Bloodbath in Wisconsin: Statewide Kill Quota Exceeded by 50 percent with 24 Hours Left to Report

Photo by Jayne Belsky. Used with permission and is copyrighted.

“A clear lack of accurate and complete intelligence across several federal agencies contributed to this event, and not poor planning by the United States Capitol Police,” former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told lawmakers. “We properly planned for mass demonstration with possible violence. What we got was a military-style coordinated assault on my officers and a violent takeover of the Capitol building.”

FBI, DHS and Pentagon officials to testify on Capitol riot- The Hill 2/24/2021

One of the more ridiculous claims from those responsible for protecting the United States Capitol Building and it’s occupants on January 6, 2021 was that there was “no credible intelligence” or that they were never “aware” of the threats posed by the far right terrorists that attacked the building. What does that have to do with Wisconsin’s disaster of a wolf slaughter?

Over the next few days and weeks you are going to hear every excuse in the book for how and why the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources allowed their kill quota of wolves to go so far beyond the 119 that was supposedly allowed. They will tell you that they were “unaware” that the hounders and wolf haters were coordinating to kill as many as they could and as fast as they could. They will also tell you that they had no idea that there was a concentrated and coordinated effort among wolf killers to wait until the last possible second to “report” their kills. I mean how could they possibly know? The wolf haters have only been brazenly posting all over social media and on the DNR’s own Facebook page nonstop for years about their desire to “SSS” wolves, kill wolves, and eradicate them from the landscape. In recent weeks following the absurd ruling from the activist Jefferson County judge that ordered the DNR to hold an immediate wolf slaughter, social media has been filled with threats of poaching, gut shooting, ignoring kill quotas, and countless people telling their fellow wolf haters not to report their kills until the last possible second, if at all. Even on the DNR’s own page yet they inevitably will claim that they had “no knowledge” of this or that threats on social media shouldn’t be taken seriously. How did ignoring online threats and boasts work out for the US Capitol Police and all of those at were injured and killed in the attempted overthrow of our government?

But onto the immediate issue. As of 3:00 PM today the “reported” number of wolves stands at 178. ALL “zones” are over the kill quota and two have more than doubled it. Because of Wisconsin’s ridiculous reporting “rules” the wolf killers still have another 24 hours to “report” their kills. They can post to Facebook and Twitter their snuff photos immediately but the DNR believes that it could take them 24 hours to “report” the kill to them though.

“Harvest” is such a nice fluffy word for being shot, arrowed, trapped, and ripped apart by hounds.

As you can see from the above numbers the killing was fast and furious and from what we have been seeing has been carried out in a highly coordinated manner by large numbers of hounders and other wolf haters. Some videos are showing large numbers of hounders working together and using snowmobiles to help chase after their hounds and wolves. The below video shows 12!!! hound trucks being used in one party to go after a wolf or wolves.

From the moment this slaughter was announced wildlife advocates, including us, made it very clear that a mass slaughter was coming and that the killing would go FAR over the quotas. The Natural Resources Board, the Koch Brother front groups that sued, the activist Jefferson County judge, the anti-wolf jihadists, the anti-wildlife legislature, and most of all the killers themselves have to be just giddy that they “got one over” on the DNR and “owned the libs” by slaughtering what will likely be double over the kill quota for the whole state during mating season.

Their “celebration” might very likely be short lived though. When the case is presented to the federal courts hearing the lawsuits against the reckless and flawed lower-48 wolf delisting rule, Wisconsin’s complete and total inability to ethically and properly “manage” this species is going to be front and center. When the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their lobbyist wrote the 2012 wolf kill bill, they made sure to include specific parts to facilitate what we have seen over the past three days. The law mandates that the DNR cannot close a zone or season until 24 hour notice is given., even if a zone is already over the quota. The DNR also has written into their “rules” that the wolf killers have 24 hours to “report” their kill. These two loopholes were taken full advantage of since Monday and I don’t for one second think that it wasn’t by design and a result of the hounder/wolf hater coordination that I wrote about above.

The reality is that by 3:00 PM tomorrow when the final “legal” kills are reported, the numbers quite possibly could be at least double over the statewide quota of 119. There must be accountability for the failures of the DNR to recognize what was occurring as early as Monday morning and for their arbitrary allowance of night killing and the use of snares against wolves. A good start would be the resignations or firings of the DNR Secretary and their carnivore “expert,” the resignations of entire rabidly anti-wolf Natural Resources Board, and an investigation into the dark money groups that brought the disgusting lawsuit and their “judge shopping” tactics. Sadly none of these things are likely to happen.

We will keep you updated as the slaughter totals continue to rise.