A Less Than Happy Return


It’s been about a year since I have posted something to this page. I stepped away from blogging to focus on using social media to try to get the word out about the war being waged on our wildlife and our planet. While social media can be good for spreading information, it also brings out the most vile of people and all of the fetid toxicity that comes with them. I found that I could block and ban these people by the dozens but they had already managed to accomplish what they set out to do and that was to distract and bully. This platform allows me to shut out those dead ender anti-wildlife types and trolls and focus on the real issues at hand.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to pro-wildlife pages. Over the past few years there has been a concerted effort by far right trolls to take over comment sections on every conceivable social media page. Some spew propaganda. Some make death threats. Some resort to insults and slurs. What they are doing is trying to upset and bully voices that do not subscribe to their twisted ideology. They are trying to hijack and control the narrative. Every time a page owner or reader engages with them, that mission is accomplished. That engagement, no matter how well meaning, takes away from the very serious issue or topic at hand.

Even worse than the bullying and threatening extremist trolls, are those that claim to be “wildlife advocates” yet wholly support the scorched earth policies and wildlife destruction occurring under the current administration. There is a cult-like vibe around these people that place them in a world of denial about what their orange hero is actually doing to our planet and the wildlife they profess to “love.” I saw an example of this two days ago on a pro-wolf wildlife sanctuary page that simply reported the news of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and their stripping of Endangered Species Act protections from gray wolves across the lower 48. The staggering number of comments calling this “fake news” and denial that their president had anything to do with this and that it was the fault of the “leftists” threw even my mind, that is very well accustomed to this drivel, into disarray. Below are just a couple of examples from the past 24 hours.

Simply reporting exactly what the USFWS did on Thursday are apparently “leftist lies” to these people. This is just a tiny tiny example from just a few minutes on one post of the absolute venom and denial from these cultists. Since 2016, I have seen an alarming trend of people, including former friends, that professed to be wildlife advocates yet wholeheartedly support this cult and view their most awful transgressions, even those against the wildlife that they profess to love, as “fake news” or the doing of “leftists.”

Let me be perfectly clear folks. Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, we are in a war. Not just a war against those seeking to destroy our wildlife, but a war against a feverish and malignant cultish mindset where down is up and lie is truth.

Much more to come, but thank you for coming back to my page. I plan for this to be the primary platform for the distribution of content and will be transitioning away from Facebook and all of the toxicity that comes with it.

All photos used are screenshots from Facebook or were provided to us by friends of the page. Thank you for your contributions.