Fear, Propaganda, and Lies: Wisconsin Bear Hounders and Anti-Wolf Factions Playing the “Victim” Card

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

There is a not so new tactic being used by hounders and other anti-wolf factions that is not only laughable on the surface but down right pathetic. Following the introduction of a bill into the Wisconsin Legislature by Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association member and state representative,Adam Jarchow, the hounders and their allies have been playing the “victim” card and are expressing that they “fear for their safety” in the woods. This day it wasn’t the big bad wolf that they fear but they “fear” the marauding animal rights activists and their big scary cameras. This all played out Wednesday in front of the Wisconsin Legislature’s “Sporting Heritage Committees (heritage=killing)” in the Assembly and Senate.

The bill’s chief Assembly sponsor, Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, told that chamber’s committee that he’s heard horrible stories about activists making noise while standing in front of bait piles and under tree stands in the hopes of ruining hunts. He said activists have berated hunters online, but he didn’t cite any instances in which activists were convicted of committing violent acts against hunters.

He didn’t cite any instances because there are none. I would also question the wisdom of the bringing about hunters being “berated” online when any wildlife advocate can tell you that the opposite is true. Glass houses……stones……. Just since Wednesday wildlife advocates have been reporting to myself and others that Wisconsin and Michigan bear hounders have been attempting to troll and hijack the comment thread of their pages with threats and harassment. This page in particular has been targeted by anti-wildlife elements and trolls. The thing is that no one else sees their threats, propaganda, and insults here because that is what a spam folder is for. So who are really those being “berated” online? If hounders and anti-wildlife folks are so sure that they are “right” and “ethical” why do they feel the need to troll pro-wildlife pages and try to threaten or “convince” us that they are correct? If they are so sure that their “sport” is “ethical” and “fair chase” then they have nothing to worry about from a few tree huggers like myself, right?

But back to the hearing for the 2015 Anti-Free Speech Act “Right to Hunt” bill.

Throughout the hearing camo-clad bear hounders, their lobbyists, and their allies cried and whined about how they felt “scared” and “threatened” by the presence of animal-welfare advocates. In between the tearjerking screeds about the sheer terror that the presence of “tree huggers” with cameras bring them comments were even made by a representative of one hounder/anti-wolf group stating that “bird watchers” should be required to have permits to use PUBLIC lands and watch wildlife. The irony in this is that the ones this sham of a bill were written for, hounders and baiters, do not even need a permit of any sort to dump their FIVE MILLION GALLONS of bait on public land or allow their thousands of hounds to run free on that very same land. One hounder that testified even went so far as to say that if wolves have the “right” to be predators and kill other animals that hounds trained to do the same thing should also have that same “right.” So in a roundabout way did this hounder say that he believes animals should have rights? Quite the irony there isn’t it?

The hounders know that their sadistic “sport” is under threat each and every time someone unfamiliar with their practices see what it really entails. In what sane world is it acceptable for MILLIONS of gallons of stale junk food and other “bait” to be dumped all over PUBLIC land to condition wildlife to human food? In what sane world is this practice allowed for SIX MONTHS? In what sane world are thousands of dogs, that are trained to KILL, allowed to be let loose to ravage wildlife on our PUBLIC lands with ZERO oversight or permit required? Each and every time a member of the general public sees what these people are allowed to get away with in the woods with their non-stop harassment of wildlife, conditioning of wildlife, legalized animal fighting, poaching, and a myriad of other behaviors they are disgusted. The hounders, baiters, and trappers do not want you or anyone else to see this. They don’t want you to see a pack of dogs ripping apart a bear cub, coyote, wolf, bobcat, or any other animal that gets in their way. They don’t want you to see them dumping stale junk food all over our public lands for months and then sitting in a tree waiting to blast a bear conditioned by the food. They don’t want you to see them walk up to a trapped animal stomp, drown, smother, or shoot it while laughing all the while. That is the REAL “fear” these people have. Not the big scary tree huggers and their cameras. It is what those cameras depict that they are afraid of you seeing.

More Anti-Wolf Fear Mongering and Propaganda

There is a war on wolves and their supporters in Wisconsin. Fear mongering, propaganda, flat out misinformation, and lies are being ramped up and spread through various media outlets and the wildlife killing pages.

Things are taking a new low among one particular kill everything site that is going to rabid anti-wolf individuals and taking their falsehoods and over exaggerations at face value. According to this “article” wolves are responsible for one business “losing 95 percent” of their customers and people from “the city” are terrified to walk outside because the big bad wolf is going to eat them. I am not joking. From the “article:”

The impact of wolf depredation of deer on the economy in northern Wisconsin shows up in conversations with local business owners. Resort owners Cathy and Bob Weinkauf, of Deadhorse Lodge in Mercer, no longer depend on deer hunters to help sustain their business.

In business for 34 years, Cathy Weinkauf claims the lodge has lost 95 percent of its deer-hunting customers.

“They don‘t come any more,” she said. “We rely on snowmobiling and summer fishing business.”

Still, they find their customers are apprehensive.

“We have a lot of people from the city that walk the roads,” she said. “It’s a concern that the wolves are out there. It’s not a good situation.

“We feel like there isn’t much we can do,” she said. “They look at the people who really want wolves, and they get their way. They don’t look at the business aspect of it. We’ve lost up to $20,000 a year now that we don’t have any deer here anymore.”

Ah yes. The big bad wolf is “eatin’ all the deer” and are going to eat folks from “the city.” The only thing missing is the fear of grandchildren wearing red hoods being eaten by wolves on the way to grandmother’s house. Maybe this place should change it’s name to “Dead Wolf Lodge” to attract the clientele they really seek?

The article gets even more absurd when a former Wisconsin DNR warden, hounder, and member of numerous anti-wolf groups, uses all kinds of propaganda and barstool biology to spread falsehoods and typical anti-wolf misinformation. It should be mentioned that this party was also in attendance and spoke in support of Rep. Adam Jarchow’s bill that outlaws free speech and gives hounders and baiters total control over OUR public lands. Mr. Quaintance even goes as far as to not so subtly threaten poaching by his fellow anti-wolf types.

Retired DNR warden and Bayfield County resident Pat Quaintance said wolves need to be managed by the state. He is president of the Wisconsin Association of Sporting Dogs, consisting of more than 300 members around the state. He also serves on the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation board of directors.

“There are lots of wolves,” Quaintance said.

He said there are at least six packs from Ashland north to Red Cliff and extending west to Hwy. A at Iron River and up to Port Wing.

Quaintance challenges the DNR’s minimum count total of 746 to 771 wolves statewide (winter 2014-15).

“There are probably 50 wolves in my area,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense what they’re saying.

“They already have the Apostle Island (National) Lakeshore off-limits to trapping,” he said. “Even when delisted you couldn’t trap there. It’s a wolf sanctuary.

“When it gets out of control, people start whacking them,” he said. “When the numbers were down to 350 (an oft-cited goal for biological and social carrying capacity), we didn’t have all of these problems.

Shock, a hounder, wolf hater, member of several anti-wolf groups, and proponent of making free speech illegal, that wants to kill off wolves to a token number. I am truly shocked. The “barstool biology” on display here is not only complete and total misinformation but also offensive. The Wisconsin DNR is as anti-wolf of an agency as one can be yet they even make very clear that the alleged “decline” in deer numbers has next to nothing to do with wolves or other predation. Funny one could almost gather that this “retired” DNR warden is advocating the poaching of a federally protected species with his “whacking them” comment.

It’s no secret that people like Quaintance are involved in anti-wolf propaganda and are in support of criminalizing the free speech of their enemies by supporting Jarchow’s bill. It’s the same voices over and over and over when it comes to the fear mongering and anti-wolf propaganda. Because they yell louder than everyone else they should have more power and influence? That is what they apparently believe. They cry how they are afraid of animal welfare advocates with cameras one day and the next cry how afraid they are of the big bad wolf then the next day cry about how they are afraid that their “hunting heritage” is going to be taken away. These people sure are “afraid” of a lot of things, aren’t they? You would think that with all that camo they wear and the guns they tote around they would feel invincible. I guess not. They must only feel big and bad when letting their dogs rip apart another animal or when are killing an animal in a trap.

It’s also quite funny how when whining to politicians and the media they pretend that they are blameless victims that are being harassed by those evil wolf/wildlife advocates. Then when on social media, or when trolling pro-wildlife pages, they turn around and berate animal welfare advocates for being “hippie tree huggers” or “weak” because they don’t get off on killing wolves and other wildlife. People need to wake up to the duplicity that the hounders and their allies are perpetrating here. They want you to see them as “persecuted victims” in “fear” for their lives while on social media and in news story comment sections they berate and bully anyone questioning their “sport” or killing techniques. Enough.

The simple fact is that hounding, baiting, trapping, and a myriad of other killing practices are things that if the general public actually saw in practice they would call for a ban overnight. The hounders, baiters, and trappers know this and they don’t want you to see what they do and will stomp on your constitutional rights to make sure that you don’t. Then they will demonize a species like the wolf and make them the scapegoat for all the failure in their lives.

The reality is that wolves do eat deer. Wolves do kill marauding hunting hounds and wolves will occasionally kill unattended livestock. Wolves are predators. They kill to eat and will kill other canines that aggressively intrude on where THEY live. Wildlife advocates do not dispute that. What we do dispute are the lies, propaganda, and flat out misinformation that attempt to make this species out to be the root of every single problem in rural areas and be the blame the for life failures among hounders and their ilk. Wolves are NOT “eatin’ all the deer.” Wolves are NOT “stalking” the great white hunters or grandchildren at bus stops. Allowing thousands of hounds to run rampant on public land and through known wolf habitat does not make for “victims.” It makes for the persecution complex of a bunch of selfish, greedy, arrogant, and fearful people that believe they OWN our public lands. They do not. I and every single other citizen of this country have just as much of a right to hike, stand, pick our noses, or photograph whatever we feel like on PUBLIC lands. Those big bad wolves on PUBLIC land also have just as much “value” to me ALIVE as they do for the hounders dead. Why are their wants and selfish desires more important than those of the rest of us?

The hounders are no more “victims” than wolves are the marauding killers that their enemies portray them to be. The reality is that with Wednesday’s hearing and propaganda articles like the one from “Outdoor Hub” we are seeing a temper tantrum from a group of people that know their “sport” is under scrutiny and know it’s days are numbered. They may have big money lobbyists and legislators in their pocket today but tomorrow will be a different story. Sooner or later the general public will see activities like hounding, baiting, and trapping for what they really are: a sick and sadistic activity to satiate the blood lust of a few greedy and fearful people who could not survive without their “victim” complex being used to it’s full advantage to get their way. That isn’t going to last forever either.

Tick tock……tick tock……tick tock…..