Bloodbath in Wisconsin: Wisconsin DNR Openly Violating State Law Regarding Night Wolf “Hunting”

Photo courtesy of Jayne Belsky and used with permission. Not to be used for any other purposes.

As I am sure all of you know by now at Midnight this morning the Jefferson County Circuit Court ordered wolf slaughter commenced. As awful as this slaughter will be it has come to light that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is illegally allowing the night hunting of wolves.

From the DNR rules:

2021 Wisconsin DNR Wolf Killing “Rules.”

What the Wisconsin DNR doesn’t explain is how they came about allowing the night hunting of wolves, despite it being REMOVED from the wolf killing law, ACT 169, in 2013? In 2013, the then governor, Scott Walker, included a provision in his 2013-2015 biennial state budget that repealed the part of Act 169 that allowed wolves to be killed at night. Note that this wasn’t done out of decency. This was done because the state tribes wanted to hunt deer at night and were using Wisconsin’s allowance of killing wolves at night for justification.

From then Governor Walker’s 2013-2015 budget

This provision to repeal the portion of Act 169 that allowed the night hunting of wolves remained in the final budget and was passed into law as Act 20.

Section 561 is the repeal of the night hunting of wolves.

One glance at the current Wisconsin State Statutes makes it very clear that this provision is no longer in the Wisconsin law that governs the killing of wolves, 29.185.

Section (d) that originally allowed for night killing of wolves has been removed.

As you can see above the provision to allow for the night “hunting” of wolves in Wisconsin, section (d), has been removed from the statute. So why is the Wisconsin DNR allowing night hunting of wolves without the legal right to do so? That is a question that we must find the answers for and hold those responsible accountable.

Here are some contacts for you to call, message, or email to express your displeasure and to ask questions.

Start with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:

Wisconsin DNR general contact information.

Next send a message to Governor Evers office expressing your concerns and ask why his DNR is violating the law? Call at the number below or send a message from here.

Contact Governor Evers office by phone.

Finally we ask that you contact the Attorney General’s office at the number below or here:

Contact the Attorney General’s office by phone.

We are asking to limit who you contact to these three entities right now due to the clear violations of the law the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding the allowance of night hunting.

There will be much more information to follow in the coming hours and days as we monitor the wolf slaughter over the next week. For now it is imperitive that the above entities hear your concerns ASAP and demand that they FOLLOW THE LAW.

On another note we are please to announce that the Wisconsin DNR has followed the law and accepted slightly less than the 50 percent of the tribal quota declaration but will allot them 81 of the 200 kill quota. That means that the kill quota is now 119 for non-tribal “hunters.” A slight positive in an otherwise gloomy situation.

More to come….