Representative Adam Jarchow: Man of the People (Unless you are liberal, live in Madison or, believe in Free Speech)


Those of us that live in Wisconsin know full well how our state has an obsession with drinking, sports, and killing. When it comes to the killing part it seems that no place is safe from those that seek to trap, shoot, arrow, bait, and hound our wildlife. In 2012 this became all the more apparent when the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill that allowed these activities to take place in our state parks.

Last week State Senator Fred Risser, a longtime friend to animals, introduced a proposal to free our state parks from the grip of those hellbent on making sure wildlife has no sanctuary in our state. From the article:

The first of two bills, both authored by state Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, would outlaw hunting in state parks, while the second would prohibit the use of steel-jaw and body-gripping traps and snares on state park land.

Risser cited safety concerns as his rationale for the two bills, saying in a statement that hunting was preventing his constituents from enjoying the state’s natural resources.

“There ought to be more places in the state where hunting is not permitted under any circumstances,” Risser said in the statement. “Hunters already have many locations where they are allowed to hunt, but state parks exist for everyone’s enjoyment, from hikers and cross-country skiers to bird-watchers and photographers.”

I want to thank Senator Risser for doing this in the face of hopeless odds. Our state is controlled by increasingly more extreme anti-wildlife elements that think they are the only ones with “rights” and the rest of us are supposed to just sit down and shut up. Need an example of this? Following the introduction of Senator Risser’s bill one of the most extreme and arrogant members of the power drunk Wisconsin GOP Legislature, Adam Jarchow, put out this “press release” that more resembles the ramblings of a playground bully than an elected official:


This guy makes sure to hit all of the right wing “dog whistles” here. People in Madison are evil, “liberals,” and apparently have no right to have representation in OUR own state and OUR own government. Who exactly are these “constituents” Jarchow speaks of? In case it was missing from the job description when this guy was elected, his job is to represent ALL citizens and not just those that scream the loudest, but of course that’s just not how it works in Walker’s Wisconsin.

Want to know what is “disappointing,” Jarchow? It is disappointing that right wing extremists like you believe that PUBLIC lands exist only for you and your ilk. That is of course unless those public lands get in the way of big money interests and campaign donors:

Before the recent passage of the state biennial budget bill and its signing into law by Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin boasted one of the most comprehensive shoreland zoning arrangements in the nation.

Under a sweeping arrangement approved by he state legislature in 1995, Wisconsin counties were free to make their own shoreland zoning arrangements, so long as they were no less strict than state requirements. In Bayfield County, the result of this was the creation of a sophisticated code for shoreland zoning that was developed involving stakeholders like lakeshore residents, real estate interests, local business people, zoning officials and ordinary citizens.

Through give and take, they developed an ordinance that took into account the size and environmental sensitivity of the 371 lakes in the county, tailoring regulation to fit the individual lakes. In many instances, those regulations were more restrictive than state shoreland zoning requirements, but according to supporters, better protected the local resources.


However, all of that abruptly changed when Walker inked the state budget. For within the hundreds of pages of that document was a provision known as Motion 520, which in a single sweeping act, eliminated the ability of any Wisconsin county to enact shoreland regulation more restrictive than that of state law.

In that one move, the legislature and governor turned on its head legislation that has been on the books for two decades.

In so doing, they have raised the ire of lakes associations, zoning administrators and environmentalists throughout the state.

Despite this, two legislators who have been closely associated with the bill, State Senator Tom Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst and State Assembly Member Adam Jarchow, R- Balsam Lake, insist they are merely acting to balance environmental protection and property rights.

“We are returning property rights to people,” Tiffany told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“There are a lot of property owners who really get the shaft, frankly, from counties,” Jarchow told the Journal Sentinel.

Ah yes, “the people.” Just who are “the people” Taconite Tommy and Jarchow are concerned about? Maybe people like these?

Elizabeth Uihlein, a major donor to Gov. Scott Walker, has reached an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources to buy 1.75 acres of prime lakefront property in Vilas County — a deal that gives her direct lake access to another property she now owns.

The agreement calls for the DNR to sell Uihlein 765 feet of frontage on Rest Lake in the Town of Manitowish Waters for $275,000. She currently owns an adjacent 11-unit condominium complex without lake access.

Uihlein and her husband, Richard, have donated nearly $3 million to Walker in recent years.

Are these the”constituents” that Jarchow refers to? A real man of “the people” this guy is. But it gets even better. He is also a “bear hunter” and his bear hounder/baiter buddies are apparently upset that their sick practices are now being exposed for the whole world to see and they aren’t too happy about it. Here is the latest proposal from Jarchow for his “constituents.”

This week, I have been garnering support for LRB 3445, otherwise known as the Right to Hunt Act.

I have been made aware by many people in our area that this is an issue for our hunters, fishermen and trappers. Not only is hunting a favorite pastime, but in Wisconsin it is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Unfortunately, there are people in our area and throughout Wisconsin who disagree with these practices and take their opposition a bit too far. I respect their right to disagree, however when they are impeding the rights of hunters, something needs to be done. This bill would give local law enforcement the tools they need to enforce the current hunter harassment laws and can enforce stricter penalties for breaking this law.

I am proud to stand up for outdoorsmen and women in Wisconsin and will continue to do so during my time in office.

So accessing PUBLIC lands and exercising our First Amendment rights are going “too far?” You want to know what is going “too far?” How about Jarchow’s “constituents” being allowed to dump almost FIVE MILLION GALLONS of bait on public land in 2014? How about allowing THOUSANDS of vicious dogs to run rampant on public lands with no license needed 24/7/365? Wildlife advocates are going “too far” by trying to publicize these activities and the numerous violations that get ignored by the Wisconsin DNR? The hounders and baiters don’t like being exposed to the light so they have their buddies in the legislature just write new laws to make sure they can continue to operate in the shadows. Isn’t “free speech” wonderful? Apparently Jarchow skipped over the First Amendment and went right to the Second. Let’s see how limiting or restricting access to our fellow citizens on PUBLIC lands because they have a different ideology plays out in federal court. That is a battle that I can’t wait to be waged. Maybe then the public will see what the baiters and hounders are trying so desperately to hide. Throwing stones in glass houses…………

But this is Walker’s Wisconsin where anything that doesn’t conform to the one party rule ideology of people like Jarchow gets shut down. Us “liberals,” or people that live in that bastion of evil known as Madison, apparently aren’t allowed to have opinions or be represented by OUR legislators without being subjected to ridicule and insults from people like the wealthy lawyer Adam Jarchow. Apparently Senator Risser isn’t allowed to do his job of representing his constituents because he lives “in a condominium in downtown Madison” without being bullied and ridiculed by this wealthy lawyer/Tea Party extremist. Does Jarchow live in a cave? How about a dumpy trailer? Now where oh where would a wealthy lawyer like Adam Jarchow reside if not something like a “condominium in downtown Madison” which is apparently too “liberal” of a dwelling for a “man of the people” like himself?

Please take the time to let Rep. Jarchow know what you think of his comments and proposals.

Representative Adam Jarchow’s Facebook Page

His Legislative Page

Also please thank Senator Risser for standing up against the killers and for our wildlife.

Senator Fred Risser 

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