Why the Rift Between the Environmental and Animal Rights Movements?


This is a question that I have been puzzling over for a very long time. Please read and share.

The Shitty Activist

Graphic: Big Mama Earth Learning Academy Graphic: Big Mama Earth Learning Academy

– by The Shitty Activist

Most activism focuses on improving the lot of humankind. However, the environmental and animal rights movements go beyond Homo sapiens to advocate for the remaining 99.9% of life on Earth.

Environmentalists traditionally work to protect and preserve natural ecosystems, such as forests and rivers, and the wild creatures that live there. Animal rights activists tend to promote the welfare of the creatures humanity has plucked from nature, including domesticated pets such as dogs and cats, zoo dwellers like elephants and apes, and farm animals like cows and chickens. While each movement deals with non-human life, each typically operates independently of the other (with some exceptions, such as the recent global outrage against the killing of Cecil the lion.)

Why do these two efforts so rarely intersect? And is this lack of solidarity an obstacle to their success?

While anti-poverty…

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  1. I’m one of them… and I won’t give up!

  2. sue hodges says:

    Here are some of the big environmental groups which remain silent when wildlife is at stake, or endangered by humans….The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, The League of Conservation Voters who sponsor an “wild meats” feed at the end of their annual lobby day in Wisconsin. Yes, I am calling you all out for what you are. Sycophants to the hunting lobby.

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