Protecting Criminals While Criminalizing Free Speech and More Killing Obsessed Absurdity from Wisconsin

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.
This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin. Photo used via Fair Use.

One of the more perplexing things in our twisted and sick society is the fact that hunters, hounders, and trappers seem to have some kind of built in immunity from the illegal acts that so many perpetrate. In Wisconsin alone hounders, baiters, and trappers seem to be protected at all levels of government and have a disgusting element of entitlement that is highly disturbing.

Last week I wrote about bills in the Wisconsin Legislture that seek to criminalize free speech and the navigation of public lands to protect hounders, baiters, and trappers. Another bill removes the requirement for hunters in Wisconsin to wear back tags opening the door for more trespassing and not being able to easily identify wildlife violators. Why does Wisconsin feel the need to protect unethical “hunting” practices and trespassers from being exposed and prosecuted? One clue may lie in the group pushing the “hunter harassment” bill that was introduced by Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association member Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA). The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and their lobbyist Bob Welch, have made it clear that their hatred for wolves and love for hounding take priority over everything else. This bill is in effect their takeover of our public lands and making the state prioritize their sick practices over everything else.

The bear hounders and baiters already are responsible for writing the bill that essentially legalized dog fighting and the yearly reckless slaughter of our small wolf population. They also mandated that hounders get paid $2500 dollars for each dog allegedly killed by wolves while being allowed to run rampant through our woods. Thankfully, a federal judge stepped in last December and relisted the Great Lakes wolf population in the face of irresponsible and reckless state “management” plans. This listing stands for now but anti-wolf factions in Congress are looking to overturn this ruling each and every day. Even with wolves listed the bear hounders and baiters (usually one in the same) are still allowed to drop millions of gallons of bait and run an unlimited number of unleashed hounds on our public lands and prime wolf habitat with no permit needed. Then when a wolf allegedly kills a dog the hounder demands a $2500 check from the Wisconsin DNR while still whining that isn’t enough money to replace their “family member.” After their payout some hounders brag among themselves on social media about how their “disposable” hounds are referred to as “culls” and “shit-eaters.”

Now that the actions of Wisconsin’s bear hounders and baiters are being exposed by animal welfare groups they are screaming about being “persecuted” and “harassed” thus demanding that their own members in the Legislature, like Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA), push legislation to criminalize free speech and free navigation of public lands for those with a differing ideology.

Then we have the bill that mandates the requirement to wear back tags for Wisconsin hunters be removed. Why is this requirement such a bad thing? Who exactly does the back tag “hurt” other than poachers and those breaking the law by trespassing? The answer is obvious when we look at who the prime sponsor of the bill is along with the groups lobbying for it.

This bill was introduced by the convicted wildlife violator and anti-wolf Rep. Joel Kleefisch. Any time there is a bill promoting extreme and unethical “hunting” activity it is a guarantee that you will see Kleefisch’s name attached to it much like the 2012 wolf kill bill that made Wisconsin the only state in the country that allowed dogs to be used against wolves. Kleefisch was also behind a bill that blocked local jurisdictions from making any restrictions on bowhunting in their cities or townships. He is also behind a bill that would remove any age restriction or weapon restriction for kids wishing to take up killing under the “hunter mentor” program. Kleefisch is also behind the embarrassing, sexist, and flat out ridiculous bill wants to allow “blaze pink” clothing for hunting to “draw” women into the blood sports. There is no level that this guy will not stoop to apparently no matter how unethical, embarrassing, or flat out sexist. He he also wants to open a killing season on the recently endangered Sandhill crane.

Why would Kleefisch be so against back tags and work so hard to provide cover for lawbreakers? Gee I wonder……

State of Wisconsin vs. Joel M Kleefisch

Waukesha County Case Number 2013FO000038

The defendant Joel M Kleefisch was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.
Fail/Register Deer or Bear in Unit of Kill. This is not a criminal offense and results only in a money penalty for this offense.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..Joel Kleefisch will likely be there to kill it.

Please contact your legislators and ask them not to support any of these absurd proposals.

Wisconsin’s Killing Obsession

There is this sick obsession and belief among many in Wisconsin that in order to “enjoy” the outdoors a person has to kill something. Nowhere is this attitude more prevalent than in the killing obsessed columns of “outdoors” writers like our old “friend” Patrick Durkin. People like Durkin, Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA), and Rep. Joel Kleefisch, have this mindset that “video games” and technology are behind the fact that less and less people taking up the killing “sports.” From Durkin’s latest kill shill article:

No, this effort will require new ways to make hunting more accessible to “millennials,” people born between 1980 and 2000. Warnke, the DNR’s “Learn to Hunt” coordinator, said millennials became the largest age group in Wisconsin’s deer-hunting population when they passed baby boomers in 2011.

“Millennials are now our society’s largest group, but they don’t participate in hunting at the same rates as baby boomers,” Warnke said. “Meanwhile, the boomers are aging and dropping out of the hunting population. Their losses wouldn’t be so noticeable if more millennials started hunting. In business terms, the hunting community leaves a lot of money on the table by not engaging more millennials.”

Then Warnke makes a ridiculous comparison to the change from film photography to digital photography.

Warnke said millennials represent a great opportunity for hunting, much as digital cameras once did for Kodak.

“People forget that the driving force in digital photography was a Kodak employee who Kodak ignored,” Warnke said. “Kodak didn’t embrace change, and look what happened to it. We can’t afford to ignore millennials, especially when so many of them are open to hunting, including females.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black about embracing change. Where is there anything saying that an animal has to be killed for people to enjoy the outdoors? Maybe if the DNR tried to get more people involved with outdoor activities like photography and hiking instead of killing people would be apt to be more involved in the outdoors and funding “conservation” programs. But that is not the Wisconsin way, is it? In Wisconsin it’s all about killing, killing, and killing some more. How about putting less emphasis on the killing “sports” and more on actually getting people outdoors to enjoy nature without guns, bows, dogs, traps and, bait? Maybe fewer and fewer people are participating in the killing “sports” because they just don’t get off on killing animals like past generations did? The DNR just doesn’t get that of course and never will as long as the sale of killing licenses fund most of their agency. They believe that instead of getting non-hunting interests involved and promoted that they must instead indoctrinate women and children into the killing “sports.”

I have never, nor will I ever understand the obsession with killing in this state. Is it any wonder that we are known as much for being home to notorious serial killers as much as we are for anything else? Let’s protect poachers and trespassers while criminalizing free speech. Let’s indoctrinate women and children into killing to keep the $$$$ flowing to the DNR and the killing cartels in control. Says a lot about Wisconsin, doesn’t it?

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  1. Wendy Tumey says:

    I just wonder when they’re done trashing our land and erraticating the wildlife …who’s their next target? I’m truly glad I’m an old person and won’t be around to watch this devastation too much longer but I’m sad for my children and their children.

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