Wisconsin WildCare: A Ray of Sunshine in Our Brutal State

Nursing mother raccoon that the blog author photographed last week.

Being a wildlife advocate is not easy. The day after day losses and exposure to the endless cruelty is heartbreaking, demoralizing, and can often push one to the breaking point. This is why every once in awhile we must be able to cling to rays of sunshine in an increasingly cruel and bleak world for our wild friends. One of those “rays of sunshine” exists in our own state in the form of Wisconsin WildCare.

What is Wisconsin WildCare? This description comes from their website:

Wisconsin WildCare is made up of a network of licensed rehabilitators and volunteers who work together to educate the public about the benefits of and how to live with our native wildlife. Together, we strive to help people not only notice, but appreciate, the wildlife around them.When wildlife comes into conflict with people, we work with both the humans and the animals towards a humane solution. Our goal is to reduce conflict through education and prevention.Wisconsin WildCare also provides rehabilitative care to orphaned and injured wildlife. Our licensed rehabilitators and trained foster volunteers prepare the animals in our care for eventual release back into the wild.

In a state as brutal toward wildlife as Wisconsin is, Wisconsin WildCare provides a lifeline for so many innocent victims so that they get a chance at life. Each year an untold number of wild animals become casualties of Wisconsin’s brazen and endless war on wildlife or from being hit my cars. Wild babies can end up as orphans for a myriad of reasons but more often than not it is due to Wisconsin’s war on wildlife or by misguided property owners who believe that killing is the only solution to perceived “nuisance” animals. If the babies are lucky enough to be discovered following the death of their mother, Wisconsin WildCare and their passionate volunteers step in to provide 24/7 care to these babies.

Not everyone is cut out to be a volunteer foster for orphaned wild animals. For those who are Wisconsin WildCare is always in need of kind and caring individuals to help give these orphaned and injured animals a chance at life. If you can’t physically volunteer there are other ways that you can help.

The easiest way is to set up your Amazon.com account as an AmazonSmile account. AmazonSmile allows a percentage of your purchase to go toward the charity of your choice. You can set up your charity of choice to be Wisconsin WildCare.


You can also directly donate on the Wisconsin WildCare website. Please also follow Wisconsin WildCare on Facebook.


These are some truly wonderful people doing amazing things to give a chance at life for so many injured and orphaned wild animals, but they need your support. Please consider volunteering, making a donation, or setting up an AmazonSmile donation from each Amazon purchase. In the world of wildlife advocacy we keep going because people like these exist to help salvage life amidst the rampant and heartless death that this state promotes. Each life that is saved is a victory for our side and we need all of the victories that we can get.