No the Federal Government Did Not Make All Animal Cruelty a Felony

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We are back.

It has been a couple of years since a post has been written for this blog. At the time we thought that focusing solely on social media would allow for expanded reach and more frequency in posting. It has been a mixed bag. While the viewership has been higher and made many more aware of the issues faced by wildlife in the never ending war against it, it also made many people become what we like to call “headline activists.” This means that many people do not go beyond the headline and dig deeper into the issues that we are presenting. This is a huge reason why we refuse to post or share internet “petitions.” The vast majority of internet “petitions” seem to be nothing more than a way for armchair “activists” to think that they are making a difference while putting in the most minimal of work. These “petitions” are also often a front to collect data for politicians, disingenuous big money NGO’s, and other nefarious and often foreign “troll farms.” We want people to actually delve into the issues and get actively involved with their votes, holding their political “representatives” accountable, and spreading the word about what is really occurring in our state, nation, and planet when it comes to this senseless war on our wildlife. For these reasons this blog is back.

Another reason for us returning to blogging is to hopefully correct the increasingly ridiculous levels of propaganda and misinformation that is being spread by the media and the killing cartels when it comes to animal and wildlife issues. Nowhere has this been more apparent than with the absurd idea planted by the media and animal advocacy groups and individuals that the federal government “has made all animal cruelty a felony.” As wonderful as that would be the reality is far more narrow and disappointing. The law, H.R. 724, is NARROWLY focused on penalizing the vile “crush” videos and distribution of them and that is all.

In other words the bill is ONLY about the sick practice of making and distributing “crush” videos and nothing more. They even go so far as to exempt so many other forms of animal cruelty and “predator control” from the law. The reality is that in the rare instances when animal cruelty is prosecuted, unless it is a “crush” video, the case will be handled at the state level under the ridiculously weak state laws and the even weaker penalties. If anyone actually reads the bill that became law they will see that it indeed does NOT make all animal cruelty a federal felony, exempts some of the most abhorrent forms of cruelty, and only applies to the “crush” video activities and distribution.

Public Law No: 116-72 (11/25/2019)

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act or the PACT Act

This bill revises and expands criminal provisions with respect to animal crushing.

It retains existing criminal offenses that prohibit knowingly creating or distributing an animal crush video using interstate commerce. The bill also adds a new provision to criminalize an intentional act of animal crushing. A violator is subject to criminal penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to seven years, or both.

It provides additional exceptions for conduct, or a video of conduct, including conduct that is (1) medical or scientific research, (2) necessary to protect the life or property of a person, (3) performed as part of euthanizing an animal, or (4) unintentional.

We always ask that you read beyond the headlines when something sounds a little too good to be true. In this instance any skepticism that the anti-animal, anti-wildlife, anti-environment, and pro-cruelty administration of the current occupant of the White House would actually do something that benefited all animals was wholly warranted.

That being said we are glad to be back on this platform and our work is beginning anew to fight for our wildlife and to fight back against the endless cruelty and propaganda that promotes it.