We Are Back…The Fight is On



After thinking that our cause could get a wider reach exclusively with Facebook posts only we have decided to return with a a dual reach format with Facebook and our blog here. Our wildlife is under threat more than ever before and when political and climate factors intersect we could be looking at a mass extinction caused by our own hand and the greed of man. Wildlife was once pushed to the brink in the name of “market hunting,’ misguided hatreds and fears, and all around human greed. Despite what the killing cartels and state killing agencies tell you “market hunting” never went away. It is now re-branded as outfitting, game farms, “sustainable harvests,” and a myriad of other fluffy terms that equate to wholesale killing for profit, recreation, or misguided fear and hatred. Some wildlife advocates refer to this new form of “market hunting” as the “Recreational Industrial Complex.” Much like the Military Industrial Complex where that name was derived from we are up against a multi-billion dollar industry propped up by a vast propaganda network, lobbying groups, mass retail prescience, and a mainstream media all too willing to take as fact everything that these merchants of death spew.

Before getting too preachy it is clear that we are in the fight for THEIR (our wildlife) lives against a juggernaut of death merchant special interests with seemingly unlimited funding, control of the government, and a misguided judicial system that believes the killing agencies are looking out for wildlife. We are going to need your help to spread the word and to fight back against these well funded and violent special interests that will stop at nothing to destroy all but their “favored” species.

We will be posting more in the coming days about what we can do to start fighting back. There are too many egos and too many personal agendas that often get in the way of what we are supposed to be fighting for. That is something that this blog and our Facebook site will not tolerate and it will not be welcome here. Once again we are fighting for the lives of our wildlife and to remind people that killing is NOT conservation. We have a long road and battle ahead of us but it starts with knowledge. We don’t do this for our egos or for our prestige. We do this for our wildlife and our wildlife only.

Comments are disabled for this blog due to the vile and violent anti-wildlife trolls that infect our pages. If you wish to comment on a post please visit our Facebook page where better moderation of comments is available.