hound dog training license authorizes the holder of the license to purchase, possess, release into the wild, and hunt any of the following wild animals for the purpose of teaching hound dogs to track game:

**this list doesn’t include domestic cats***

169.20(2)(b)1. 1. Live captive rabbit purchased or otherwise acquired from a person holding a captive wild animal farm license.
169.20(2)(b)2. 2. Live captive raccoon.
169.20(2)(b)3. 3. Live captive bear of the species Ursus americanus.
169.20(2)(b)4. 4. Live captive fox.
169.20(2)(b)5. 5. Live captive coyote.
169.20(2)(b)6. 6. Live captive bobcat

The response from the DNR and local law enforcement doesn’t surprise me. Animal cruelty violations are almost never prosecuted and in the case of hounders the key word is NEVER.

Here is another example of the type of people that we are dealing with here and how they operate. They proudly post photos and videos like the one below to social media sites:

Wisconsin hounder in action. Photo shared under Fair Use.
Wisconsin hounder in action. Photo shared under Fair Use.

Video of above hounds attacking the raccoon is below.


Once again the Wisconsin DNR refused to take any action because the video “didn’t show the animal being killed by the dogs.”

Outraged yet? This kind of behavior occurs daily in the bloodsport capital of the United States also known as Wisconsin. The “authorities” give people like those above free reign to do whatever they wish to animals and the hounders know it. They are even brazen enough to record their illegal activity and share it for the world to see.

For those questioning as to whether or not this has been reported here is how the Wisconsin DNR and Portage County Sheriff’s Department blew off the original complaint. The suspect’s name and original complainant has been removed from the email.

From: “Lockman, Bryan R – DNR” <Bryan.Lockman@wisconsin.gov>

A Detective from the Portage County Sheriff’s Department took a look at those videos and state that because no animal was technically harmed there wouldn’t be anything they could pursue for charges.

We are committed to service excellence.
Visit our survey at http://dnr.wi.gov/customersurvey to evaluate how I did.

Bryan Lockman
Phone: (715) 344-3694

Then we have the same DNR employee responding to the video of the raccoon being attacked by hounds:

From: “Lockman, Bryan R – DNR” <Bryan.Lockman@wisconsin.gov>

The only legal way to harvest a raccoon is by firearm, airgun, bow and arrow, crossbow or trapping. If he allowed the dogs to kill the coon then he would have harvested it with an illegal method. Going by what the video showed it wasn’t killed, so it wouldn’t violate that statute.

We are committed to service excellence.
Visit our survey at http://dnr.wi.gov/customersurvey to evaluate how I did.

Bryan Lockman
Phone: (715) 344-3694

There you have it. Wisconsin doesn’t care if you torture cats with your dogs because they weren’t “harmed.” Wisconsin also doesn’t care if you let your hounds physically attack wildlife and video tape it because the animal wasn’t shown being killed. How’s that for being “committed to excellent service?”

At this time I am not naming the perpetrator of the above illegal activity. The Portage County Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin DNR should hear from all of you as to why no charges have been forwarded for prosecution regarding these incidents. Let them know what you think about their refusal to enforce the laws:

Portage County Sheriff’s Department 


Please DO NOT call their dispatch centers and tie up their emergency lines. Email would be preferable right now.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: 

Wisconsin DNR Email Link

18 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    How can we report the incident without the name of the individual and location. I need solid facts about dates, times, names and locations according the the tip line and the sheriff’s department. A stall tactic? Maybe.

  2. Melissa says:

    Also, just a thought if the DNR and Sheriff ignores this complaint. I just made a phone call to the DA as well. Services and Functions of the District Attorney’s Office:

    The Office of the District Attorney is created under Chapter 978, Wisconsin Statutes. This department represents the people of Wisconsin and Portage County in the courts. The District Attorney and his staff prosecute state criminal matters, forfeiture actions, state and county traffic code and ordinance violations, Department of Natural Resources violations, juvenile, and domestic abuse cases. In addition, the District Attorney also operates the Victim/Witness Program which provides support to victims and witnesses of crime.

    The primary purpose of the Victim/Witness Program is to provide information, referral and support to citizens and law enforcement officers of Portage County who have been victims of or witnesses to crimes, and to ensure that the services specified under Chapter 950, Wisconsin Statutes, are made available to them. To achieve that end, the Victim/Witness Coordinator and staff maintain contact with victims and witnesses to update them on case progress in the criminal justice system.

    1. rali74 says:

      The agencies named were made aware of this almost a year ago and we have the paper trail. They and we know who this person is. The named agencies are being given time to correct the errors in their way. If not the entire paper trail will be released and the subject will be named.

      1. Melissa says:

        Ok, just reporting what I was told calling the tipline. I left a message for the DA’s office including a link to your blog. Thank you for your work on this.

  3. Allowing any animal to be tortured for the purpose of training to torture sheds a light on the politicos who write the laws. It sheds light on the mentality of those who elect these people as well. Animals living in Wisconsin are of no value there. They should run for their lives!

  4. michele sadauskad says:

    Please expose the name. If this video was posted on social media, then THEY have already exposed themselves! I will GLADLY call, but having name and incident makes my case, otherwise I look uniformed and will not be taken seriously. I lived in Portage County for over a decade, and would love to put pressure on prosecuting crimes such as these.

    1. rali74 says:

      The PCSO knows who the suspect is as this was reported almost a year ago to them and the raccoon video was reported to the Wisconsin DNR. Neither agency took any action and claimed that no laws were violated contrary to how may of us read the statutes. At this time we are not comfortable releasing the suspect’s name but our ultimate goal is to see that justice is served. However there are several even more sadistic videos that were forwarded to us that came from this same person’s Facebook page. We want the public to see that this is endemic of how hounders in this state operate. Unfortunately this is NOT an isolated incident and focusing all of our attention on this one individual is not the ultimate goal. This IS Wisconsin. This is what happens in our woods each and every day. Maybe now that people see a domestic animal such as a cat being tormented they may wake up to see the evils of hounding and speak with one loud and resounding voice.

  5. TATJANA LOLL says:

    please publish the names of these criminals and then lets make sure that the virtual Hell breaks lose over them.

  6. Gail says:

    CRUELTY TO WILDLIFE! They’d better damn well institute some laws that punish these insane behaviors! Torturing them is okay…as long as they don’t die?!? They are certifiably insane!

  7. Danielle Riggens says:

    Re-blogging was brilliant. I live in a City where critters are considered garbage. I have two “so called” feral cats. They are sweet and gentle felines. Be conscientious regarding a four footed friend.

  8. Pamela W says:

    Unfortunately, welcome to the “fish and game” department of any state. They are staffed by killing enthusiasts, and they answer to killing enthusiasts. The rest of us have no place at the table or in the conversation. The system is rotten, without exception. Hounders are among the worst, and I consider them in the same cesspool as trappers. The “enforcement” personnel in the f&g department PROMOTE these activities, you know. We need a complete overhaul of this filthy system, as well as a public hall of shame for these perverts. F&G personnel would be there, along with the dangerous, deranged individuals who get off on torturing animals.

  9. Scott Slocum says:

    All three of these videos show violations of Wisconsin animal and wildlife laws (or Statutes or Rules). The Wisconsin permit for hound training does not allow the use or abuse of domestic or feral cats. Wisconsin animal-cruelty laws prohibit the inhumane treatment of domestic or feral cats. The Wisconsin permit for hound training allows the use (or abuse) of a raccoon in a cage, but it does not allow the attack shown in this video. The raccoon is a protected species, the next hunting season for raccoon is open from 10/17/2015 to 2/15/2016; this video shows illegal pursuit of a protected species by hounds during the closed season. “Hunting” is defined in the small-game regulations as “shooting, shooting at, pursuing, taking, catching, or killing any wild animal.”

  10. Nancy Robison says:

    these people are awful!!this must stop!

  11. Hunting is not a “sport” or an “entertainment.” It is simply a legal way for people to channel their savage impulses and sadistic behavior away from society (where they would end up in prison or in the death chamber for such torture).

    As for taking action, I will email. But I suspect many law enforcement officials in the big hunting states do not want to prosecute out of fear for their lives or their jobs. Same for lawyers and judges.

    Finally, the hunters do not care much about their dogs either, risking their injury and death from wild aimals. SOME STATES EVEN PAY HUNTERS FOR DOGS THEY LOSE THAT WAY!


    ” For each dog that is killed by wolves the hounder receives a $2500 payout from the Wisconsin DNR. These payouts have gone to repeat claimants and people with serious criminal convictions. Now that hounders can “train” their dogs against wolves 24/7/365 expect many more dogs to be killed by wolves defending their territory and offspring. While Wisconsin law states that wolf hounders will not receive a reimbursement for dogs killed while “hunting and training” against wolves, all the hounder needs to claim is that they were “training” against bears or “hunting” coyotes. When the dog is killed the DNR will not know any different and a nice fat $2500 check will be issued to the hounder. When the DNR has been questioned about this possibility they say that they rely on the “honesty” of the hounder.”

    Can it get any uglier?

  12. I think all of this is good evidence for a court case/law suit against the Wisconsin DNR and sheriff to be sued for not upholding or enforcing the law. Where’s PETA? Where’s HSUS? If no action by them then a Tweet storm at the very least. Yes, I am damned angry. I am not only a wolf advocate but a cat person. THIS MUST STOP.

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