Another Mass Shooting: When Did the Constitution Become a Suicide Pact?

M-16 rifle "family."  Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
M-16 rifle “family.”
Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Another week and another mass shooting. Another loser with unlimited access to numerous weapons destroys the lives of dozens of people in a matter of seconds. Why? We keep hearing some politicians clamoring for “solutions” while others continue to pander to the sick gun culture that permeates our society. As I have stated before I am a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve, have worked in the law enforcement field for almost half of my life, and own a firearm for home protections. Guns do not scare me. The people that fetishize and worship the gun are what scares me. The idea that “nothing” can prevent these senseless murders is even more horrifying. Take this from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson: 

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, speaking after a tour of a Madison manufacturer, called for a “thoughtful” discussion on the issue but said he wasn’t sure anything could be done to prevent the shootings.

“I’m not sure, I have my doubts,” Johnson said. “Take a look right now at background checks. We have them in place and so many of these tragedies, the laws we have put in place haven’t prevented them.”

Of course “nothing” can ever be done to prevent these mass murders when you worship at the altar of gun fetishism and are a tool of the gun industry front groups, right Ro Jo?There is plenty that can be done if Americans would stop pretending that the Constitution is a suicide pact that cannot be adapted for the times that we live in. The Second Amendment that is worshipped by the gun fetishists states that there is a right to “keep and bear arms.” It doesn’t say a damn thing about a right to shoot anything and everything and have access to each and every type of firearm imaginable. For gun fetishists this part of the Constitution takes priority over every other part because having access to their killing toys is more important than even the right to live for most Americans. I would wager a bet that the vast majority of gun obsessed Americans also consider themselves “pro-life” yet they seem to have no problem blowing off each and every increasingly frequent instance where LIFE is eradicated in schools, theaters, office buildings, malls, etc., as an “isolated incident.” They are only “pro-life” when it does’t get in the way of their gun worship I would bet.

The way politicians pander to the extreme gun crowd, who are referred to as “ammosexuals” by many on my side of the political spectrum, is for me the most terrifying aspect of the culture of our country. What other supposedly “civilized” country has mass shooting occur almost daily in homes, schools, theaters, malls, and other public gathering places like we do in the United States? After each mass killing the two sides form ranks and repeat the same mantras and then we all revert back to the status quo within a couple of weeks or sooner depending on when the next football “scandal” drops or when the next dude decides that he is a chick to take away media focus from real societal issues.

The status quo is no longer acceptable and those that keep saying that “nothing” can be done can frankly piss off. A select element of our society has turned our Constitution into a suicide pact that allows the weak and cowardly types to use their ownership of guns to intimidate and bully the rest of us. When our streets begin to look like Baghdad or Kabul because some chickenhawk that failed in every aspect of their life decides to strap on an assault rifle and parade around Target or walks into a school and executes children it shows how the gun obsessed element of our society has indeed made the Second Amendment a suicide pact.

We keep hearing about how the “power and influence” of groups like the National Redneck Rifle Association (NRA) prevents Congress and other government institutions from meaningfully tackling gun issues. Why is that? Why do our elected politicians grovel at the feet of an organization led by a typical chickenhawk and that allows convicted poachers and draft dodgers to sit on their “board.” Why are they so terrified of these people? Why do thousands of people have to die each year because of the whims of these people and their “influence?” Why does the general public need to be held hostage by these goons and their “influence?” How many more kids have to be executed by another bowl haircutted loser with easy access to weapons designed only to KILL?

The gun fetishists, not content at perverting the Constitution, even try to change the terminology of what these weapons designed to KILL are used for. During World War Two Nazi Germany designed and fielded what became known as the first “Assault Rifle,” the Sturmgewehr 44. This weapon, translated into English as the “Assault Rifle 44,” is the forefather of every other similar type of weapon strictly designed to KILL on the battlefield. This includes the Russian AK-47American M-16, and the “civilian” equivalent and gun fetishist favorite the AR-15. As is usual with the right wing and killing obsessed groups in the United States, the NRA and similar organizations have sought to sanitize the terminology and convince people that these KILLING implements really aren’t that and are merely ” modern sporting rifles.” You read that right. Weapons designed to be used on the battlefields of Bastogne, Khe Sanh, Mogadishu, Baghdad, Kabul, and a myriad of other battlegrounds since 1944 are merely “modern sporting rifles.” Much like how the killing cartels, the NRA included, sanitize the killing of animals by referring to it as “harvesting,” ASSAULT rifles are now “modern sporting rifles.” This is how the NRA defines the term “assault rifle” because they apparently are now so all powerful that they can even change the meaning of words in the dictionary:

By U.S. Army definition, a selective-fire rifle chambered for a cartridge of intermediate power. If applied to any semi-automatic firearm regardless of its cosmetic similarity to a true assault rifle, the term is incorrect.

Of course the NRA doesn’t tell you why it would be “incorrect” for this term to be applied to these weapons. This is how Merriam-Webster defines an assault rifle:

Full Definition of ASSAULT RIFLE

: any of various automatic or semiautomatic rifles with large capacity magazines designed for military use

The gun fetish groups would like you to believe that the terms like “assault rifle” were constructs of the “liberal media” and that because and AR-15 only looks exactly like an M-16 they are two completely different things. Of course they neglect to mention that these “modern sporting rifles” fire the exact same ammunition, use high capacity magazines, and function EXACTLY the same as their military equivalent minus the ability for full automatic fire. According to gun industry front groups like the “National Shooting Sports Foundation” these weapons are no more powerful than average hunting rifles and gosh darnit “they are a lot of fun to shoot!” So why do most mass shooters choose “modern sporting rifles” or rapid firing pistols to carry out their carnage instead of “traditional hunting rifles” if they are no more powerful or effective at killing?

As I pointed out earlier the term “assault rifle” came from the German designed Sturmgewehr 44. This translated into English means ASSAULT RIFLE 44. Of course history and facts have no bearing when it comes to the propaganda that the gun industry front/gun fetish groups put out. Here is another example from a “fact” sheet put out by the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.” An assault rifle is fully automatic — a machine gun. Automatic firearms have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1934.

Funny, as a veteran I know full well that rifles and machine guns are two entirely different categories. Apparently the chickenhawks that run these gun fetish groups must not. The M-16 is the military version of the AR-15 and it is a RIFLE that is fed ammunition through a magazine. A “machine gun” is larger and is fed ammunition via a “belt.” The M-16, even though capable of fully automatic fire, is labeled by the United States military as a RIFLE and NOT a machine gun. The AR-15, a civilian derivative of the M-16, is also a RIFLE. So if the M-16, even though capable of fully automatic fire, is labeled as a RIFLE one would assume that the AR-15, from the same family, is also a RIFLE? So in other words the capability of fully automatic fire is NOT just restricted to machine guns and it is NOT a defining element as to whether a rifle is considered an “assault rifle.”

The loser cowards that walked into Sandy Hook, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, Umpqua Community College, and the dozens of other now infamous locales didn’t choose their weapons based on “sporting.” They chose them to be used for what they were designed for: to KILL. That is the same for the pistols and rifles that these cowards used. These weapons were designed to KILL and most were derivatives of weapons designed for military purposes and wartime use.

But what do I know? I only served in the military unlike most of the “leaders” and mouthpieces of these gun fetish groups.

Don’t for one second believe that “nothing” can be done about these mass slaughters and that we somehow have to just “accept” them as being part of American life. There are now more guns than people in this country. When does it become enough? When our streets, schools, mass, theaters, and other public gathering areas resemble Baghdad? Mogadishu? Kabul?

It’s time to stop pretending that the Constitution is a suicide pact and that we just have to accept mass murder as a part of life. We live in a culture of death, death, and more death. When schools aren’t being shot up the great purveyors of the Second Amendment are killing animals to satiate that sick American bloodlust.

Great purveyor of the Second Amendment. Be proud 'Murica. Photo used via Fair Use.
Great purveyor of the Second Amendment. Be proud ‘Murica. Photo used via Fair Use.

We are indeed a culture of death and those that fetishize over it always prey on the weak, be it animal or human. I am ashamed to share the same nationality and species as the thing above. Isn’t America great? Mass shootings, mass slaughter of animals, bombing hospitals, and on and on and on. If we continue to use our Constitution and the perverted notion of “American Exceptionalism” as an excuse for killing the innocent in our own borders and exporting that killing to other locales than we are no better than the monsters we are fighting against.

Shame on you America and your sick death fetish.

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  1. sue hodges says:

    What a wonderful column. Most Europeans and Asians think the U S. Is fast becoming a nation of psychopaths. Most terrorists envy us.

    And I learned a new word today thanks to your peice…Ammosexual. Love it…hope it becomes part of our vernacular.

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