Bloodbath in Wisconsin: Zones Going Over Quota….Again

Photo by Jayne Belsky. Used with permission. Protected under copyright.

**UPDATE 3:43 PM** All wolf killing “Zones” closing at 3:00 PM TOMORROW 2/24/2021

It’s often been stated that “history repeats itself” and in the case of Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter that is most definitely the case. Just as countless wildlife advocates have feared two “Zones” are already over the kill quota with over a day and a half until the closures. That means that these “Zones” are going to have astronomical numbers from “reported” wolves killed and many more that aren’t being reported. The total “reported” wolves killed stands at 82 as of 3:00 PM today.

Nothing was “harvested” here. Only slaughtered though legal dog fighting and horrific traps.

As I am sure most of you have seen, the wolf haters have been telling people on social media not to report their kills until the last possible second, if they report at all. This is to make sure that they can kill as many wolves as possible before the “Zones” close after a 24 hour notice. I have always been baffled why these killer are given 24 hours to report their kill. They have no problem posting to Facebook or other social media their snuff photos within minutes of killing a wolf but need 24 hours to “report” it to the DNR? In 2014 the kill quota in “Zone 2” was doubled and it is more than on track for that or worse by the time it closes at 10:00 AM tomorrow. We are also seeing a lot of comments online bragging about the killing of females.

Don’t think for one second that this mass slaughter wasn’t by design. The hounders and other wolf haters have had over six years to pinpoint the locations of packs and knew exactly where to send their dogs and set their traps. It should also be noted that despite all of the bluster about “depredations” on farms and the usual propaganda, most of these wolves are being killed deep in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and other areas nowhere near the “farms” that the killers claim to be “protecting.”

We are also being told that the DNR is under increasing pressure to close this disaster down sooner rather than later. The wolf haters may have gotten their blood but in the long run this is going to prove to be their undoing. I personally have been directly involved in wildlife advocacy for well over a decade and I have NEVER seen such outrage and the number of “new” people getting involved and speaking out. They are appalled by the behavior of the anti-wolf Natural Resources Board, the DNR, the Koch Brother and Bradley Foundation front groups that sued, and especially the activist Jefferson County judge that ordered this slaughter. Finally people are seeing what us wildlife advocates have been screaming about for so long and they are horrified.

Keep calling Governor Evers office and keep up the pressure. This disaster needs to end and end now. Wisconsin should be ashamed of itself for allowing the slaughter of this species in what amounts to a revenge/trophy bloodbath. I guess if you can’t overthrow the government to “own the libs,” kill wolves instead.