Wisconsin GOP Legislature Seeks to Attack Free Speech, Allow Toddlers to Hunt, and Promote Trespassing and Poaching: Just Another Week in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

The poor great white hunter. They are such a persecuted entity in the state of Wisconsin. Not only can they shoot, arrow, hound, trap,bait, and kill almost any species throughout the year they also control the governorship, legislature, Natural Resources Board, courts, county boards, and apparently every other government entity, but that is apparently not enough….

Another Mass Shooting: When Did the Constitution Become a Suicide Pact?

Another week and another mass shooting. Another loser with unlimited access to numerous weapons destroys the lives of dozens of people in a matter of seconds. Why? We keep hearing some politicians clamoring for “solutions” while others continue to pander to the sick gun culture that permeates our society. As I have stated before I…