F**k You NRA: Mass Murder and Terrorism is NOT the “Price of Freedom”

AR-15 rifle. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

**Note** I wrote the bulk of this last week before the mass murder at a Church in Texas yesterday where at least 14 of the 26 victims were children. If this blog post offends anyone, GOOD.

Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When it comes to scientific theory Newton was completely spot on. Every action does have an equal or opposite reaction. Unfortunately when it comes to the TERRORIST attacks in our schools, businesses, concerts, nightclubs, churches, etc that reaction among our “elected leaders” is to bury their heads in the sand and keep the campaign contributions from disgusting groups like the NRA flowing in. Other far right talking heads call this mass murder “the price of freedom.”

F**k you NRA.

That’s right. I said it. F**k you. When did the gun-fondling extremists and their “rights” become more important than the rights of children to live past the age of six? When did that “right” become more important than the death and maiming of 600 people attending a concert? When did that “right” become more important than the lives of people doing nothing more than dancing with friends at a nightclub? Shopping at a Walmart? Just going to work? Sitting in their bedroom?

The NRA, similar groups, and their equally disgusting followers and right wing talking heads will tell you after each and every TERRORIST attack against innocent people in this country that these massacres are the “price of freedom.” Some taking head spewing venom in a slickly produced video will tell you that your “rights” are under threat from “the left.” They will tell you that your 10 guns aren’t enough to fight “the government,” and that for “freedom” everyone needs to be armed to the hilt to prevent “tyranny.” When they talk about “rights” they aren’t referring to the rights of you and your children to LIVE. They are talking about the “rights” of those who view an inanimate killing object as more important than life itself. They play into the fear and ginned up “anger” that resides in so many of our fellow citizens who have been conditioned to believe that “the government” is coming for your guns and “freedoms.”

A month ago almost 60 people were killed and over 500 wounded while attending a music festival in Las Vegas. A suddenly as it made “the news” it disappeared. Since then every subsequent mass shooting received maybe a sentence or two in the media or a short and passing reference as “breaking news.” Today? The talk of the largest mass killing since the government sponsored genocide of Native Americans has faded away and has no mention at all in our “media.” Just like the Sandy Hook massacre the far right and gun shills send empty platitudes of “thoughts and prayers” to the victims while their even darker allies talk of “false flags” and ridiculous conspiracies.

For me? I have had it with mass murder being excused or brushed off a a “price of freedom.” If this is a “price” that Americans are willing to pay then we are dead and gone as a nation. The TERRORISTS, their enablers in Congress, and vile groups like the NRA don’t care if you or your children and up as a blurb in our “media.” They don’t care if you end up maimed for life or that the maiming came while you sat in a classroom or at a concert and not in Iraq or Afghanistan. They only “care” that shareholders, corporations, and campaign contributors keep the raking in the money on your blood and that of your children.

The NRA loves to spew garbage about being “at war” with “gun grabbers,” “anti hunters,” or those wanting reasonable restrictions to keep guns out of the hands of those who would do us harm. For damn sure we are “at war.” The war is in our streets, classrooms, and concert venues and the enemy are the people enabling them to kill you and your children in what should be safe and enjoyable endeavors. Is the blood of you or your loved ones being spilled in a classroom, concert venue, club, mall, etc a “price” that you are willing to pay for “freedom?” I sure am not.

ENOUGH America. Our country was born by the gun and it is becoming more and more clear by the day that we will die by it as well. That is NOT a price that I am willing to pay.